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2010 Big 12 Conference Football Preview

Updated on August 22, 2010

2010 Big 12 Preview

 The Big 12 fOotball conference has been pretty good for the last three years, especially.  If not for the SEC, the Big 12 would have won two straight national titles.  Oklahoma losing to Florida 24-14 in the 2009 BCS Championship Game and Texas losing to Alabama 37-21 in last year's BCS Championship Game.  This will be the last year of twelve teams being in the Big 12 as next year Colorado will be going to the Pac 10 and Nebraska going to the Big Ten leaving the Big 12 with only ten teams for the 2011 football season.  But that is next year for now Nebraska will try to make this a memorable season for it being there last season as a Big 12 team as well as Colorado.  Even though the departure of Nebraska and Colorado the Big 12 will still be a strong conference in 2011.  It is still strong conference this year as well.  So here are my Big 12 football predictions on how I think each team will finish in it's division.  And there returning starters and key skilled offensive players along with the top defenders as well.

Impact Big 12 Players for 2010

RB DeMarco Murray   Oklahoma
RB DeMarco Murray Oklahoma
QB Landry Jones  Oklahoma
QB Landry Jones Oklahoma
DE Jeremy Beal  Oklahoma
DE Jeremy Beal Oklahoma
WR Ryan Broyles   Oklahoma
WR Ryan Broyles Oklahoma
QB Jerrod Johnson   Texas A&M
QB Jerrod Johnson Texas A&M
WR Uzoma Nwachukwu  Texas A&M
WR Uzoma Nwachukwu Texas A&M
LB Von Miller  Texas A&M
LB Von Miller Texas A&M
RB Tre Newton  Texas
RB Tre Newton Texas
WR Malcolm Williams  Texas
WR Malcolm Williams Texas
CB Curtis Brown   Texas
CB Curtis Brown Texas
DT Sam Acho  Texas
DT Sam Acho Texas
QB Robert Griffin   Baylor
QB Robert Griffin Baylor
RB Jay Finley  Baylor
RB Jay Finley Baylor
QB Taylor Potts  Texas Tech
QB Taylor Potts Texas Tech
RB Baron Batch  Texas Tech
RB Baron Batch Texas Tech
WR Detron Lewis  Texas Tech
WR Detron Lewis Texas Tech
RB Kendall Hunter  Oklahoma State
RB Kendall Hunter Oklahoma State
SS Markelle Martin  Oklahoma State
SS Markelle Martin Oklahoma State
RB Roy Helu  Nebraska
RB Roy Helu Nebraska
DT Jared Cricks  Nebraska
DT Jared Cricks Nebraska
QB Zac Lee   Nebraska
QB Zac Lee Nebraska
CB Prince Amukamara  Nebraska
CB Prince Amukamara Nebraska
QB Blaine Gabbert  Missouri
QB Blaine Gabbert Missouri
RB Derrick Washington  Missouri
RB Derrick Washington Missouri
FS Jasper Simmons  Missouri
FS Jasper Simmons Missouri
RB Rodney Stewart  Colorado
RB Rodney Stewart Colorado
CB Jimmy Smith  Colorado
CB Jimmy Smith Colorado
RB Daniel Thomas  Kansas State
RB Daniel Thomas Kansas State
QB Austen Arnaud  Iowa State
QB Austen Arnaud Iowa State
LB Drew Dudley  Kansas
LB Drew Dudley Kansas

