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2002 Worlds: Irina Slutskaya, Michelle Kwan, Fumie Suguri, and Sasha Cohen

Updated on March 2, 2015

Irina Slutskaya in 2002

In the beginning of the program, Peggy comments that Slutskaya is trying to improve her artistry. Peggy means that Slutskaya is skating particularly with that in mind.

That's quite obvious if you look at Slutskaya's body language.

However, by so doing, Slutskaya appears to be flat-footed. Although she tries to evoke the sense of musicality by controlling the pulse of her pace, Slutskaya's skating appears losing its characters.

Slutskaya's efforts to bring out "something" expressive in her skating seems a half-done imitation.

This program testifies what difficulty a skater needs to overcome in order to incorporate her expressiveness into her skating.

Peggy uses the term "artistry", but accurately speaking she means "expressiveness" and its technical integration into the skating moves.

Her jumps are -1,-1,0,0,-1,-1 and -2. Her PCS is 8.0.

Irina Slutskaya in 2002

Her jumps are 0,0 and -1. Her PCS is 8.25.

This is a good program.

However, Slutskaya also, like Katarina Witt, has balance issues. Despite Slutskaya's efforts here to make the program look more lyricism friendly, her moves are still rough.

So, in short, Slutskaya's strength and scale of elements boosts her PCS while Kwan's refinement does hers.

Michelle Kwan in 2002

Haha, I love the moment when Peter Carruthers teases Peggy. Peggy flusters.

Yeah, Peggy has always a soft spot for Kwan.

Her jumps are 0,0(double),-1,-1,-1,0 and 0. Her PCS is 8.0.

When I mark Kwan and Slutskaya, I need to balance the two's defects with their merits. Kwan's jump scale is smaller than Slutskaya's; yet Slutskaya's moves lack stability and balance in her skating compared to Kwan's.

In her short program, Kwan's jumps are -3,-1 and 0. Her PCS is 8.25.

Her moves are better here than in her free program except the step-out.

Michelle Kwan in 2002

Fime Suguri in 2002

Her jumps are -1,-2, 0,-1,-1,0 and 0. Her PCS is 7.5.

Suguri's skating does not level with Kwan or Slutskaya, but in this particular program she seems to manage her moves to her full potential.

I find her skating level is around 7.0, but her handling seems good enough for extra points.

Fumie Suguri in 2002

That's a good performance. Well-directed and focused.

It's interesting to know that Suguri was of lyrical style.

By the way, her jumps are -1,-1 and 0. Her PCS is 7.25.

Though the program seems neatly packed, her skating is much desired. Suguri doesn't show any jagged moves, but her posture was always open-ended, and her jumps are punctuated by spontaneous adjustment.

But overall it was a good performance.

Sasha Cohen in 2002

Her jumps are -2,-3,-2,-1,0,-3, and -1. Her PCS is 7.0.

Cohen's problem is jumping technique. Except that she has a particular talent on spiral and extension.

Cohen is a skater with higher degree of bodily freedom on ice than Fumie Suguri, but jumps are her Achilles heel.

In her short program, Cohen's jumps are -2,-2, and -3. Her PCS is 7.0.

Sasha Cohen is an example that explains why skaters who don't master jump stand no chance in competition.

Cohen's strength lies in spins and extensions.

Sasha Cohen in 2002

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