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2010 Pac 10 Football Preview

Updated on August 24, 2010

2010 Pac 10 Conference

All Pac 10 Team Helmets
All Pac 10 Team Helmets
RB LaMichael James  Oregon
RB LaMichael James Oregon
LB Malcolm Smith  USC
LB Malcolm Smith USC
RB Jacquizz Rodgers  Oregon State
RB Jacquizz Rodgers Oregon State
QB Jake Locker  Washington
QB Jake Locker Washington
QB Andrew Luck  Stanford
QB Andrew Luck Stanford
FS Rahim Moore  UCLA
FS Rahim Moore UCLA
DE Cameron Jordan  California
DE Cameron Jordan California
WR Jeff Maehl    Oregon
WR Jeff Maehl Oregon
DE Kenny Rowe   Oregon
DE Kenny Rowe Oregon
QB Matt Barkley   USC
QB Matt Barkley USC
WR Ronald Johnson   USC
WR Ronald Johnson USC
FB Stanley Havili   USC
FB Stanley Havili USC
RB Chris Polk   Washington
RB Chris Polk Washington
WR Chris Owusu   Stanford
WR Chris Owusu Stanford
WR James Rodgers   Oregon State
WR James Rodgers Oregon State
RB Nic Grigsby   Arizona
RB Nic Grigsby Arizona
CB Trevin Wade   Arizona
CB Trevin Wade Arizona
WR Juron Criner   Arizona
WR Juron Criner Arizona
LB Thomas Keiser   Stanford
LB Thomas Keiser Stanford
QB Kevin Prince   UCLA
QB Kevin Prince UCLA
WR Kerry Taylor   Arizona State
WR Kerry Taylor Arizona State
RB Shane Vereen   California
RB Shane Vereen California

2010 Pac 10 Outlook

Last year Oregon ended USC's seven year strangle hold on the Pac 10 as the Ducks won the Pac 10 and a trip to the Rose Bowl. And now that USC has been put on probation for two years where they can't go to any bowl games or win the conference title the league will be wide open even though most experts are picking Oregon to repeat as Pac 10 champs. This also marks the last year of the Pac 10 conference as they will add Colorado and Utah to the mix to make it a twelve team conference which they will rename it the Pac 12 in 2011. So here is a preview of each team in the Pac 10, there returning starters and key skilled offensive players and top defensive players along with 4 key games for each team. This is how I think the Pac 10 will finished this season.

1. Oregon (9 offense 8 defense)

Skilled Offensive Players: RB LaMichael James - So. ('09 230att 1546yds 14td) WR Jeff Maehl - Sr. ('09 53rec 696yds 6td) ('08 39rec 421yds 5td) ('07 9rec 118yds 1td) WR DJ Davis - Sr. ('09 23rec 233yds 2td) ('08 5rec 45yds) ('07 3rec 35yds 1td) WR Lavasier Tuinei - Jr. ('09 24rec 217yds) ('08 5rec 85yds) QB Darron Thomas - So. ('08 16-33 268yds 3td 1int/13att 42yds 1td) QB Nate Costa - ('09 20-33 197yds 1td/16att 18yds 1td) RB Kenjon Barner - So. ('09 61att 366yds 3td/4rec 30yds) Key Defensive Players: FS Josh Boyett - So. ('09 90tkl 2tfl 5pbu 3int) LB Spencer Paysinger - Sr. ('09 81tkl 1.5sks 6.5tfl 7pbu) ('08 95tkl 12tfl 2sks 6pbu 2int) ('07 4tkl) LB Casey Matthews - Sr. ('09 81tkl 3sks 1.5tfl 5pbu 1int) ('08 67tkl 13tfl 2sks 4pbu)('07 18tkl 1sk 3tfl) SS Eddie Pleasant - Jr. ('09 54tkl 4.5sks 3.5tfl 4pbu 1int) ('08 16tkl) CB Javes Lewis - Jr. ('09 78tkl 2sks 2.5tfl 5pbu 1int) CB Talmadge Jackson - Sr. ('09 50tkl 1.5tfl 6pbu 4int) ('08 30tkl 10pbu 2int) ('07 9tkl) DE Kenny Rowe - Sr. ('09 43tkl 11.5sks 3.5tfl 4pbu) ('08 10tkl) ('07 8tkl 6tfl 5sks)