Big 12 Football Outlook


1. Oklahoma (8 offense 5 defense) - Key Skilled Offensive PlayersRB DeMarco Murray - SR ('09 171att 705yds 8td/41rec 522yds 4td) ('08 179att 1002yds 14td/31rec 395yds 4td) ('07 127att 764yds 13td)  WR Ryan Broyles - JR ('09 89rec 1120yds 15td/11att 83yds 1td) ('08 46rec 687yds 6td)  QB Landry Jones - SO ('09 261-449 3198yds 26td 14int)  WR Dejuan Miller - JR ('09 36rec 434yds 1td)  WR Brandon Caleb - SR ('09 26rec 408yds 2td) ('08 4rec 52yds)  Top Defensive PlayersLB Travis Lewis - JR ('09 109tkl 1sk 8.5tfl 2pbu) ('08 144tkl 3.5sks 8.5tfl 2pbu 4int)  FS Quinton Carter - SR ('09 88tkl 2.5tfl 5pbu 4int) ('08 37tkl .5tfl 2pbu)  DE Jeremy Beal - SR ('09 70tkl 11sks 8tfl 3pbu 1int) ('08 61tkl 8.5sks 7tfl 4pbu) ('07 21tkl 1sk 4tfl) SS Sam Proctor - JR ('09 44tkl 1tfl 2pbu) ('08 14tkl)  DT Adrian Taylor - SR ('09 37tkl 3.5sks 3.5tfl 1pbu) ('08 26tkl 4.5sks 2tfl)

Oklahoma 2010 Schedule

9/4/10 vs Utah State

9/11/10 vs Florida State - Impact Game

9/18/10 vs Air Force

9/25/10 at Cincinnati

10/2/10 vs Texas (Dallas) - Statement Game

10/16/10 vs Iowa State

10/23/10 at Missouri

10/30/10 vs Colorado

11/6/10 at Texas A&M - Trap Game

11/13/10 vs Texas Tech - Swing Game

11/20/10 at Baylor

11/27/10 at Oklahoma State

2. Texas A&M (7 offense 9 defense) - Key Skilled Offensive PlayersQB Jerrod Johnson - SR ('09 296-447 3579yds 30td 8int/145att 506yds 8td) ('08 194-326 2435yds 21td 10int/94att 114yds 3td) ('07 2-7 50yds 2td/13att 111yds 3td)   RB Christine Michale - SO ('09 166att 844yds 10td)  RB Cyrus Gray - JR ('09 159att 757yds 5td/28rec 226yds 2td) ('08 75att 363yds 1td/10rec 60yds)  WR Uzoma Nwachukwu - SO ('09 40rec 708yds 6td/8att 87yds 1td)  WR Ryan Tannehill - JR ('09 46rec 609yds 4td/4att -5yds) ('08 55rec 844yds 5td)  Top Defensive PlayersSS Trent Hunter - JR ('09 95tkl 1.5tfl 3pbu) ('08 65tkl 2tfl 1pbu 3int)  LB Garrick Williams - JR ('09 74tkl 1sk 7.5tfl 1int) ('08 36tkl 1.5sks 1tfl 1pbu)  LB Kyle Morgan - SO ('09 70tkl 2.5sks 4tfl 7pbu 2int)  LB Michael Hodges - SR ('09 67tkl .5tfl 1pbu 1int)  CB Terrence Frederick - JR ('09 61tkl 3tfl 5pbu 2int)  LB Von Miller - SR ('09 48tkl 17sks 4.5tfl 5pbu) ('08 44tkl 3.5sks 4tfl) ('07 22tkl 2sks 2tfl)  Sean Porter - SO ('09 42tkl 1sk 3tfl)  CB Dustin Harris - SO ('09 40tkl 1sk 1tfl 2pbu 1int)

