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13 Baseball Superstitions

Updated on June 15, 2011

13 Baseball Superstitions

Baseball has a long history of superstition. They go back to beginning of the game and are embedded deep in baseball lore. It's add mystique, romance and just plain entertainment to the game of baseball. I know you're all familiar with the curse of the Bambino but are you aware of these other baseball superstitions?

13 Baseball Superstitions

  1. Don't Step on the Foul Line!
    Many major league baseball players are superstitious of stepping on the the foul line coming on and off the field.
  2. Chicken Before Every Game?
    Wade Boggs, who finished his career with the New York Yankees was infamous for eating chicken before ever game.
  3. Don't Talk about a No-Hitter
    Without question the number one taboo in baseball. Players believe if you talk about it while it is happening it won't. I've seen teams go so far as to clear the bench where the pitcher is sitting between innings - that is really funny.
  4. Not My Lucky Bat?
    There are players who swear that a lucky bat is the reason for their success. But what happens when they break their lucky bat?
  5. Sign of the cross/pointing up to the heavens
    You see it everyday in the game, players pointing up to the sky to give thanks. But the biggest example is a player who makes the sign of the cross before getting in the batter's box.
  6. Tapping the bat on Plate
    It seems every player does this. I guess it's similar to knocking on wood!
  7. Favorite Spot in the Dugout
    If you follow your favorite team you'll notice players sit in the same spots with the same players each game.
  8. Growing a Mustache or Beard
    Earlier this year there was a sensation in New York. Jason Giambi hadn't shaved for a couple of days and he went on a major hitting streak. So he a mustache. This became all the rage with the NY fans and media. So much so, that the Yankee front office promoted it with a mustached Jason Giambi Bobble Head Doll day. This is a classic - how funny!
  9. Going to the Same Restaurant or Eatery Before Every Playoff Game
    Jim Leyritz, while playing with the Yanks in 1996, hit a three run off Atlanta Braves closer Mark Wohler to win Game 4 of the World Series. This game propelled the Yankees to win 4 of the next 5 world championships. After hitting that home run, Jim returned to the same restaurant he had eaten at on the day he hit the three run homer. Funny stuff!
  10. Refusing to Wash Clothes
    Some baseball players have been known to wear the same undershirt for the entire season without washing it. I'm sure he sat by himself in the dugout.
  11. Hit By A Pitch? Don't Rub It!
    What is up with these guys? This makes absolutely no sense. Oh maybe it's to intimidate the opposition - I get it!
  12. Don't Clean My Batting Helmet
    Ever You see this very often. Batter's use what is called Pine Tar to give them a better grip on the bat. Pine tar will stick to anything. Each time the player re-adjusts his helmet at the plate he's adding more pine tar. I think Craig Biggio was one of them. By the end of the year it looks like a clay formation on the helmet.
  13. Batting Routine Before each pitch
    A batter might: step out of the batter's box, secure the bat between his legs, readjust his batting gloves, grab the bat again, take a big deep breath and get back in the batter's box.

So there you have it, the thirteen baseball superstitions that make baseball what it is. What a great sport with a bunch of men acting like little kids. It makes the game really entertaining!

Why not tell your kids about the funny superstitions of major league baseball players. I'm sure they'll get a laugh.


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    • B4UPLAYBALL profile image

      B4UPLAYBALL 4 years ago from NYC - USA

      Some pros tap the bat on the plate to see if the bat is broken. But here's a quote from joemama24_98 joemama24_98 at

      "If you have to judge your position relative to the plate by tapping it, aint no way you're going to hit that ball travelling in 3D space at 70mph+". I agree with him 100%.

      And yes, I played baseball at the highest amateur level both in college and NJ's Met league.

    • profile image

      cw 4 years ago

      regarding tapping the bat on home tap the plate so you are the right distance from the plate so you can reach an outside pitch........" I guess it's similar to knocking on wood!"....bad guess, did you ever play baseball?

    • baseballbrains profile image

      baseballbrains 5 years ago

      Awesome, I love this hub!