Oregon's 2010 Schedule

9/4/10 vs New Mexico

9/11/10 at Tennessee

9/18/10 Portland State

9/25/10 at Arizona State

10/2/10 vs Stanford - Swing Game

10/9/10 at Washington State

10/21/10 vs UCLA

10/30/10 at USC - Statement Game

11/6/10 vs Washington

11/13/10 at California

11/26/10 vs Arizona - Impact Game

12/4/10 at Oregon State - Trap Game

2. USC (5 offense 5 defense)

Key Skilled Offensive Players: QB Matt Barkley - So. ('09 211-352 2735yds 15td 14int/45att -38yds 2td) RB Allen Bradford - Sr. ('09 115att 668yds 8td) ('08 14att 57yds 1td) ('07 15att 24yds 1td/3rec 23yds 2td) WR Ronald Johnson - Sr. ('09 34rec 378yds 3td) ('08 33rec 570yds 8td) ('07 7rec 110yds 1td) FB Stanley Havili - Sr. ('09 21att 138yds/22rec 298yds 2td) ('08 13att 71yds/24rec 324yds 3td) ('07 21att 134yds 2td/34rec 248yds 5td) Key Defensive Players: LB Malcolm Smith - Sr. ('09 72tkl 6tfl 3pbu 1int) ('08 18tkl) LB Chris Galippo - Jr. ('09 70tkl 1.5sks 6.5tfl 6pbu 2int) ('08 12tkl 2tfl 1pbu 1int) DT Jurrell Casey - Jr. ('09 59tkl 4.5sks 4.5tfl 1pbu) ('08 12tkl 2tfl) LB Michael Morgan - Sr. ('09 50tkl 4.5sks 9tfl 1pbu) ('08 24tkl 5tfl 1sk) ('07 9tkl)

USC 2010 Schedule

9/2/10 at Hawaii

9/11/10 vs Virginia

9/18/10 at Minnesota

9/25/10 at Washington State

10/2/10 vs Washington

10/9/10 at Stanford - Swing Game

10/16/10 vs California

10/30/10 vs Oregon - Statement Game

11/6/10 vs Arizona State

11/13/10 at Arizona

11/20/10 at Oregon State - Impact Game

11/27/10 vs Notre Dame

12/4/10 at UCLA - Trap Game

3. Washington (10 offense 8 defense)

Key Skilled Offensive Players: QB Jake Locker - Sr. ('09 230-394 2800yds 21td 11int/112att 388yds 7td) ('08 50-93 512yds 1td/56att 275yds 3td) ('07 155-328 2062yds 14td 15int/172att 986yds 13td) RB Chris Polk - So. ('09 226att 1113yds 5td/25rec 171yds) WR Jermaine Kearse - Jr. ('09 50rec 866yds 8td) ('08 20rec 301yds 2td) WR Devin Aguilar - Jr. ('09 42rec 593yds 5td) ('08 20rec 246yds) WR James Johnson - So. ('09 39rec 422yds 3td) TE Kavario Middleton - Jr. ('09 26rec 257yds 3td) ('08 12rec 82yds) Key Defensive Players: LB Mason Foster - Sr. ('09 85tkl 2sks 5.5tfl 6pbu 3int) ('08 105tkl 12tfl 1sk 5pbu 1int) ('07 25tkl 5tfl 1sk) SS Nate Williams - Sr. ('09 62tkl 1sk 4tfl) ('08 76tkl 11pbu 1int) ('07 32tkl 10pbu) LB Cort Dennison - Jr. ('09 52tkl 1.5sks 5tfl) ('08 2tkl) CB Desmond Trufant - So. ('09 47tkl 2tfl 6pbu 2int) DT Alameda Ta'Amu - Jr. ('09 19tkl 2.5sks 2tfl) ('08 21tkl) CB Adam Long - Jr. ('09 35tkl 1sk 1tfl 7pbu)

