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An Olympic report:

Updated on September 16, 2012

The Olympics is the festival of world. Their no small or big, white or black; world joins in this festival. Only 100 days to go for the opening of the 30th modern era Olympics.

100 days is not far, it’s very near. Sometimes we suffer to end one day, but we didn’t understand how fast a year goes. Once we reach our destiny and look backwards, we will think how many seconds, times, days, years are gone without doing anything.

As a dreamer I travelled many years. We know that the man evolved on earth crores & crores years ago. Human has an average lifespan of 60-70 years only, but this precious time we have to enjoy. The earth is full of specialities, which make us smile, cry, enjoy, love, jealous, fight, and race. By all these we are moving forward in our short life.

Festivals and matches are the main events in man’s enjoyment. In this world the biggest festival is the Olympics, only 100 days remaining for the 30th Olympics to open in British capital London. The next 100 days, the sun will not set in here. Peoples from 200 countries will join here for 30th Olympics. Gun shots never ending Afghanistan, poverty prosperous Somalia, money powered America, 27,000 peoples living Virgin Island, 133crore populated China, 121crore populated India, earthquake destroyed Haiti and Fighting Libya; they all joined together by the 5 rings of the Olympics. Ten Thousands of athletes will participate in the Olympics starting in august 12.

India has only a little success in Olympics, we think participating in such an event is believed to be a lifetime dream of each one. Last time at Beijing India bagged their first individual medal in the history of the Olympics through shooter Abhinav Bindra. This time also India is waiting for the rise of such Abhinav’s.

Making world peoples as a witness; on august 12, Queen Elizabeth will declare the Olympics to be inaugurated. After that 4 hour long inauguration ceremony will takes place. Oscar winner and director of Slumdog millionaire Dane Boyal and his team are arranging the programmes. Estimated 100 crores of people will watch this live event at home through TVs.

The inauguration and closing ceremony will showcase at the newly built stadium. The main attraction is the 2 ½km spread Olympics park.

The Olympics committee is headed by Sebastian Koya. The Britain is waiting for the start of this world festival .The world is hoping for a peaceful and highly compete ting Olympics.


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