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Amazing Facts About The World's Highest Paid Athletes

Updated on October 16, 2016

Rich Athletes Have All The Fun!

Most professional athletes make a lot of money, and they certainly deserve to. They've climbed the incredibly difficult ladder to make it to the very top of their profession.

We all know they make a lot of money, and we all have a lot of opinions about the money they make. The fact is, they wouldn't get paid that money if people didn't go watch them in person and turn on the TV to check them out on game day.

Aside from that, millions pay money to dress in their clothes and wear their shoes. All the money they make is from the world's demand to see them and idolize them.

Just like a rock star who makes millions of dollars from ticket sales on their tour, professional athletes are a huge entertainment business that most people are all too happy to indulge in.

However you feel about the amount of money they make, it's a blast to look at the actual numbers and see how much stuff that money can actually buy!

We might not know the answer to the age old question, does money buy happiness, but it sure will buy a lot of cool things!

Cristiano Ronaldo

Cristiano Ronaldo seems to be in the top 10 richest athletes list every year, and 2016's list even had him at the top! When combined, his salary and endorsements total, ready for it?

$88 Million a year!

That is some serious money for anybody, but especially for an athlete that only plays around 60 matches every year.

That means that the great Ronaldo makes about 1.5 million dollars every match!

If a soccer match last 90 minutes, Ronaldo makes over $16,000 per minute!

Now of course Cristiano spend a tremendous amount of time working out and training in between games, and he puts in a lot of hours for those endorsement dollars.

It sure is fun to see how much he makes if you break it down by the matches he plays in though. Let's look at some things he can buy with his salary!

Lamborghini's Aren't Cheap!

The $300,000 car in the picture above is just one of Ronaldo's huge collection of cars.

What's really interesting is that he could buy 5 Lamborghini Aventators after every match he plays in!

Sometimes it's hard to imagine the amount of money that a guy like Ronaldo earns (and yes he earns it) every year.

Very few people on the planet will end up in a position to buy a Lamborghini at any point in their lives, and Cristiano could buy a couple hundred of them each year if he felt the need.

Let's look at something a little more achievable for the average person, a brand new 70 inch 4k TV. These TV's go for about $1,500 most places.

By our math earlier, Ronaldo could buy 10 TV's for every MINUTE that he plays soccer! Now multiply that by 90 minutes per match and you can see the craziness add up. 900 TV's after each match!

Even Ronaldo might have a hard time finding enough wall space for all of those!

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Lebron James

The second athlete on our 'crazy rich' list is Lebron James. Lebron has been a controversial figure through various parts of his career, but nobody can deny that he makes a lot of money!

His 2016 salary?

$77.2 Million!

Lebron James spent about 45 hours last year playing in his team's games. Break that down per game minute and he made an amazing $171, 500/hour!

Like Cristiano Ronaldo, Lebron James certainly spends a lot of time working out and traveling around for his job so it's not totally fair to just consider his court minutes. However, most people only get paid for what they do at work.

They don't necessarily get paid for staying in shape, studying their profession, commuting and traveling to work, and those other things that aren't necessarily "on the clock".

Let's look at some things that Lebron James could do with all that money!

Everybody Wants an Armani Suit

An Armani 3 piece suit is something everybody would like to have, but they aren't the most affordable things in the world. The average price for one is $5,000, a little out of the price range of most people.

Since Lebron James makes about $2,900 every minute he's on the court all year, he could buy a three piece Armani suit every 104 seconds!

Making $47 per second that you're at work can't sound too bad.

Roger Federer

Of all the rich and famous professional athletes, Roger Federer's salary is one of the most surprising to most people.

Playing tennis only earns Roger about $7.8 million every year. An article like this is the only place where "only" could come before a salary like that!

However, endorsements alone bring in a staggering $60 million a year for the tennis great, making him the fourth highest paid athlete on the planet.

Everybody Wants a Private Jet

The price of a private jet can vary quite a bit, but it's safe to say that Roger can easily afford to buy one.

The more sensible approach, of course, is to rent and not worry about storing your jet and keeping up on the maintenance and all of that.

Most nice private jets cost something like $7,000 per hour to rent. With Roger Federer's salary each year, he could rent a private jet at that price for 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year.

If he did that he would still have enough left over to do all of the following:

  • Buy 50, $5,000 Rolex watches
  • Buy 10 of Ronaldo's Lamborghinis at $300,000 a piece
  • Buy a $2 million dollar house in Florida
  • Buy 100 70 inch 4K televisions
  • Stay almost 7 months at one of the most expensive resorts in the world at $5,000/night

If Only We Had That Much Money!

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Badrutt's Palace, where Roger could stay for 7 months even if he spent almost all his money on other stuff!
Badrutt's Palace, where Roger could stay for 7 months even if he spent almost all his money on other stuff!

Looking At Salaries Is All in Fun

Leave your comments and tell us what you would buy with all that money!

Of course, we didn't take into account taxes and all the other things like agent fees and stuff that athletes have to pay. We just think it's a blast to look at all the big numbers and imagine what they could buy with the money.

Let us know what you would buy, and what you think about athlete's salaries in the comment section. While it's our view that they earn the money by being the only people in the world who can do what they do, we definitely see the side of the argument as well!


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