Washington 2010 Schedule

9/4/10 at BYU

9/11/10 vs Syracuse

9/18/10 vs Nebraska - Impact Game

10/2/10 at USC - Statement Game

10/9/10 vs Arizona State

10/16/10 vs Oregon State

10/23/10 at Arizona - Swing Game

10/30/10 vs Stanford

11/6/10 at Oregon

11/18/10 vs UCLA

11/27/10 at California - Trap Game

12/4/10 at Washington State

4. Oregon State (8 offense 7 defense)

Key Skilled Offensive Players: RB Jacquizz Rodgers - Jr. ('09 273att 1440yds 21td/78rec 522yds 1td) ('08 259att 1253yds 11td/29rec 247yds 1td) WR James Rodgers - Sr. ('09 91rec 1034yds 9td/58att 303yds 1td) ('08 51rec 607yds 4td/46att 408yds 5td) ('07 19rec 208yds 1td/50att 586yds 3td) TE Joe Halahuni - Jr. ('09 35rec 486yds 3td) ('08 1rec 3yds) Key Defensive Players: FS Lance Mitchell - Jr. ('09 72tkl .5tfl 7pbu 3int) ('08 11tkl) SS Cameron Collins - Jr. ('09 70tkl 1.5tfl 4pbu) ('08 13tkl) LB Dwight Roberson - Sr. ('09 55tkl 2sks 5.5tfl 1pbu) ('08 61tkl 7tfl 2sks) LB Keith Pankey - Sr. ('09 44tkl 1.5sks 3tfl 1pbu) ('08 43tkl 5.5tfl 1sk) CB James Dockery - Sr. ('09 38tkl 2.5tfl 8pbu 2int)

Oregon State's 2010 Schedule

9/4/10 vs TCU (Arlington) - Swing Game

9/18/10 vs Louisville

9/25/10 at Boise State - Trap Game

10/2/10 vs Arizona State

10/9/10 at Arizona

10/16/10 at Washington

10/30/10 vs California

11/6/10 at UCLA

11/13/10 vs Washington State

11/20/10 vs USC - Impact Game

12/4/10 vs Oregon - Statement Game

5. Stanford (8 offense 7 defense)

Key Offensive Players: QB Andrew Luck - So. ('09 162-288 2575yds 13td 4int/61att 354yds 2td) WR Ryan Whalen - Sr. ('09 57rec 926yds 4td) ('08 41rec 508yds 1td) WR Chris Owusu - Jr. ('09 37rec 682yds 5td/12att 66yds) ('08 5rec 80yds) TE Coby Fleener - Jr. ('09 21rec 266yds 1td) ('08 13rec 176yds) RB Stepfan Taylor - So. ('09 56att 303yds 2td) Top Defensive Players: SS Delano Howell - Jr. ('09 78tkl 2tfl 3pbu 2int) LB Shayne Skov - So. ('09 62tkl 3tfl 1pbu) CB Richard Sherman - Sr. ('09 62tkl 8pbu 2int) LB Chike Amajoyi - Sr. ('09 56tkl 2tfl) ('08 51tkl 2tfl 1pbu) ('07 47tkl) LB Thomas Keiser - Jr. ('09 47tkl 9sks 6tfl 1pbu) ('08 24tkl 6sks 1tfl 2pbu) LB Chase Thomas - So. ('09 36tkl 4sks 3tfl)

