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The facts of Tball/Baseball from a mom's point of view

Updated on April 3, 2015

Rookie, Tball, Little Kids Playing Ball Here is what I learned after a season

Both my boys joined baseball and tball teams this year, this is a very proud terrifying moment. You look forward to seeing them hit the ball but you dread thinking of them getting hit with the ball.You want to see them get a homerun but you want them to feel great even if they strike out. I am going to share with you The top Ten things that I know now,that I didn't know before.

Top 10

1.Aside from registration fee of approx 50.00 per season, the only other expense you have is a glove which is between 10 and 20 dollars and baseball pants which average 15 to 20 dollars. The registration covers Hat, Uniform Shirt, Socks,bats,and helmets. You also can purchase Cleats although,not required (those you can pick up fairly cheap secondhand and they don't see much use.)

2. Tball is practice is usually once a week for 1 hour, no sweat right? lol but it is hard keeping age 4-6 concentrating that long on the ball and not playing in the dirt. On the other hand a slightly older age group of 7-9 yrs old,practices twice a week for approx 2 hours a nite and usually the concentration is higher although they still like to play in the dirt.

3. Tball and Little league practice runs through average time that people eat dinner around 5:30 to 7:30 PM. which can be tricky, you have to plan meals earlier or later.

4.Practice usually goes even if it is drizzly rain or a little on the chilly or hot side. so be prepared for no cancellations unless it is a downpour or blizzard.

5.Your child getting hit with the ball does not mean that they will have a concussion my son got hit 3 times on the first practice day and survived. I know as a mom it is tempting to wrap them in bubble wrap before they play but really isn't necessary.

6.Playing on a youth team is a great way to build great sportsmanship and to make friends.

7. Baseball games are sometimes in the town that you live in, but more likely to be away games in surrounding towns. usually last for 2-3 hours.

8. Tball does not keep score everyone wins, this is to teach them the basics, in rookie they do keep score but they don't broadcast it unless asked to decrease the chances of hurt feelings.

9. During a game at some point your child will be benched just so that everyone gets a chance to play, do not take this in a bad way it has nothing to do with skill of game just routine.

10. Most Important of all---Always bring a water bottle or Gatorade to practice and games because this is a very physical sport

You will not regret enrolling your child into baseball it is a wonderful sport and has been a great experience

T ball Practice

What do you think is the most dangerous kids sport

what sport would you not want your child to play in fear that they might get hurt?

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    • chuckandus6 profile image

      Nichol marie 5 years ago from The Country-Side

      Thank you for your comment and good key points there.Luckily I haven't come across and obnoxious parents and they had a great coach who taught them great sportsmanship. I found that all the kids and parents and even grandparents all have a great positive attitude toward youth baseball.

    • Eric L. Andrews profile image

      Eric L. Andrews 5 years ago from Midwestern United States

      My two boys played baseball for years, and I coached for many of those. A good drill to teach young players to prepare for a ball hitting them is to have them stand at the plate, and hit them with a tennis ball. While doing so, train the child to turn their back to the pitcher if the ball is coming towards them, and tuck in their elbows and scrunch their shoulders up to protect their necks. Kind of like a turtle going into its shell. The best part of youth baseball is getting to know them and teaching them to play. I used to have an ice cream truck come by after games when it was hot; guaranteeing the driver so much business. The worst part are some of the overbearing and obnoxious parents, and coaches who cheat or try to win at all costs, even when the kids are little. Good hub.