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2009-10 Indiana Pacers: Too many players, not enough minutes

Updated on November 17, 2009

2009-10 Indiana Pacers

2009-10 Indiana Pacers: Too many players, not enough minutes

The 2009-10 Indiana Pacers are about to have the kind of problem that General Managers like. When they are completely healthy, they will have too many good players and not enough minutes in a game to play them all.

NBA teams carry 15 men on their roster. Coach Jim O'Brien has stated that he would like to play 9-10 players each night. That is an ideal number for the NBA. If you play 8 players or less, you run the risk of those 8 players being too tired for the playoffs. Playing more than 10 makes it tough for anyone to be in the game long enough to get much of a rhythm.

So what do the Pacers do? Luther Head knew when he signed his contract that his playing time would be greatly decreased and maybe eliminated when Mike Dunleavy returned. Even though he is a pretty good back-up shooting guard, the Pacers will sit him.

Travis Diener is a very good 3rd string point guard and a good back-up point guard. Due to the talent that the Pacers have, Diener will most likely sit out as well.

A. J. Price may be the point guard of the future for the Pacers or at least a solid back-up point guard. Since he is a rookie, he will most likely sit out.

Josh McRoberts will be a good back-up power forward in the future. The Pacers would be wise to hold on to him, however, this year the Pacers have plenty of good big men. He will most likely sit out.

That leaves 11 players to cover 10 spots. Ford and Watson are the point guards. Rush, Granger, Dahntay Jones and Dunleavy are the wing players.

Now all that is left are the big men. With Roy Hibbert as the starting center and Solomon Jones as his back-up, the Pacers have two young centers that will block and alter many shots. The Pacers should be solid at center for many years.

We are now down to power forward. This is where some action should be taken. Tyler Hansbrough is a promising rookie. He brings a lot of energy off of the bench and an ability to get to the free throw line. He is the power forward of the future for the Pacers but this season he should be coming off of the bench.

Now we are down to Troy Murphy and Jeff Foster. Last season Murphy became the first player in NBA history to finish in the top 5 in rebounding and 3 point field goal percentage in the same season. Jeff Foster on the other hand is a better defender and is an offensive rebounding machine. So what do you do?

In my opinion, as much as I like him, the Pacers should trade Jeff Foster. Because of Murphy's salary of about $11 million per year and his weak defense, he will be difficult to trade. Foster on the other hand only makes about $6 million per year and is an excellent back-up big man. He brings a lot of energy into the game and as I said before he is an offensive rebounding machine. His down side is that he is 32 years old and is nearing the end of his career. The Pacers should try and trade him while they can still get something in return.

Now the next question is what or who should they try to get for Foster? Since the Pacers are a young team, they should try and get a future (5-10 years away) late first round or early second round draft choice. Somewhere between picks 25-40. They could also take a contract off of someones hands. A player that will sit out and only makes $4 million a year or less and has 2 years or less left on his contract.

It will be interesting to see what happens when the Pacers are completely healthy. Don't be surprised if there is a trade or maybe even two.


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