Stanford's 2010 Schedule

9/4/10 vs Sacramento State

9/11/10 at UCLA

9/18/10 vs Wake Forest

9/25/10 at Notre Dame

10/2/10 at Oregon - Statement Game

10/9/10 vs USC - Impact Game

10/23/10 vs Washington State

10/30/10 at Washington -Trap Game

11/6/10 vs Arizona - Swing Game

11/13/10 at Arizona State

11/20/10 at California

11/27/10 vs Oregon State

6. UCLA (8 offense 5 defense)

Key Skilled Offensive Players: QB Kevin Prince - So. ('09 173-308 2050yds 8td 8int/68att 179yds 1td) RB Johnathan Franklin - So. ('09 126att 566yds 5td/6rec 57yds) WR Nelson Rosario - Jr. ('09 42rec 723yds 2td) ('08 11rec 169yds) WR Taylor Embree - Jr. ('09 45rec 608yds 2td) ('08 40rec 531yds) RB Derrick Coleman - Jr. ('09 54att 244yds 1td) ('08 53att 284yds 2td) Top Defensive Players: LB Akeem Ayers - Jr. ('09 75tkl 2pbu) ('08 40tkl 4sks 1tfl 3pbu) SS Tony Dye - Jr. ('09 73tkl 2pbu) ('08 15tkl) FS Rahim Moore - Jr. ('09 49tkl 3tfl 7pbu 10int) ('08 60tkl 4pbu 3int) CB Sheldon Price - So. ('09 48tkl 2pbu) DE Datone Jones - Jr. ('09 30tkl 4sks 7tfl 3pbu) ('08 15tkl)

UCLA's 2010 Schedule

9/4/10 at Kansas State

9/11/10 vs Stanford

9/18/10 vs Houston

9/25/10 at Texas - Statement Game

10/2/10 vs Washington State

10/9/10 at California

10/21/10 at Oregon - Impact Game

10/30/10 vs Arizona

11/6/10 vs Oregon State - Swing Game

11/18/10 at Washington

11/26/10 at Arizona State - Trap Game

12/4/10 vs USC

7. Arizona (8 offense 4 defense)

Key Skilled Offensive Players: QB Nick Foles - Jr. ('09 260-410 2486yds 19td 9int/28att -74yds 3td) RB Keola Antolin - Jr. ('09 114att 637yds 4td/17rec 83yds) ('08 117att 525yds 10td/7rec 24yds) WR Juron Criner - Jr. ('09 45rec 582yds 9td/8att 63yds) ('08 7rec 88yds 1td) WR David Roberts - Jr. ('09 43rec 410yds 1td) WR Delashaun Dean - Sr. ('09 42rec 396yds 2td) ('08 53rec 593yds 4td) ('07 37rec 418yds 1td) WR David Douglas - Jr. ('09 31rec 320yds 2td) ('08 3rec 41yds) Top Defensive Players: CB Trevin Wade - Jr. ('09 71tkl 1tfl 9pbu 5int) ('08 12tkl 3pbu 4int) DE Ricky Elmore - Sr. ('09 44tkl 10.5sks 1tfl 1pbu) ('08 25tkl 4sks 3tfl 1pbu 1int) ('07 10tkl 1.5tfl 1pbu) SS Robert Golden - Sr. ('09 41tkl 1pbu 2int) ('08 13tkl 1tfl) FS Joe Perkins - Sr. ('09 25tkl 1int) ('08 20tkl 2pbu 1int) DE Brooks Reed - Sr. ('09 23tkl 2sks 3tfl 1pbu) ('08 37tklo 8sks 1.5tfl 2pbu)

Arizona's 2010 Schedule

9/3/10 at Toledo

9/11/10 vs The Citadel

9/18/10 vs Iowa - Impact Game

9/25/10 vs California

10/9/10 vs Oregon State - Swing Game

10/16/10 at Washington State

10/23/10 vs Washington

10/30/10 at UCLA

11/6/10 at Stanford - Trap Game

11/13/10 vs USC

11/26/10 at Oregon - Statement Game

12/2/10 vs Arizona State

8. California (8 offense 6 defense)

Key Skilled Offensive Players: QB Kevin Riley - Sr. ('09 209-382 2850yds 18td 8int/82att 51yds 1td) ('08 112-221 1360yds 14td 6int/30att -56yds 1td) ('07 36-56 563yds 5td 1int/11att 6yds 2td) RB Shane Vereen - Jr. ('09 183att 952yds 12td/25rec 244yds 2td) ('08 142att 715yds 4td/27rec 221yds 1td) WR Marvin Jones - Jr. ('09 43rec 651yds 6td) WR Jeremy Ross - Sr. ('09 22rec 344yds 1td/6att 48yds) ('08 17rec 210yds 2td) TE Anthony Miller - Jr. ('09 26rec 357yds) Top Defensiver Players: LB Mike Mohamed - Sr. ('09 112tkl 2sks 6tfl 3pbu 3int) ('08 87tkl 3sks 3tfl 2pbu 3int) ('07 46tkl .5sk 1.5tfl 1pbu) DE Cameron Jordan - Sr. ('09 48tkl 6sks 3.5tfl 1pbu) ('08 47tkl 4sks 7tfl 1int) ('07 18tkl 1sk) SS Sean Cattouse - Jr. ('09 37tkl 2tfl 3pbu 1int) ('08 13tkl .5tfl 5pbu 3int) LB DJ Holt - Jr. ('09 37tkl 3.5tfl 3pbu) ('08 14tkl 1tfl)

