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2010 ACC Football Non Conference Matchups

Updated on July 27, 2010

Top 20 Non Conference Matchups of ACC

ACC Non Conference Matchups of 2010 Season

 In 2004 the ACC added Virginia Tech to the mix and the Hokies won the conference title the same year going (10-2) losing to undefeated Auburn in the 2005 Sugar Bowl.  In 2005 they added Boston College and Miami(FL) bringing the conference to 12 teams so they can have a conference championship.  The ACC has been a little down just winning one BCS bowl since 1999 season, when then Big East champ Virginia Tech lost to ACC champ Florida State in the Sugar Bowl for the national title 46-29.  This year the ACC may be as strong as it has ever been and here are some of the non conference games of the 2010 ACC season.

1. 9/11/10 Miami(FL) at Ohio State

2. 9/11/10 Florida State at Oklahoma

3. 11/27/10 Florida at Florida State

4. 9/6/10 Virginia Tech vs Boise State (Washington, DC)

5. 9/4/10 North Carolina vs LSU (Atlanta)

6. 11/27/10 South Carolina at Clemson

7. 9/18/10 Clemson at Auburn

8. 11/27/10 Georgia Tech at Georgia

9. 9/23/10 Miami(FL) at Pittsburgh

10. 10/2/10 Notre Dame at Boston College

11. 9/25/10 North Carolina at Rutgers

12. 11/27/10 South Florida at Miami(FL)

13. 9/18/10 Alabama at Duke

14. 9/18/10 Wake Forest at Stanford

15. 9/11/10 Virginia at USC

16. 9/16/10 Cincinnati at NC State

17. 9/18/10 Maryland at West Virginia

18. 10/30/10 Duke at Navy

19. 9/18/10 BYU at Florida State

20. 9/6/10 Maryland vs Navy (Baltimore)



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