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2009 Worlds: Yuna Kim, Joannie Rochette, and Mao Asada

Updated on March 12, 2015

Yuna Kim in 2009

This is one of Kim's masterpieces.

Her jumps are +1,+1,+1,+2,+1, void and 0. Her PCS is 8.75.

This program was done when Kim's physical conditions were the highest - I think Kim was 19 at the time. If you compare Kim's moves with those in her later programs, you can tell Kim's skating here is less polished.

In other words, while she would inevitably experience the steady decline of stamina from this point, she was actually able to manage to keep on refining her skating. This would be revealed to everybody's surprise in the 2013 Worlds.

Yuna Kim in 2009

What a marvelous masterpiece!

No need of explanation. This will go down to history as a rare gem in the ladies figure skating.

Her jumps are +2,+2 and +2. Her PCS is 9.0.

Joannie Rochette in 2009

Good to see Joannie here.

Her jumps are 0, -1 and +1. Her PCS is 7.75.

Her skatimg is fast and strong, but at times she slows down. And more importantly her moves are often not in smooth momentum, which shows lack of polishing.

But in free program, Joannie is actually rougher. Her skating somewhat resembles Kostner's worst nightmare.

Her jumps are -2,-1, -1(double), -3,-1(combo), 0, -1(two double axels), and 0. Her PCS is 7.75.

Quite frankly the judges were too lenient to Joannie.

Joannie Rochette in 2009

Mao Asada in 2009

In her short program. Asada shows a good outing.

Her jumps are -1,-2(double) and +1. Her PCS is 8.25.

Although kicking leg is subject to -2, I penalize less this time due to its good flow. Speaking of Asada's bad habit, I am sure if judges penalized her bad habit in her early years, she could have fixed that.

Again, judge's role in figure skating lies not only in fair and correct assessment of skating but also gives skaters opportunities to fix their problems by penalizing defects or awarding merits.

Asada's sticking leg is subject to -2 just as Yuna Kim's shaky landing in Sochi is subject to -2.

In her free program, Asada appears in low fuel.

Her jumps are -1,-3,-2,0,-2,0 and -1. Her PCS is 7.75.

She is notably slow and laborious.

Mao Asada in 2009

Who do you think is the winner of the 2009 Worlds?

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    • profile image


      3 years ago

      robz samsung ripped -off i phone? lol is that why apple's most income was spend to buy corp scam laywer and and buying patents while samsung's most income spend in research to make actually something? plz robz stick your phone thing to your pathetic sony phone ok

    • profile image


      3 years ago

      ... delete the SEVERAL Millions Liked* videos..

    • profile image


      3 years ago

      Robz, I didn't even know Kwan owned this program. There were many other skaters skated to Scheherazade, including your Mao. She did it after Yuna, so that means, by your logic, Mao ripped off Yuna's program with MANY mistakes. Again, you're lying with your comedic "facts." Yuna only had 1 minor mistake and she afforded to make such mistake and still own the WC, as she was head and shoulder with the rest.

      Quit being jealous that Yuna's program is historically the best of all. Her most viewed videos are the clear evidence. Too bad the Japanese had to delete her SEVEAL Millions videos because you guys are too jealous. Your favorite color must be green. ^^

    • profile image


      3 years ago


    • profile image


      3 years ago

      Just like Samsung ripped-off the Apple's iphone, Yuna shamelessly ripped-off Kwan's program for her 2009 LP. It is an exact copy, with absolutely nothing original added. Except mistakes.

      As Steve Jobs would say, "a stolen product".


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