Texas A&M2010 Schedule

9/4/10 vs Stephen F. Austin

9/11/10 vs Louisiana Tech

9/18/10 vs Florida International

9/30/10 at Oklahoma State

10/9/10 vs Arkansas (Arlington) - Swing Game

10/16/10 vs Missouri

10/23/10 at Kansas

10/30/10 vs Texas Tech

11/6/10 vs Oklahoma - Statement Game

11/13/10 at Baylor - Trap Game

11/20/10 vs Nebraska

11/25/10 at Texas - Impact Game

3. Texas (5 offense 7 defense) - Key Skilled Offensive PlayersRB Tre' Newton - SO ('09 116att 552yds 6td/14rec 108yds)  Cody Johnson - JR ('09 87att 335yds 12td) ('08 76att 338yds 12td)  WR Malcolm Williams - JR ('09 39rec 550yds 2td) ('08 17rec 304yds 3td)  WR James Kirkendoll - SR ('09 48rec 461yds 6td) ('08 21rec 221yds 1td)  RB Vondrell McGee - SR ('09 56att 300yds 2td) ('08 88att 376yds 4td) ('07 75att 297yds 8td)  WR John Chiles - SR ('09 34rec 319yds 3td) ('08 11-13 149yds 2td/45att 131yds 2td) ('07 1-9 17yds/36att 191yds 2td)  Top Defensive PlayersLB Keenan Robinson - JR ('09 74tkl 1.5sks 3.5tfl 4pbu) ('08 24tkl 1sk 1tfl 1pbu)  DT Sam Acho - SR ('09 63tkl 10sks 4tfl 3pbu) ('08 16tkl 3sks 2pbu)  FS Blake Gideon - JR ('09 62tkl 2tfl 5pbu 6int) ('08 64tkl 1tfl 7pbu)  CB Curtis Brown - SR ('09 53tkl 2tfl 15pbu 1int) ('08 27tkl 9pbu)  LB Emmanuel Acho - JR ('09 49tkl 2sks 8tfl 1pbu 1int)  CB Chykie Brown - SR ('09 48tkl 2sks 3tfl 8pbu 2int) ('08 28tkl 1sk 1tfl 1pbu)  LB Jared Norton - SR ('08 54tkl 2.5sks 1.5tfl 2pbu) ('07 53tkl 2sks 2tfl 1int)  CB Aaron Williams - JR ('09 44tkl 2sks 4tfl 6pbu 3int) ('08 16tkl 1tfl 3pbu 1int)

Texas 2010 Schedule

9/4/10 vs Rice (Houston)

9/11/10 vs Wyoming

9/18/10 at Texas Tech - Trap Game

9/25/10 vs UCLA

10/2/10 vs Oklahoma - Statement Game

10/16/10 at Nebraska - Swing Game

10/23/10 vs Iowa State

10/30/10 vs Baylor

11/6/10 at Kansas State

11/13/10 vs Oklahoma State

11/20/10 vs Florida Atlantic

11/25/10 vs Texas A&M - Impact Game

4. Baylor (7 offense 5 defense) - Key Skilled Offensive PlayersQB Robert Griffin - SO ('09 45-69 481yds 4td/27att 77yds 2td) ('08 160-267 2091yds 15td 3int/173att 843yds 13td)  RB Jay Finley - SR ('09 79att 370yds 1td) ('08 149att 865yds 7td/7rec 141yds 2td) ('07 55att 207yds 2td/18rec 152yds 1td)  QB Nick Florence - SO ('09 165-266 1786yds 6td 9int/57att 62yds 3td)  RB Jarred Salubi - SO ('09 50att 298yds 2td/19rec 153yds)  WR Kendall Wright - JR ('09 66rec 740yds 4td/28att 132yds 1td) ('08 50rec 649yds 5td/29att 168yds 1td)  WR Lanear Sampson - SO ('09 29rec 297yds 2td)  RB Terrance Ganaway - SR ('09 68att 200yds 5td)  Top Defensive PlayersLB Antonio Johnson - SR ('09 77tkl 2sks 4tfl 2pbu 1int) ('08 72tkl 1sk 4tfl 1pbu 1int) ('07 16tkl .5tfl)  SS Byron Landor - SR ('09 46tkl 1sk 1.5tfl 1pbu)  LB Chris Francis - SR ('09 45tkl 1sk) ('08 23tkl .5sk 1int) ('07 19tkl 1int)  FS Tim Atchison - SR ('09 42tkl 2tfl 5pbu 1int) ('08 31tkl 3pbu)

