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2010 NFL Off-Season Summery

Updated on May 6, 2010

2010 Off-Season Summary

The 2010 NFL Draft has come and gone, and many other players have switched teams via the free agent market. Teams have started off-season mini camps and fans are looking forward to the 2010 NFL season.

As expected, the St. Louis Rams selected Oklahoma Sooners QB Sam Bradford first overall in the draft. Other top players selected included Gerald McCoy, Ndamajkong Suh, CJ Spiller and Eric Berry. The Sooners supplied 3 of the top 4 players selected, including Bradford. Elsewhere in the draft, Tim Tebow was selected late in the first round by the Denver Broncos, Jimmy Clausen from Notre Dame dropped into the second round, and controversial WR Dez Bryant was selected by the Jerry Jones and the Dallas Cowboys.

There has also been several high profile trades in the NFL off-season, including Brandon Marshall going from the Broncos to the Miami Dolphins, WR Anquan Boldin moving to the Baltimore Ravens, Donovan McNabb getting traded to the Washington Redskins, Brady Quinn moving to the Denver Broncos, Santonio Holmes joining the New York Jets and Jason Campbell going to the Oakland Raiders. Free agents that found new homes included Karlos Dansby with the Dolphins, Julius Peppers and Chester Taylor joining the Chicago Bears, LaDainian Tomlinson moving to the New York Jets, Antrel Rolle signing with the New York Giants and Kyle Vanden Bosch moving to the Detroit Lions.

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