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15 Players on NBA DraftKings radar for Oct 29,2015

Updated on October 29, 2015

After a busy Wednesday for the NBA only three games will be played this Thursday. I have picked out 15 players that I believe you need to pay attention to today for your Draft Kings or Fan Duel lineup.

Let's start with the Point Guards: #1 on my list is Chris Paul, he is a beast and will look to add to the 45.75 points he earned yesterday. Problem with selecting him may be everyone selects him also. #2 George Hill could be the difference maker for you making some money or not. If everyone loads up on Chris Paul you having George Hill might be the difference.

For Shooting Guards, I like one player and one player only Sasha Vujacis is the guy that should be on everyone's team. He knows his time is limited so look for him to keep up the pace he had yesterday in his 31.5 fantasy point outing.

For Centers it's a toss up between Al Horford and DeAndre Jordan. I am not worried about Jordan facing Dallas after this past offseason drama but I do like Horford a little more here. But either pick is a great pick to me.

Here is where you will make your money. When filling out your team when you hit the SF tab select Paul George and just move on. He is the only logical choice here. Now when you get to Power Forward three players could be in play for you. Blake Griffin, Paul Millsap and Dirk Nowitzki will put up some good numbers tonight and need to be on every-ones radar.

For your last three positions look at the following players that could help you fill out your roster: D. Scroder(Atlanta), R. Felton(Dallas), D. Williams(Knicks), K. O'Quinn(Knicks), Z. Pachulia(Dallas) and I.Mahinmi(Indiana)

DraftKings Starting Eight

1. PG = Chris Paul $9,600

2. SG = Sasha Vujacis $3,000

3. SF = Paul George $8,200

4. PF = D. Nowitzki $6,000

5. C = A. Horford $7,600

6. G = D. Schroder $ 4,700

7. F = P. Millsap $7,800

8. Utility = R. Felton $3,000

Total $49,900


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