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2 Man Tents

Updated on January 13, 2017

Introduction to 2 Man Tents

If you did a lot of camping with a buddy when you were kids, then you probably know all about the small 2 man tents and how useful they are. A good 2 person tent provides shelter, is easy to carry, and perhaps best of all: they can be bought very cheap. These tents can be domed, they can be built for impact of being used a lot, or for the kids to enjoy camping out in the back yard. This makes them versatile and popular, but despite this popularity, there are still many high quality 2 man tents that can be purchased inexpensively.  These tents are also very popular with individual hikers because they offer slightly extra room for an individual hiker or camper, while not adding on extra weight or taking up extra space that is needed.  If you're looking for a new but not too expensive 2 man tent, the good news is that there are many options available to a consumer who is willing to do even a minimal amount of leg work in finding the best deal.

Inexpensive Two Man Tents from Amazon

Major 2 Person Tent Companies

There are many companies that produce high quality two man tents, and these can be created for a wide variety of specific styles, functions, and durability.  Eureka tent company is one of the major companies that makes popular 2 person tents. This company is especially known for "adventure tents" designed for individuals who like to hike and go tent camping by themselves or with one other person.  The Coleman company is known for its renowned outdoor gear, but many people don't know that they also make some very popular small tents.  Perhaps the most popular is the 2 man sun dome tents. These allow in light, can be covered to be made waterproof, and still provide everything you expect from a fully functioning tent.  Wenzel is another company that produces a wide array of backpacking tents and other 2-Person adventure tents for hikers or bikers.

Pictures of 2 Person Tents

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Good example of a two person tent.A 2 person tent picture for one.Four soldiers looking very snug in a 2 man army tent.Enough room in this 2 man tent for two campers and a motorcycle.
Good example of a two person tent.
Good example of a two person tent.
A 2 person tent picture for one.
A 2 person tent picture for one.
Four soldiers looking very snug in a 2 man army tent.
Four soldiers looking very snug in a 2 man army tent.
Enough room in this 2 man tent for two campers and a motorcycle.
Enough room in this 2 man tent for two campers and a motorcycle.

Two Person Tents from Amazon

Finding Cheap 2 Man Tents

There are many places to look for good inexpensive 2 man tents. is a natural place to search for great deals on different types of tents and other camping equipment, while eBay isn't quite as good an option but there are some deals to be found.  Consumers can also check out the individual websites of the manufacturers since sometimes the companies will have special deals running on a new design for 2 person tents they are trying to promote. If these options don't reveal something in your price range, then there is the age old tradition of finding a deal at garage sales or a local flea market.  People are often amazed at the values and deals that are available from these sources.  So if you want a new or barely used 2 man tent that doesn't break the bank, the good idea is that there are many options.

Final Thoughts on 2 Person Tents

There are a lot of things to consider when looking at different 2 man tents.  Some are built to be inexpensive and minimal shelters, while others are built specifically for backpackers and back trail hikers and so the materials and fabric are stronger and more resilient.  You will want to make sure that you get a two person tent that suits your needs.  You don't want something that's made for the backyard if you're going to be hiking the trails of Alaska.  Likewise, why spend $100 on a high quality adventurer's two man tent if you are going to only use it for the backyard?  Make sure to do your research to end up with a couple's tent that is perfect for you.

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