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2010 Worlds: Mao Asada, Yuna Kim, and Laura Lepisto

Updated on March 20, 2015

Mao Asada in 2010

Her jumps are -1,-1,-1,0,0,-1 and 0. Her PCS is 8.25.

Asada's skating is rather slow and her power throughout the program is not adequate. Especially in her skating, contrary to that in her youth, there isn't any sign of aesthetic quality.

In her short program, Her jumps are 0,-1 and +1. Her PCS is 8.0.

In fact, Asada's skating is problematic in aesthetic standpoint. Her skating here is far inferior to what Asada showed at her 15. Her moves never evoke integration with physiological line.

She does some elements without any sense of wholeness and contextual orientation. Evidently Asada can't afford to think of that as she laboriously rushes from one point to another to fulfill the requirements.

That's a significant deficiency as opposed to Yuna Kim. The most critical flaw in Asada's skating is not what she does but how she does.

All Asada focuses on is whether she is able to present elements required, even at the expense of quality. Strictly speaking, this kind of skating is B level.

This has to do with incompetence of judges, in part. That is, scores don't reflect the whole skating. That's why Asada's skating here looks inferior to even Lepisto's. This also indicates Asada's miscalculated - she might disagree hereto - direction in skating. Asada's goal, as widely known, has been to close the gap that exists between her and her rival Kim.

Adding elements to the programs is one thing, weaving them into her entire moves is another. You can artificially add any number of elements to your program, but they still remain unattached to the entire program.

Some time ago, Liza's coach reportedly announced that Liza would attempt triple axel in the future. Give me a break! A skater who cannot use momentum, whose edge is so poor that all she do is a standing skating, will add a new jump?

The coach is just a moron. Teach her how to skate first.

Well, second thought, with those Pro-Russian ISU judges, what is not possible?

I personally object to Asada's triple axel too. The reason is obvious: her skating didn't improve after adding triple axel. On the contrary Asada's skating significantly and notably degenerated due to the weight of triple axel.

It's like a big apple sucking up all her resources.

Mao Asada in 2010

Yuna Kim in 2010

Well, Kim appears quite subdued. She is definitely not in her best.

You can tell how weak and slow she appears compared to her usual conditions. Although her skating is still in a top notch, without adequate power and speed, it is very difficult to manage jumps successfully.

It may have to do with her focus, but her body language tells she is struggling mentally and physically. Considering that, it's still an admirable outing.

Her jumps are -1,+1,-1, +1, -3, +1 and void. Her PCS is 8.5.

Yuna Kim in 2010

At first she appeared normal, but since she missed the first spin, everything went off track.

Her jumps are +1, -2 and +2. Her first spin is void, her Biellmann spin is also not in good shape, and she loses her spiral.

Kim will have virtually zero for those techincal elements, but the quality of her general performance is still there, but greatly disrupted.

Her PCS is 8.0.

Laura Lepisto in 2010

What a lovely skater!

Her speed and power are adequate. Her jumps are +2,+1,double, 0, double,0 and double(3 sequence). Her PCS is 7.75.

In her short program, her jumps are +1,+1 and -3. Her PCS is 7.5.

Lepisto's skating is somewhat more refreshng than Asada's. Technically Lepisto may be a bit inferior to Asada, but I don't think Asada's skating as a whole is in higher level, especially in terms of quality, than Lepisto's.

To simply put it, Lepisto's skating has fewer junks than Asada's, and it appears cleaner and fresher.

Laura Lepisto in 2010

Who is the winner of the 2010 Worlds?

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    • profile image


      3 years ago

      How about 2010 Vancouver Olympics?

      Could you examine it, too?

    • profile image


      3 years ago

      LOL @ Robz. Still at it again with his comedic antic. thanx for the laugh. However, you know Mao had to REDO and CORRECT all her jumps after Vancouver? What does it entail? It means that SHE STILL HAD THE HORRIBLE INCORRECT JUMP MECHANISMS at the time of 2010 WC. Get it through your head that Mao's Flip and Yuna's Flip are in the different league. Yuna's Lutz is in its own class. Mao's Flutz could never be in comparison with Yuna. I give credit for Mao's 2A and 3Lp, the only jumps that she could do decently. Other than that, despite her retraining her jumps, she still does the Flutz and URs and pre-rotate. That's some bad habit that's hard to break. Once a Flutzer, always a Flutzer. It's a classic example in Mao's case. And get it through your head that Yuna had speed, unlike Mao. Just think of Cheetah and Turtle. Or Mao riding a bike, when Yuna is riding on a bullet train.

      Keep BSing with ridiculous comments like how Mao's Vancouver LP was better than Yuna's. You're a comedy.

    • profile image


      3 years ago

      """Asada's skating is rather slow and her power throughout the program is not adequate. Especially in her skating, contrary to that in her youth, there isn't any sign of aesthetic quality."""

      Bells of Moscow, the step sequence that makes everyone cry because it is so beautiful - there's NO aesthetics there! It's just Stuffy Bourgeoisie Romanticism.

      "Aesthetics" according to Jesse Kim, I mean Jesse "Helms", is stopping in the middle of the program, flirting and ARROGANTLY making sexy faces and poses. That is just so deep and intellectual, a real Arteest.

    • profile image


      3 years ago

      The 2010 Worlds proves the 2010 Olympics was a rigged fraud.

      It's a shame both Worlds LPs didn't happen at the Olympics, because a much larger audience would have been exposed to the YK fraud.

      ALL of the announcers were outraged at the huge, huge crime that was the 2010 Worlds. In a sane world, in a just world, Kim would have finished OFF THE PODIUM for two terrible performances.

      Absolutely the Finnish skater was robbed of Silver. And someone below her was robbed of bronze.

      If the criminal judges can argue Kim with a fall is better than 2 clean 3As and a clean performance, we can flip that argument and say by that logic, Mao's Vancouver LP was better than Yuna's, even with a popped 3T.

      Also, don't even compare artistry.

      Mao is a genius.

      Yuna stops in the middle of the program and flirts and makes sexy poses - that's not art, that's just tasteless and lame.


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