Baylor 2010 Schedule

9/4/10 vs Sam Houston State

9/11/10 vs Buffalo

9/18/10 at TCU - Swing Game

9/25/10 at Rice

10/2/10 vs Kansas

10/9/10 vs Texas Tech (Dallas) - Impact Game

10/16/10 at Colorado

10/23/10 vs Kansas State

10/30/10 at Texas

11/6/10 at Oklahoma State - Trap Game

11/13/10 vs Texas A&M

11/20/10 vs Oklahoma

5. Texas Tech (8 offense 6 defense) - Key Skilled Offensive PlayersQB Taylor Potts - SR ('09 309-470 3440yds 22td 13int/24att 2td) ('08 23-36 260yds 2td 1int) ('07 32-49 409yds 3td 1int)  RB Baron Batch - SR ('09 168att 884yds 14td/57rec 395yds 1td) ('08 113att 758yds 7td/45rec 449yds 1td)  WR Detron Lewis - SR ('09 65rec 844yds 6td) ('08 76rec 913yds 3td) ('07 10rec 120yds 3td)  WR Alexander Torres - SO ('09 67rec 806yds 6td)  WR Tramain Swindall - JR ('09 55rec 694yds 5td) ('08 46rec 561yds 2td)  WR Lyle Leong - SR ('09 45rec 571yds 9td) ('08 18rec 206yds 3td) ('07 15rec 174yds 1td)  Top Defensive PlayersLB Brian Duncan - SR ('09 88tkl 7tfl 5pbu) ('08 94tkl .5sk 2tfl 6pbu 2int) ('07 69tkl 4tfl 1pbu)  FS Cody Davis - SO ('09 81tkl 1.5tfl 6pbu)  SS Franklin Mitchem - SR ('09 57tkl 1tfl 3pbu 2int) ('08 16tkl)  LB Bront Bird - SR ('09 56tkl 1sk 4.5tfl 3pbu) ('08 64tkl 1sk 3tfl 2pbu)  DT Colby Whitlock - SR ('09 45tkl 3sks 5tfl 4pbu) ('08 39tkl 1sk 4.5tfl 1pbu) ('07 47tkl 2sks 6.5tfl)  CB LaRon Moore - SR ('09 42tkl 4tfl 6pbu 2int) 

Texas Tech 2010 Schedule

9/5/10 vs SMU

9/11/10 at New Mexico

9/18/10 vs Texas - Statement Game

10/2/10 at Iowa State

10/9/10 vs Baylor (Dallas)

10/16/10 vs Oklahoma State

10/23/10 at Colorado - Trap Game

10/30/10 at Texas A&M - Impact Game

11/6/10 vs Missouri - Swing Game

11/13/10 at Oklahoma

11/20/10 vs Weber State

11/27/10 vs Houston

6. Oklahoma State (4 offense 4 defense) - Key Skilled Offensive PlayersRB Kendall Hunter - SR ('09 89att 382yds 1td/11rec 83yds) ('08 241att 1555yds 16td/22rec 198yds 1td) ('07 107att 696yds 4td/10rec 137yds 1td)  WR Hubert Anylam - JR ('09 42rec 515yds 3td) ('08 3rec 32yds)  WR Justin Blackmon - SO ('09 20rec 260yds 2td)  WR Josh Cooper - JR ('09 20rec 234yds 1td)  TE Tracy Moore - SO ('09 11rec 183yds 3td)  Top Defensive PlayersSS Markelle Martin - JR ('09 45tkl 1tfl 11pbu)  CB Andrew McGee - SR ('09 32tkl 1tfl 6pbu 1int)  DE Ugo Chinasa - SR ('09 30tkl 6.5sks 3tfl 2pbu) ('08 24tkl 2sks 6.5tfl 1int) ('07 13tkl 2tfl 1pbu)  DE Jamie Blatnick - JR ('09 28tkl 1.5sks 2tfl)

