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2003 Worlds: Michelle Kwan, Elena Sokolova, Fumie Suguri and Sasha Cohen

Updated on March 9, 2015

Michelle Kwan in 2003

Kwan's jumps are typically lackluster in speed and height. Under the COP, those traits are hard to qualify for GOE.

In short program, Kwan's jumps are -1,0 and 0. Her PCS is 8.0.

Meanwhile, in free program, Kwan's jumps are -1,0,+1, -1,0,-2 and 0. Her PCS is 8.0.

Kwan's skating appears laborious, which kills the joy of flow due to her physiological disadvantages.

That's mainly due to lack of momentum. Although that's not too deficient in the standards of her time, Kwan's skating depends on shallow expressiveness rather than authentic artistic substances.

Michelle Kwan in 2003

Elena Sokolova in 2003

Her jumps are 0,0 and +1. Her PCS is 7.75. Although I marks 7.75 for her PCS, her skating is of typical 7.0s.

In judging quality of skating, that is, in terms of PCS, the degree of polishing manifested in line integration is important.

Superiority in the properties of elements such as speed,power, height, etc., is critical in assessing PCS; however, how much a skater evoke the sense of connection and continuity between moves is as much critical.

In this context, you can contrast Michelle Kwan with Elena Sokolova or even Sarah Hughes. Katarina Witt was the most famous example that shows imbalance between elementary properties and management skills thereof.

In conclusion, skaters like Solokova or Hughes are basically skaters whose PCS cannot go beyond 8.0 at their best.

Anyway, Sokolova's speed, power and flow here are noted. You can see how she resembles Sarah Hughes physiologically as well as technically. Like Sarah Hughes, she also has a balance issue, but this is a great performance.

Fumie Suguri in 2003

Her jumps are -1,0, void, -1,-1, -3 and 0. Her PCS is 7.5.

Her speed and flow are good in the beginning, but into the program, her skating reveals more defects such as too conspicuous preparation, kicking habit, lack of continuity in jump technique, etc.

But her way of skating appears a bit more aggressive and powerful than Kwan here.

In short program, Suguri's jumps are -3, 0 and +1. Her PCS is 7.5.

Her expressiveness appears great and Suguri demonstrated here more energetic than Kwan.

On the other hand Suguri, though spirited, appears clumsy at times.

Fumie Suguri in 2003

Sasha Cohen in 2003

Her jumps are -2, -1, -2, 0,-3,-1 and 0. Her PCS is 7.5.

Despite her falls, it appears one of her bests. Cohen's moves are well directed and focused. It shows some maturity in managing the program.

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