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1989: Auburn 20 Georgia 3 - The 93rd Edition of the Deep South's Oldest Rivalry

Updated on September 30, 2008


"We just got an old-fashioned whipping ... We couldn't run and couldn't pass. We could have played Johnny Unitas as out quarterback today and we still wouldn't have won," first year Georgia Head Coach Ray Goff said of his first meeting with Auburn. Welcome to the SEC, Ray!

Ray Goff found out what many of us do after taking a new job: The grass is not always greener on the other side of the fence, especially if you're replacing a legend, like Vince Dooley. In 1989, Auburn's "Bed and Butter" was its defense. It had kept three of its first nine opponents from crossing the goal line, giving up only 14 touchdowns before the Georgia game. The offense was Auburn's issue. For the first time since 1982, Auburn failed to score 300 points.

But on that Saturday afternoon in Athens, Georgia, the Tigers offensive performance was right-on track. Quarterback Reggie Slack threw 19 of 27 for 230 yards. Tigers Wide Receiver Greg Taylor caught six catches for 109 yards and Darrell Williams became the first freshman in Auburn history to rush for 100 yards in three straight games with 128 yards on 26 carries.

Auburn's defensive was as stingy as ever allowing Georgia only 279 yards of total offensive and two interceptions.

Following the victory over the Bulldogs, Auburn went on to defeat Alabama 30-20 in Tide's first visit to the Plains to become 1989 SEC CO-Champions.

1989 Auburn-Georgia Football Ticket Stub

1989 Auburn-Georgia Football Ticket Stub
1989 Auburn-Georgia Football Ticket Stub

The Deep South's Oldest Rivalry

Auburn and Georgia have met 111 times, as of 2007, in what is known as 'the Deep South's Oldest Rivalry' in the sport of college football. The Auburn-Georgia rivalry is unlike the annual contest between Auburn and Alabama; It is a true competitive interstate civil war, brother vs. brother. Where as the Iron Bowl is about setting an annual family dispute. Of Auburn's major rivals whose games were once played at neutral sites, Georgia is the ONLY school to come to Auburn without argument. In fact, both Auburn and Georgia used a home-to-home Auburn-Georgia series as the base for a major stadium additions. The rivalry is tied with Oregon-Oregon State as the seventh-most played series in the nation. The purpose of this site is to provide the reader with a history of the rivalry and to be a single source reference for sports historians on information pertaining to on the Auburn-Georgia rivalry on the web.

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