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2008-09 Pacers find some stars

Updated on March 9, 2009

2008-09 Pacers find some stars

 With injuries to Mike Dunleavy and Danny Granger the Indiana Pacers have had to search for some players to fill those holes.  Early in the season Danny Granger stepped up and took most of the scoring load that was left vacant by Mike Dunleavy.

With Danny Granger's injury the Pacers had to find someone else to carry the load.  Troy Murphy and Jarrett Jack have each stepped up and done a very good job.  In fact I think Jarrett Jack has won the starting shooting guard spot even when Dunleavy comes back next year.  Although Jack is only 6'3", he has shown that he has the mentality to play aggressive defense and also he is not afraid to try and make the big offensive play late in the game.  While 6'3" is small for an NBA shooting guard, it is not unheard of, Dwayne Wade is only 6'4' so it is possible to win with a smaller shooting guard.

Troy Murphy has also stepped up.  For most of the season Murphy has averaged around 11 points and 11 reboundes per game.  Since the beginning of February (17 games) Murphy has averaged 18.7 points and 13 rebounds per game.  He has also improved defensively.

If Granger can fit back into the line-up when he is healthy, then Granger, Jack and Murphy should be a pretty good combination.  In 2009-10 you can add Dunleavy and Foster off the bench and this is starting to sound like a playoff team with good character to me.


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