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10 Bodybuilding Diet Tips For Fast Muscle Gain

Updated on April 25, 2009

Strategy -1: How Much Food You Really Need To Eat for Explosive Growth

In order to gain muscle most bodybuilding programs recommend you eat 12 - 14

calories per pound of bodyweight daily. Our studies have shown this is not

enough for 76% of skinny males between ages 16 - 35.

Our tests over the last 10 years have confirmed a total daily calorie intake of 19

calories per pound bodyweight effective.

If you have been failing to gain muscle weight, the first step you must do is

increase your daily calories to your bodyweight times 19. This amount of the

proper foods (more on the right foods later ) has shown to kick start even the

hardest gainers muscles into explosive growth!

Of course, everyone is different so I recommend you start at 19 calorie per pound

of bodyweight and adjust your calorie intake accordingly based on how your body


Here is an excerpt from my first book detailing how to adjust your calories and


After two weeks following the training and meal plan weigh yourself and

measure body fat:

1. If your weight has increased by two to four pounds and your body fat

either stayed the same or decreased leave everything as is.( this is what

you want)

2. If your weight decreased add another 800 calories daily until bodyweight

stabilizes then calculate your calories by multiplying your new

maintenance daily calories by 125%.

3. If your weight stays the same then add another 500 calories per day until

weight stabilizes, then recalculate your calories by multiplying your new

maintenance weight by 125%.

When you are eating this much, eating the wrong foods will turn your once skinny

build into one more comparable to a Sumo wrestler!

For Lean Muscle gain, you must eat the right foods in the right combinations and


Strategy - 2: What Foods You Must Eat (and avoid) To Boost Your Muscle Mass... Not Turn Into a Fat Pig!!

Eating to support explosive growth is not as simple as just eating enough

calories. You need to eat the right calories!

You must eat foods dense in all the essential nutrients your body craves when it

is being shocked into explosive growth!

If you are missing even one crucial nutrient, no muscle growth can occur and you

may actually lose muscle.

This is assuming you have no previous muscle memory (had big muscles in the


What are the right calories? Eat fresh live foods and stay away from heavily

processed and refined foods.

An example of a good nutrient dense muscle building meal is a steak with green

vegetables totaling 600 calories.

An example of a bad meal is deep fried chicken nuggets and fries for 1200


Anotherexample would be to eat a bowl of oatmeal for breakfast instead of a

bowl of Captain Crunch Cereal.

Many more examples and a complete listing of the exact foods your muscles

need for explosive muscle growth are all presented in The Underground Mass

Secrets Master Manual. The charts and step by step system makes this powerful

and advanced knowledge accessible by even a simpleton!

Eat nutritionally dense foods and to get the most out of your meals by applying

the next powerful strategy:

Combine foods together that are compatible for best digestion (thus best delivery

of necessary muscle building nutrients).

Strategy -3: Why You Are Cheating

Yourself Every Meal And Don’t Even

Know It!

Do you want to gain muscle without gaining excess fat? Or how about avoid


(Indigestion is a sign of digestive trouble. Poor digestion equals poor supply of

muscle building nutrients).

Or how about finally stop blowing those out of nowhere sick farts at work in class

or worst of all when you meet new people in elevators!

Putting a bit of effort to eat meals of compatible food combinations aids to digest

a fuller extent of the foods you eat.

This translates to more nutrients per calorie to support explosive muscle growth

and reduced unwanted fat gain!

I will give you some examples of good food combinations and bad food


Good Combinations:

•• protein and fibrous carbs ( steak and spinach salad)

• protein and fats ( Chicken Cordon Bleu )

Bad Combinations:

• protein and simple carbs (many weight gain powders, most meal

replacement bars )

• carbs and fats (cheese bread, pizza)

Once you are eating good food combinations at each meal, you can gain an

unstoppable muscle building momentum by applying the next strategy:

Strategy - 4: A Simple But Overlooked

Factor Critical To Successfully Building


Eating consistently on a schedule is crucial to provide quality nutrients for muscle

growth when your body needs it.

A good rule to follow is eat a nutritious meal every two to three hours and never space two meals more than five hours apart.

If you are eating the right foods consistently then your body will always be in a

positive growth state.

But for us hard gainers there are some underground secrets you can follow to

really boost muscle growth from a nutritional standpoint.

The next trick can really “Explode” your muscle growth! Especially when

combined with everything you have learned so far!

Strategy - 5: Gain A Powerful Muscle

Growing Edge With “Power Meals”!

By modifying your meals strategically at particular “windows of opportunity”

during your daily routine, you can substantially increase and accelerate lean

muscle growth!

There are two “Windows of Opportunity “you must take advantage of if you really

want to get your quickest and best muscle gains!

The two times specifically are breakfast time and after a specifically designed

workout routine. I will get into the specifics of this exclusive and potent workout

system in the next report “Underground Training Strategies”

At these two times substitute your regular meal with what I refer to as a “Power

Meal” …

Strategy- 6: How Underground Mass

Building “Power Meals” Load You Up

And Energize You For Explosive Growth


“Power Meals” contain very specific foods combined with one purpose essential

for explosive muscle growth. Rapidly and thoroughly replenish muscles with

particular nutrients to minimize the occurrence of catabolic actions. (catabolic is

opposite of anabolic )

Power Meals not only accelerate lean muscle growth but also minimize muscle

tissue breakdown that is common from hard resistance training combined with

poor meal planning.

To make a power meal use a quick digesting source of protein and combine with

particular energy foods which can also be digested fast.

