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1992 Olympics: Kristi Yamaguchi, Midori Ito and Nancy Kerrigan

Updated on November 13, 2015

Kristi Yamaguchi in 1992

Kristi Yamaguchi in 1992

When it comes to deficiency, Kristi Yamaguchi reminds me of Katrina Witt. I don't know how Kristi clinched in to gold medal with that performance.

Especially, in her free program, Kristi shows deficiencies similar to Witt's. You may wonder why I compare her to Witt, because there appears little relevance between the two skaters. Yes, you are right.

But if you look into Kristi's skating and the way it plays out in terms of competition, you will realize how they look alike.

First, Kristi's skating has nothing to do with any greatness at all. You don't see any jaw dropping magnificence in her jumps like Ito's. None of her jumps are subject to GOE. You don't see sufficient power in her skating as in Witt's.

He skating scale is barely acceptable: the height of her jump, speed, stamina, and what not. In short her skating is flat, uninspiring, and dull, compared to other great skaters'.
Her free PCS is 7.5.

However, Kristi's strategy in salvaging appears similar to Witt's. Kristi is a relatively rounded skater, less stiff than Witt, but her lead would be very marginal, though. On the other hand Witt is ahead of Kristi in proficiency, power and scale, yet her skating is too rough to earn the due credit.

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Midori Ito in 1992

Midori Ito in 1992

On top of this section is an original program by Ito. I couldn't find her short program, so I uploaded it instead.

As for the original program, Ito fell once, and that's a serious problem for her. In fact, although she was a one of a kind skater, Ito's skating without jumps is very hard to appreciate.

Again, figure skating is a physiological sport. Her inability to evoke line aesthetics is by itself a great flaw. Her PCS for the original program is 8.0.

Nancy Kerrigan in 1992

While I watched her program, all I asked was if she was qualified for 8.0. it was during 30 seconds since she started that I began to ponder its possibility.

Then, no. Her skating is a 7.5 average PCS skating.

But her power, speed, and edge are noted. I think Kerrigan beat Yamaguchi in those technical elements, but she missed a few jumps, her level of execution was poor and her upper body was too stiff.

In conclusion, her moves were not enough for 8.0 PCS.

Her skating is similar to Witt. That's quite obvious. Kerrigan is physiologically close to Witt, but Witt is one or two steps ahead of Kerrigan.

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Nancy Kerrigan in 1992

Tonya Harding in 1992

What 's problem is that she couldn't hold positions for not even a second.

So she tried several positions, but they wouldn't count. Virtually Harding did nothing in between jumps but futile gestures.

In Harding's skating, power, edge and speed are good, but she wasn't able to make meaningful positions using them. This is a typical content-void skating.

So her skating is much worse than Ito. Ito, despite her physiological disadvantage, produced moves and sustained them. Her only problem is aesthetic quality not technical quality. But here Harding shows technical deficiency in all her moves besides jumps.

Her PCS is 7.0.

Surya Bonaly in 1992

Okay, this is meaningless.

So, I judge her skating with an assumption that she did succeed in all jumps moderately. Then her PCS will be 6.75. Well , as it is, her PCS will be 6.0.

Bonaly's arms betray how untrained she was. Bonaly is a case telling that there is no short cut to figure skating.

Her skating does not show Russian juniorism, but she didn't learn figure skating correctly. I can see her talent in handling jump, but I am appalled that she was actually a European champion, and nobody taught her figure skating properly.

That's embarrassing.

Who do you think is the real winner of the 1992 Olympics?

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