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10 Rules That People Must Obey to be Respectful Hunters

Updated on November 17, 2014
Big elk
Big elk
Moose | Source

First of all, I confess that I do not hunt any wildlife that lots of people consider their hobby. I do not hunt so I can get my photo into the local paper to show people what a good sport that I am when it comes to killing deer, elk, bear and mountain lions. I just do not understand why some men have no feeling when it comes to killing a great number of these animals. I guess it is a “have to” sport they like in order to keep their friendship with the hunters they have as good friends.

Call me weak. I do not care at all. I just have a deep appreciation for wildlife found anywhere where that I live. Sure, I agree with the Department of Conservation in my state of Alabama that okay’s deer season to keep deer thinned-out so the herds will not starve death. But I do not agree on hunting “just” to get a trophy from killing such a great number of whatever wildlife that is in season.

I do NOT hunt this game

Big horn sheep
Big horn sheep
Pronghorn antelope
Pronghorn antelope

Although this piece

is meant to be read with a comical-view,

I URGE You and Your Friends to Please be Careful when hunting. And this box message is SERIOUS.


But when people who love to hunt have to realize in order to be a good hunter they must honor the rules that are established by experienced hunters for their safety and success if they desire to be a good, respectful hunter. I also respect all of the game wardens who keep these rules for hunters and how they have the right to arrest or give men who abuse these fair rules for hunting a ticket to pay. Can you imagine for a moment what it would be like in America’s forests if there were not such thing as a game wardens?

To help the amateur-hunters in my readership, I am presenting this hub to point-out

The 10 Most-Important Rules That People Must Obey to Be Respectful Hunters

  1. You must not fire your high-powered rifle up in the air just for fun because you might hit someone who is hunting in the woods whom you cannot see.
  2. Running wild through the woods like a manic yelling stupid things to the top of your lung is not appreciated by hunters who do respect these 10 rules. If you are hunting with professional hunters and run through the woods and shout stupid things, do not expect to be invited to come with them ever again.
  3. Playing your portable CD player to listen to loud music is not recommended.
  4. Arguing with your wife or girlfriend on your cell phone in a loud voice will get you told to “go home” by those who do their best to kill one deer and not overdo their hunting.
  5. If you are addicted to pull practical jokes such as throwing eggs or rocks at other hunters who do not see you, then I urge you to discipline yourself or face a chewing-out for such a stupid act.
  6. Using a duck call to scare off deer because you are jealous of your best pal for being such a good hunter is not appreciated by your best pal or any other hunter.
  7. If you and your male friends are deer hunting and suddenly you see a grizzly bear (that doesn’t see you) but causes you to run and squeal like a coward, you should apologize to your friends for ruining their hunting trip.
  8. Eating loud food such as potato chips while hiding to bag a deer, is strictly-forbidden. If you must eat, then have something before you leave home.
  9. Jumping out from behind your hiding place to wrestle a wildcat is not just stupid, but against the rules.
  10. Singing loudly is against the rules and breaking this rule might get you beaten-up by hunters who have worn out their patience with you.

Note: it might serve you to memorize these rules before you plan a hunting trip with your friends.


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