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10 Top Camping Tips

Updated on October 19, 2009
Brenk House Farm Campsite
Brenk House Farm Campsite

Camping is increasingly becoming a leisure pursuit of many. The versatile geography across different parts of the world has permitted this leisure pursuit to spread all around the year, and across the globe.

But, before you go camping, it is imperative to have an in-depth understanding of the top 10 camping tips that would enable you to have a memorable camping experience.

10 Camping Tips

1.    Advance planning is the key to successful camping. Choosing campsites based on the climatic conditions, vehicle patterns, terrain and safety often proves to be one of the most challenging tasks that are involved in planning. Start by filtering based on safety and terrain.  Narrow your choice down to the top 10 sites, and check out the prevailing weather at each campsite.  Choose the ones that are most suitable during that part of the year when you decide to go camping.

2.    Having chosen a campsite, prepare a brief itinerary that contains the intricate details regarding time, camping sites and dates.  Research the Internet on the must-sees around the campsite and ensure that you include them in your sight-seeing list.

3.    Camping gear, food, tent and tools are factors that need consideration. When it comes to the choice of tent, ensure that you take the type of weather at the campsite into account.  The number of people in your party is another factor that needs to be considered.

4.    Plan and prepare food that can be easily stored and transported with ease for this would save a lot of time when you're camping.   Cooking food at the campsite is not only challenging but might also use up precious time during the trip which otherwise could have been spent on sight-seeing.

5.    Whenever you go to the next campsite, ensure that you research well ahead, as that will help you get an idea about the prevailing circumstances there.  It is important to get an idea about the possible entry of reptiles, detrimental plants at the campsite, the probability of your campsite becoming flooded in case of a heavy downpour, the possibility of getting baked in case of unexpected hot weather and the like.

6.    Before you go further with the rest of your camping plans, it is critical to adhere to camping safety measures. A first aid kit should be part and parcel of your camping baggage.

7.    Kids who are a part of the trip should be taught to find the campsite even when they get lost.  Tying a whistle around their neck would really prove to be helpful in case of emergencies.

8.    Try to keep the campsite clean, as that will help in keeping ants, flies and other pests at bay.  Ensure that you have sufficient closed containers to store the food items that you take and clean the campsite as and when you have time.  This will help in keeping away from unexpected illnesses that can spoil the whole trip.

9.    Choosing the participants who are going to get involved in this activity really matters if you intend to have an enjoyable trip.  Ensure that you go with those whom you are comfortable with. Going as a large group can help in having a fulfilled and enjoyable camping trip.

10.     Be prepared for unexpected weather. Remember to take sufficient bedding to combat cold weather.  Have sunscreens handy and carry proper clothing in case of hot, cold or wet weather.

Make a note of these tips and have an adventurous, enjoyable and fun filled camping trip!

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