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101 Things to Do Before Summer's Over

Updated on June 25, 2011
Going to the beach is one of the most popular summertime activities
Going to the beach is one of the most popular summertime activities | Source
Discover this summer
Discover this summer | Source
Spend time with friends
Spend time with friends | Source

Beat the summertime blues with these random and fun activities!

Summer is finally here! Everyone's favorite time of the year ( least, it's MY favorite time of the year). Whether you are a child, teenager, college student, grad student, parent, grandparent, etc, you can take a little time off this summer and enjoy peace of mind.

Not sure exactly how to spend your time? Well, here I have compiled a list of 101 random things that almost anyone can enjoy doing this summer. Enjoy, and may your living be easy!

  1. Read a book.
  2. Pick up an instrument or perfect one you already know how to play.
  3. Write some poetry :)
  4. Go to a concert.
  5. Fly a kite.
  6. Have a photo-shoot with your loved ones. It can be candid, silly, serious, or just plain fun!
  7. Search for volunteer service in your area. Nothing feels better than helping those in need.
  8. Ride a bike.
  9. Plant a flower.
  10. Make some ice cream
  11. Promise to use electronic things less. It will clear your mind and allow you to spend more time with people you care about.
  12. Do something to get physical. Go running, hiking, swimming, or even pick up yoga. It is immensely relaxing.
  13. Make a scrapbook!
  14. Go to the movies
  15. Go camping
  16. Have a bonfire and make smores
  17. Explore a new area.
  18. Hit the beach.
  19. Go stargazing.
  20. Watch the sunset.
  21. Watch the sunrise
  22. Have a BBQ
  23. Kiss someone in the rain ;)
  24. Run through a sprinkler.
  25. Wash a car.
  26. Go dancing!
  27. Blow bubbles
  28. Donate old things to a charity or thrift store.
  29. Go shopping.
  30. Start a collection.
  31. Call a friend randomly and wish them a happy day.
  32. Do some painting or drawing, even if you're horrible (cough--me--cough)
  33. Write letters.
  34. Go outside.
  35. Lay in the grass.
  36. Catch fireflies.
  37. Discover a new band and listen to them all day.
  38. Clean your room--it's very therapeutic.
  39. Have a water balloon fight.
  40. Walk around town.
  41. Go fishing.
  42. Go to a museum.
  43. Spend a whole day with a friend doing NOTHING!
  44. Make a movie.
  45. Eat ice cream.
  46. TP someone's house! (Apologies if this advice causes neighborly disturbance, but it's good-old-fashioned fun, people)
  47. Learn how to juggle.
  48. Try something new.
  49. Do something daring.
  50. Be a rebel (but don't start a criminal record)
  51. Pray.
  52. Have an all-nighter with a friend.
  53. Have a movie marathon.
  54. Throw a party for no reason.
  55. Smile.
  56. Laugh.
  57. Count how many hugs you can give in a day.
  58. Make some crafts.
  59. Write in a journal.
  60. Burn some incense.
  61. Make a pizza.
  62. Write a mini-novel.
  63. Go to a thrift or consignment store and buy old, vintage clothes. Try to compile an outfit that would suit a certain time period (i.e. flapper dress from the twenties, muumuus for the sixties, etc)
  64. Walk through the woods.
  65. Climb a tree.
  66. Go to the zoo.
  67. Play some board games.
  68. Make some tea in the morning, rather than coffee.
  69. Walk around the house in your underwear (don't flash the neighbors!)
  70. Learn how to write backwards or with your opposite hand.
  71. Rearrange or paint your room.
  72. Listen to The Beach Boys! What other great summertime soundtrack is there?
  73. Do something goofy and spontaneous.
  74. Eat at a restaurant with some buddies.
  75. Play some pool.
  76. Go skinny dipping.
  77. Slooowww dowwwwn....
  78. Bake some cookies.
  79. Learn a new recipe.
  80. Watch Disney movies.
  81. Play tag or hide-and-go-seek.
  82. Take a trolley ride in a nearby town.
  83. Sail on a boat.
  84. Go swinging!
  85. Flip a coin in a fountain.
  86. Take an art class.
  87. Make at least one new friend.
  88. Sleeeeeeep.
  89. Go to an amusement park.
  90. Learn to sew.
  91. Girls, do some crazy, exotic make-up and take pictures!
  92. Buy Mentos and Diet Coke--mix em up and watch the explosion!
  93. Boys, buy your girl some flowers.
  94. Tell people you love them.
  95. Host a costume party.
  96. Make a fort or build a tree house.
  97. Buy some chalk and decorate the driveway.
  98. Walk a dog.
  99. Buy a fish.
  100. Have a picnic.
  101. Eat watermelon.

There you have it! Enjoy the summer.


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    • profile image

      Sassy 3 years ago

      This list was LAME but I enjoyed toilet papering someone's house though that part was fun and I stay up all night like every other night give me some thing to do please I'm so bored my little sisters did have of these and thought they were boring so update it

    • profile image

      fucker 3 years ago


    • casnov30 profile image

      casnov30 6 years ago from Brooklyn

      Thanks for the reminder that summertime is not just a time for kids to have fun.

    • Reprieve26 profile image

      Reprieve26 6 years ago from Oregon Coast

      #102: Seize the day! :)

      LOVED this hub! Voted up and awesome!

    • Keeley Shea profile image

      Keeley Shea 6 years ago from Norwich, CT

      AWESOME HUB! Great ideas for summertime. I got lots of great ideas from your hub and that is what it is all about! Thanks!

    • drivesafely profile image

      drivesafely 6 years ago from Mars

      Thank you everyone!

    • Deborah Demander profile image

      Deborah Demander 6 years ago from First Wyoming, then THE WORLD

      Congratulations on your hubnugget nomination. This is a great list. I'll get right on it!


    • cardelean profile image

      cardelean 6 years ago from Michigan

      Now that was a very complete list! Those are some fantastic things to remember to do during the summer! Nice job and congrats on the nomination.

    • Ruby H Rose profile image

      Maree Michael Martin 6 years ago from Northwest Washington on an Island

      Ditto on the WOW feedback button! What a wonderful list of summer ideas, can't wait to do some more of them. Yahoo, summer is here!

    • cydro profile image

      Blake Atkinson 6 years ago from Kentucky

      If they had a "wow" feedback button I would click that one. Great list, I really needed this about 4 hours earlier today. Just so you know if I wasn't in the running, I'd vote for this hub for the hubnugget thing!

    • drivesafely profile image

      drivesafely 6 years ago from Mars

      Thank you, both of you for the comments! I'm new to this site, so it's wonderful having some responses.

    • FloraBreenRobison profile image

      FloraBreenRobison 6 years ago

      Congratulations on your hubnugget nomination. I've done most of these things at some point. However, I'm not the kind of person to TP a house.

    • Simone Smith profile image

      Simone Haruko Smith 6 years ago from San Francisco

      I'm happy to say that I've done a lot of these things so far, but goodness gracious, there is MUCH to do! Thanks for putting together this fun list... now... I must go make some ice cream!!