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20 New Starters for SEC 2010 Season

Updated on August 22, 2010

New Stars of SEC

QB John Brantley  Florida
QB John Brantley Florida
QB Chris Relf  Miss. State
QB Chris Relf Miss. State
DE William Green  Florida
DE William Green Florida
WR Russell Shepard  LSU
WR Russell Shepard LSU
QB Aaron Murray  Georgia
QB Aaron Murray Georgia
RB Ronnie Wingo  Arkansas
RB Ronnie Wingo Arkansas
DT Josh Chapman  Alabama
DT Josh Chapman Alabama
CB Dre Kilpatrick  Alabama
CB Dre Kilpatrick Alabama
WR Quindarius Carr  Auburn
WR Quindarius Carr Auburn
DE Marcell Dareus  Alabama
DE Marcell Dareus Alabama
WR Carl Moore  Florida
WR Carl Moore Florida
DE Justin Trattou
DE Justin Trattou

SEC Newcomers

These players are players that you probably already have heard about whether it was when they were recruited or they saw some action last year or the year before. But now it is there time to start to show what they can do in a full time duty situation. Some have showed promise but it is different when you have the spotlight on you. So here are 20 players that have something to prove with there new found status on starting this year and playing a even bigger role for the respective teams.

1. QB John Brantley - JR (Florida)

2. WR Carl Moore - SR (Florida)

3. WR Russell Shepard - SO (LSU)

4. QB Chris Relf - JR (Miss. State)

5. DE Justin Trattou - SR (Florida)

6. RB Stevan Ridley - JR (LSU)

7. CB Dre Kilpatrick - SO (Alabama)

8. CB BJ Scott - SO (Alabama)

9. DE William Green - JR (Florida)

10. QB Aaron Murray - rFR (Georgia)

11. TE Jordan Reed - rFR (Florida)

12. WR Rueben Randle - SO (LSU)

13. RB Ronnie Wingo - SO (Arkansas)

14. WR Quindarius Carr - JR (Auburn)

15. DT Josh Chapman - JR (Alabama)

16. DE Marcell Dareus - JR (Alabama)

17. LB Jon Bostic - SO (Florida)

18. LB Jelanie Jenkins - rFR (Florida)

19. LB Jerrell Harris - JR (Alabama)

20. LB Jonathan Evans - SO (Auburn)

9. DE William Green


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