Oklahoma State 2010 Schedule

9/4/10 vs Washingont State

9/11/10 vs Troy

9/18/10 vs Tulsa

9/30/10 vs Texas A&M - Swing Game

10/8/10 at Louisiana

10/16/10 at Texas Tech

10/23/10 vs Nebraska - Impact Game

10/30/10 at Kansas State

11/6/10 vs Baylor

11/13/10 at Texas

11/20/10 at Kansas - Trap Game

11/27/10 vs Oklahoma - Statement Game


1. Nebraska (9 offense 6 defense) - Key Skilled Offensive PlayersRB Roy Helu - SR ('09 220att 1147yds 10td/19rec 149yds) ('08 125att 803yds 7td/25rec 266yds) ('07 45att 209yds)  QB Zac Lee - SR ('09 177-302 2143yds 14td 10int/103att 171yds 1td)  RB Rex Burkhead - SO ('09 81att 346yds 3td)  WR Niles Paul - SR ('09 40rec 796yds 4td) ('08 23rec 214yds)  WR Mike McNeill - SR ('09 28rec 259yds 4td) ('08 32rec 442yds 6td)  WR Curenski Gilleylen - JR ('09 17rec 302yds 1td)  QB Cody Green - SO ('09 33-62 317yds 2td 2int/31att 158yds 2td)  Top Defensive PlayersDT Jared Crick - JR ('09 76tkl 9.5sks 5.5tfl 4pbu)  CB Prince Amkamara - SR ('09 64tkl 2sks 1tfl 11pbu 5int) ('08 34tkl 1sk 1tfl 3pbu)  DE Pierre Allen - SR ('09 51tkl 5sks 4tfl 5pbu) ('08 52tkl 5sks 5tfl 1pbu) ('07 16tkl 3tfl 1pbu)  SS DeJon Gomes - SR ('09 46tkl 4tfl 5pbu 4int)  LB Eric Hagg - SR ('09 40tkl 2sks 5tfl 4pbu 1int) ('08 39tkl 1sk 4tfl 7pbu)  LB Will Compton - SO ('09 40tkl .5sk .5tfl 2pbu)  LB Sean Fisher - SO ('09 35tkl 1sk 1tfl)

Nebraska 2010 Schedule

9/4/10 vs Western Kentucky

9/11/10 vs Idaho

9/18/10 at Washington - Swing Game

9/25/10 vs South Dakota State

10/7/10 at Kansas State - Trap Game

10/16/10 vs Texas - Statement Game

10/23/10 at Oklahoma State

10/30/10 vs Missouri

11/6/10 at Iowa State

11/13/10 vs Kansas

11/20/10 at Texas A&M - Impact Game

11/26/10 vs Colorado

2. Missouri (8 offense 8 defense) - Key Skilled Offensive PlayersQB Blaine Gabbert - JR ('09 262-445 3593yds 24td 9int/103att 204yds 3td) ('08 5-13 43yds/6att 22yds)  RB Derrick Washington - SR ('09 190att 865yds 10td/26rec 156yds) ('08 177att 1036yds 17td/29rec 277yds 2td) ('07 36att 104yds 1td/10rec 70yds 1td)  RB De'Vion Moore - JR ('09 63att 258yds 1td) ('08 41att 231yds 1td)  WR Jerrell Jackson - JR - ('09 37rec 458yds 2td) ('08 9rec 98yds)  WR Wes Kemp - JR ('09 23rec 418yds 3td)  Top Defensive PlayersLB Andrew Gachkar - SR ('09 80tkl 3sks .5tfl) ('08 28tkl 1tfl 1pbu) ('07 16tkl)  LB Will Ebner - JR ('09 78tkl 3.5sks 6tfl 1pbu) ('08 21tkl 1int)  FS Jasper Simmons - SR ('09 73tkl 3tfl 2pbu 1int)  DE Aldon Smith - SO ('09 64tkl 11.5sks 7.5tfl 5pbu)  CB Carl Gettis - SR ('09 61tkl 1tfl 5pbu) ('08 78tkl 4tfl 4pbu 1int) ('07 49tkl 2tfl 1pbu 1int)  SS Jarrell Harrison - SR ('09 47tkl 1sk 1tfl 3pbu 1int)  CB Kevin Rutland - SR ('09 47tkl 1sk 1tfl 2pbu 1int)  DT Dominique Hamilton - JR ('09 46tkl 1sk 4.5tfl 1pbu) ('08 18tkl .5tfl 1pbu)