California's 2010 Schedule

9/4/10 vs UC Davis

9/11/10 vs Colorado

9/17/10 at Nevada - Trap Game

9/25/10 at Arizona - Impact Game

10/9/10 vs UCLA

10/16/10 at USC

10/23/10 vs Arizona State - Swing Game

10/30/10 at Oregon State

11/6/10 at Washington State

11/13/10 vs Oregon - Statement Game

11/20/10 vs Stanford

11/27/10 vs Washington

9. Arizona State (4 offense 5 defense)

Key Skilled Offensive Players: RB Cameron Marshall - So. ('09 64att 280yds 2td) WR Kerry Taylor - Sr. ('09 23rec 276yds) ('08 27rec 405yds 3td) WR Gerell Robinson - Jr. ('09 26rec 261yds) Top Defensive Players: LB Vontaze Burfiet - So. ('09 69tkl 2sks 5tfl 5pbu) DT Lawrence Guy - Jr. ('09 37tkl 4.5sks 2.5tfl) ('08 44tkl 2sks 8tfl) LB Brandon Magee - Jr. ('09 34tkl 2sks 5tfl) DE James Brooks - Jr. ('09 17tkl 3.5sks 3.5tfl 2pbu 1int) LB Gerald Munns - Sr. ('09 31tkl 5tfl) ('08 16tkl 2.5tfl 1int) ('07 20tkl 1sk 2.5tfl 1pbu)

Arizona State's 2010 Schedule

9/4/10 vs Portland State

9/11/10 vs Northern Arizona

9/18/10 at Wisconsin - Statement Game

9/25/10 vs Oregon

10/2/10 at Oregon State

10/9/10 at Washington - Trap Game

10/23/10 at California

10/30/10 vs Washington State

11/6/10 at USC

11/13/10 vs Stanford

11/26/10 vs UCLA - Impact Game

12/2/10 at Arizona - Swing Game

10. Washington State (8 offense 7 defense)

Key Skilled Offensive Players: QB Jeff Tuel - So. ('09 71-121 789yds 6td 5int/55att -28yds) QB Marshall Lobbestael - Jr. ('09 67-144 655yds 3td 8int)('08 53-103 571yds 4td 4int) WR Jared Karstetter - Jr. ('09 38rec 540yds 6td) ('08 6rec 90yds) WR Gino Simone - So. ('09 36rec 330yds 1td) WR Jeffrey Solomon - Sr. ('09 25rec 298yds 1td) Top Defensive Players: LB Alex Hoffman-Ellis - Jr. ('09 84tkl 1sk 3.5tfl 1pbu 1int) SS Chima Nwachukwu - Sr. ('09 57tkl 1.5tfl 1pbu 1int) ('08 57tkl .5tfl 2pbu 1int) ('07 73tkl 5pbu 1int) LB Mike Ledgerwood - Jr. ('09 51tkl 1.5tfl 1pbu) ('08 14tkl .5sk 2tfl) DE Travis Long - So. ('09 47tkl 2sks 4.5tfl) LB Louis Bland - Jr. ('09 42tkl 1sk 3tfl 1int) ('08 55tkl 2sks 7tfl 2pbu 1int) LB Myron Beck - Sr. ('09 41tkl 1sk 1tfl 2pbu 2int) ('08 34tkl 2tfl 2pbu 1int)

Washington State's 2010 Schedule

9/4/10 at Oklahoma State - Impact Game

9/11/10 vs Montana State

9/18/10 at SMU - Trap Game

9/25/10 vs USC

10/2/10 at UCLA

10/9/10 vs Oregon

10/16/10 vs Arizona

10/23/10 at Stanford

10/30/10 at Arizona State

11/6/10 vs California - Swing Game

11/13/10 at Oregon State

11/27/10 vs Washington - Statement Game


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