An example of this would be a quality whey protein or egg protein blended with

certain fruits.

Power meals are for specified times only. Too many power meals will

compromise lean muscle growth by increasing fat gain and lowering your

sensitivity to insulin.

Strategy - 7: Why Most Muscle Gain

Diets Will Not Work For You.

For the natural athlete it is crucial to feed your body the nutritional components it

requires to produce testosterone at its peak potential.

Low testosterone levels equal little or no muscle mass! For building muscle, you

must have decent testosterone levels.

This is the main difference why males are more muscular than females.

It is because men have higher testosterone levels than females.

Your body uses cholesterol to manufacture Testosterone (simplified).

To give your body what it requires for optimal testosterone production, you must

follow a balanced meal plan that provides ample amounts of the right fats.

Most diets and meal plans are deficient or lacking the ideal amount and/ or types

of fats critical for the natural athlete to optimize testosterone levels.

In my “Truth About Fats Revealed “report, I summarize and reference over 200

scientific studies confirming the disturbing details.

Strategy - 8: What Critical Food Added

To Your Meal Plan Can “Turbo Charge”

Your Muscle Growth!

Fiber is not talked about much in relation to gaining weight. Sadly the majority of

muscle building routines fall short on results and more important sacrifice health

by overlooking the indirect yet powerful muscle building benefits of a fiber rich

meal plan.

A healthy digestive system is key for optimum nutritional intake of the foods you

eat. This translates into getting more nutrition to your muscles per calorie. Plenty

of Fiber in your meal plan is essential to maintain a healthy digestive system

Fiber is The “Turbo Charger” your digestive system needs to maximize the

movement and assimilation of food each day. Kind of like an assembly line!

The more production you can get out of your digestive system the more you can

fuel your muscles for growth!

Strategy - 9: The Truth About Protein

Do you really need the massive amounts of protein recommended by gym rats

and bodybuilding magazines for muscle growth?

It is crucial you get enough protein and spread it out throughout your day.

Protein requirements have been exaggerated for many years in the interests to

sell more protein.

On the other hand, protein requirements are definitely higher for a person or

athlete training to gain muscle than for a lazy couch potato hunting for his next

show with a remote control!

reference for muscle growth and up to 1.5 grams protein per pound of lean

muscle is recommended under certain rare circumstances.

These levels of protein are more than enough to ensure you get enough for

muscle growth yet not strenuous to the average healthy active male.

My “Protein Exposed” report goes into much more detail than is practical here.

Strategy -10: What You Must Know

About Muscle Building Supplements.

There are many supplements to choose from on the market and 99% of them are

inferior to natural food.

Natural food is higher in naturally occurring vitamins and minerals beneficial for

muscle growth.

Stay away from weight gain powders. The majority are empty calories

comparable to a fast food milkshake nutritionally.

With a little upfront planning and armed with a few simple to make recipes, a

natural whole food meal plan can be convenient, much better tasting thus

increasing your chances of making healthy muscle building meals a part of your


Believe me you won’t even notice the little extra preparation when you realize

your muscle growth!

Save your Money. Until you are making solid muscle gains focus on your training

and nutrition. Supplements have never been and can never be a “quick fix” or

band aid solution for a poor muscle building routine.

Bonus Underground Supplements Tip:

Let’s get down to business here, most supplements have probably fallen short for

you. You’ve probably been disappointed with your results and felt your hard

earned money went to waste!

I bet in most cases you didn’t even notice any difference when taking many

supplements from when you were not taking them!

Sadly you learned the hard way but don’t write off every supplement because of

a few (actually many) bad apples!

Some supplements are worth trying assuming every other aspect of your muscle

building routine is in place! Even the few good supplements will not make up for

a deficient meal plan, recuperation routine or weight training ineffectively!

When you have been following a complete muscle building routine consistently

for long enough to get results, there are a few supplements worth trying that have

shown solid and measurable benefit :

• Creatine monohydrate ( only monohydrate not any other type of creatine)

• L Glutamine ( in moderation and carefully)

• a good healthy protein powder without artificial sweeteners, colors and

flavors. ((more on choosing a good protein in my later report: “Protein


Packing on muscle is no Fluke!

Follow the above eating tips as part of a complete training and recuperation


For More Muscle Building Tips from The natural Bodybuilders Of the Fifties...Real No Nonsense Secrets that work for Naturally building muscle sign up here 

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    • profile image


      7 years ago

      Fantastic hub, looking forward to come back and be fascinted by your posts. Thank you.

      Ron from

    • profile image

      Bodybuilding Programs 

      8 years ago

      Great Hub! There is a whole lot of information there! Jack Jones is totally right about carbs and fat being one of the biggest problems with peoples diets. Scientists even found that the combination of those together was as addictive as HEROIN to rats! They are testing to see whether that carry's over to humans, and they have good suspicion it will.

      The protein and simple carbs combo is good in some cases though! It's horrible for you if you aren't working out, but if you are doing weight lifting, or did weight lifting within the hour, then protein and carbs will help build your muscles FASTER. I have a video on strategic carbs that covers this. Check it:

      again, great hub, this information needs to get out there, because the world doesn't have to suffer being unhealthy.

    • musclebuildingtip profile image


      8 years ago

      Very comprehensive article! There are some seriously great points here. I have also been reading and getting some good advice there too.

    • profile image

      Jack Jones 

      9 years ago

      Great article! Especially about food combinations. Eating carbs and fat together is one of the biggest problems with most people's diets today.

    • profile image


      9 years ago

      Thanks, you clarified a lot of things for me! I am excited to put the power meals in place!


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