Missouri 2010 Schedule

9/4/10 vs Illinois (St. Louis) - Swing Game

9/11/10 vs McNeese State

9/18/10 vs San Diego State

9/25/10 vs Miami(OH)

10/9/10 vs Colorado

10/16/10 at Texas A&M

10/23/10 vs Oklahoma - Statement Game

10/30/10 at Nebraska - Impact Game

11/6/10 at Texas Tech

11/13/10 vs Kansas State

11/20/10 at Iowa State - Trap Game

11/27/10 vs Kansas (Kansas City)

3. Colorado (10 offense 7 defense) - Key Skilled Offensive PlayersRB Rodney Stewart - JR ('09 198att 804yds 9td/12rec 65yds) ('08 132att 622yds 2td)  QB Tyler Hansen - JR ('09 129-231 1440yds 8td 7int/84att 61yds 1td) ('08 34-65 280yds 1td 4int/63att 261yds)  QB Cody Hawkins - SR ('09 121-239 1277yds 10td 11int/15att -93yds 1td) ('08 183-320 1892yds 17td 10int/57att -23yds 3td) ('07 263-463 3015yds 22td 17int/41att -19yds 3td)  WR Scotty McKnight - SR ('09 76rec 893yds 6td) ('08 46rec 519yds 5td) ('07 47rec 555yds 4td)  WR Markques Simas - JR ('09 43rec 585yds 3td)  Top Defensive PlayersSS Anthony Perkins - JR ('09 78tkl 1sk 3pbu 2int) ('08 40tkl)  CB Jimmy Smith - SR ('09 70tkl 3tfl 10pbu 2int) ('08 39tkl 1tfl 5pbu) ('07 4tkl 2pbu 1int)  CB Jalil Brown - SR ('09 66tkl 15pbu 2int) ('08 52tkl 3tfl 4pbu 1int) ('07 3tkl)  DT Curtis Cunningham - JR ('09 41tkl 2sks 1tfl 4pbu) ('08 9tkl 2tfl 2pbu 1int)  FS Ray Polk - SO ('09 40tkl 1tfl)  LB Michael Sipiloi - SR ('09 39tkl 2tfl) ('08 19tkl 1pbu)  DE Marquez Herrod - SR ('09 38tkl 6sks 4tfl) ('08 14tkl 4sks) ('07 6tkl 1tfl)  DT Will Perciak - SO ('09 36tkl 3sks 3tfl 2pbu)

Colorado 2010 Schedule

9/4/10 vs Colorado State (Denver)

9/11/10 at California

9/18/10 vs Hawaii

10/2/10 vs Georgia - Impact Game

10/9/10 at Missouri

10/23/10 vs Texas Tech

10/30/10 at Oklahoma

11/6/10 at Kansas - Trap Game

11/13/10 vs Iowa State

11/20/10 vs Kansas State - Swing Game

11/26/10 at Nebraska - Statement Game

4. Kansas State (5 offense 6 defense) - Key Skilled Offensive PlayersRB Daniel Thomas - SR ('09 247att 1265yds 11td/25rec 257yds)  QB Carson Coffman - SR ('09 71-117 860yds 2td 4int/54att 64yds 2td) ('08 25-41 282yds 1td 2int/15att 60yds 1td) ('07 3-5 22yds)  Top Defensive PlayersSS Emmanuel Lamur - JR ('09 68tkl 1tfl 2pbu 3int)  FS Tysyn Hartman - JR ('09 54tkl 6pbu 5int)  LB Troy Butler - SR ('09 46tkl 5tfl 2pbu)  DE Antonio Felder - SR ('09 30tkl 3sks 4tfl 1pbu)  LB Alex Hrebec - JR ('09 32tkl 4tfl 1pbu) ('08 68tkl 2.5sks 1.5tfl 2pbu 1int)

Kansas State 2010 Schedule

9/4/10 vs UCLA - Swing Game

9/11/10 vs Missouri State

9/18/10 vs Iowa State (Kansas City)

