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2005 Worlds: Irina Slutskaya, Sasha Cohen, Carolina Kostner, and Michelle Kwan

Updated on March 10, 2015

Irina Slutskaya in 2005

A sad thing about Irina Slutskaya is that her talent never bloomed.

Her great speed and power inthis program are notable. However, Slutskaya never learned how to skate aesthetically.

Her moves are getting rougher and rougher. Normally as skaters age, they tend to weaken in power yet mature, but Slutskaya seems getting rougher.

Her skating has a few merits such as height speed and power, but she isn't free from her incorrigible habits such as long conspicuous preparation and unpolished clumsy moves.

She appears as if she couldn't handle her overpowering strength.

Her jumps are here -1,-1,-1,-1,0,-1 and -2. Her PCS is 7.5.

In her short program, I like her pants. I think that suits her better than traditional figure skating costume. In fact, Slutskaya's skating is more boyish than girlish.

Her jumps are -3, +1 and 0. Her PCS is 7.75.


Irina Slutskaya in 2005

Sasha Cohen in 2005

Cohen's free program above shows Cohen is getting better and better.

Cohen has a balance issue, physiologically, so to speak. But the, some of you may ask, how can a skater like Cohen whose skating is famous for line and extension be deficient in balance.

Of course, Sasha Cohen is well known for her impressive handling of spiral and spin. If you look at her skating, Cohen flaunts remarkable creativity in spiral and spin.

But that balance is static balance, if you will. Static balance can be mastered by training and Cohen seems to have found her own optimal point in static balance.

But as her jumping deficiency painfully shows, her flawed balance is inherent.

Her jumps are -1,-1,0,-3,-1,0 and -2. Her PCS is 7.5.

Carolina Kostner in 2005

Wow, Kostner!

It's such a joy to see Kostner this young. Her speed and power are remarkable. At least elite skaters should skater like Kostner here.

However, though her power and speed are adequate, her skating shows lack of experience.

Her jumps are+2,-2,+1,-2,-3,-1 and -3. As you see in my protocol, Kostner fails to take advantage of her speed and power due to quality management.

The excellent quality of her few jumps has lost to the poor performance of the rest jumps.

Here Kostner's PCS is 8.25.

Carolina Kostner in 2005

Attention, all Russian girls! Do you see Kostner? This is how you skate, kids.

Bravo! My hat off to you, Kostner.

Such a commanding performance by Kostner. Who knew this side of Kostner!

Her jumps are +1,+2 and 0. Her PCS is 8.5 strong. Of course, Kostner's skating is not yet particularly polished or mastered, but as she flaunts here, top skating should demonstrate unimpeded momentum characterized power and speed.

This is a very satisfying performance.

Michelle Kwan in 2005

Kwan's moves are not bad here but not so impressive either.

Her jumps are 0,0,0,0,-3,-2, and 0. Her PCS is 7.75.

I can't upload Kwan' short program, but you can click on the following to watch. In her short program, Kwan's jumps are 0.-1 and 0. Her PCS is 7.5. Interestingly commentators complain of the new COP and its regulations.

I think there is a bit of truth in it. The newly added rules makes Kwan feel difficult in adjusting, but truth of matter is that it's not the systematic regulation that hinders Kwan, but Kwan's skating qualities are not competitive in terms of component properties.

In her zenith, she could gloss it over, but as time goes by, that deficiency became more problematic as more competitive skaters challenged Kwan.

As shown in Kostenr's skating above, Kwan's skating lost edge. I should say that's how things are. What once was glorious has faded out in time.

Who do you think is the winner of the 2005 Worlds?

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