9/25/10 vs Central Florida

10/7/10 vs Nebraska - Statement Game

10/16/10 at Kansas

10/23/10 at Baylor

10/30/10 vs Oklahoma State

11/6/10 vs Texas

11/13/10 at Missouri - Impact Game

11/20/10 at Colorado - Trap Game

11/27/10 at North Texas

5. Kansas (7 offesne 6 defense) - Key Skilled Offensive PlayersRB Toben Opurum - SO ('09 133att 554yds 9td/13rec 105yds 1td)  WR Johnathan Wilson - SR ('09 35rec 449yds) ('08 43rec 573yds 3td) ('07 3rec 52yds)  WR Bradley McDougald - SO ('09 33rec 318yds)  Top Defensive PlayersLB Drew Dudley - SR ('09 88tkl 3sks 5.5tfl) ('08 12tkl) ('07 13tkl .5tfl)  CB Chris Harris - SR ('09 84tkl 1sk 5.5tfl 9pbu) ('08 59tkl 1sk 1.5tfl 2pbu 1int) ('07 65tkl 1.5tfl 4pbu 2int)  LB Huldon Tharp - SO ('09 59tkl .5tfl 2pbu)  DE Jake Laptad - SR ('09 49tkl 6.5sks 5.5tfl) ('08 38tkl 7sks 1.5tfl 4pbu) ('07 20tkl 3sks 1.5tfl 1pbu)  SS Lubbock Smith - SO ('09 42tkl 1tfl 1pbu)  LB Justin Springer - SR ('09 25tkl 1sk 3.5tfl 1pbu) ('08 15tkl .5sk 2tfl 1int)

Kansas 2010 Schedule

9/4/10 vs North Dakota State

9/11/10 vs Georgia Tech - Impact Game

9/17/10 at Southern Miss

9/25/10 vs New Mexico State

10/2/10 at Baylor

10/16/10 vs Kansas State - Swing Game

10/23/10 vs Texas A&M

10/30/10 at Iowa State - Trap Game

11/6/10 vs Colorado

11/13/10 at Nebraska - Statement Game

11/20/10 vs Oklahoma State

11/27/10 vs Missouri (Kansas City)

6. Iowa State (8 offense 4 defense)  - Key Skilled Offensive PlayersQB Austen Arnaud - SR ('09 178-303 2015yds 14td 13int/147att 561yds 8td) ('08 247-401 2792yds 15td 10int/109att 401yds 5td) ('07 20-37 267yds 1int/17att 18yds)  RB Alexander Robinson - SR ('09 232att 1195yds 6td/1-1 10yds 1td/17rec 261yds 3td)  WR Jake Williams - SR ('09 36rec 403yds 5td)  WR Darius Danks - JR ('09 28rec 303yds 2td) ('08 49rec 477yds 1td)  Top Defensive PlayersSS David Sims - SR ('09 88tkl 3.5tfl 5int)  CB Leonard Johnson - JR ('09 64tkl 2.5tfl 7pbu 2int) ('08 47tkl 1tfl 4pbu 2int)  FS Michael O'Connell - SR ('09 43tkl 1tfl 2pbu 1int) ('08 21tkl)  CB Ter'ran Benton - JR ('09 41tkl 2sks 1.5tfl) ('08 24tkl 2tfl 1pbu)

Iowa State 2010 Schedule

9/2/10 vs Northern Illinois

9/11/10 at Iowa - Statement Game

9/18/10 vs Kansas State (Kansas City)

10/2/10 vs  Texas Tech

10/9/10 vs Utah - Swing Game

10/16/10 at Oklahoma

10/23/10 at Texas

10/30/10 vs Kansas

11/6/10 vs Nebraska - Impact Game

11/13/10 at Colorado - Trap Game

11/20/10 vs Missouri


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    ComscoreComScore is a media measurement and analytics company providing marketing data and analytics to enterprises, media and advertising agencies, and publishers. Non-consent will result in ComScore only processing obfuscated personal data. (Privacy Policy)
    Amazon Tracking PixelSome articles display amazon products as part of the Amazon Affiliate program, this pixel provides traffic statistics for those products (Privacy Policy)