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2010 Georgia Bulldogs

Updated on July 25, 2015

A look at what's in store this fall in Athens

Looking back at the 2010 University of Georgia Bulldogs. This is a work in progress, but I'll be focusing on the difference between what the media was saying and what the team looked like from the outside BEFORE the season versus the final result.

2010 Results

6-7 Overall

(3-5 SEC)



Reshad Jones (MIA)

Jeff Owens (PHI)

Kade Weston (NE)

Rennie Curran (TEN)

Geno Atkins (CIN)

Undrafted Free Agents:

Bryan Evans (CIN)

Michael Moore (DET)

Prince Miller (BAL)

Dawgs on the Watch List

Walter Camp Award (Player of the year): WR AJ GreenBiletnikoff Award, (The Best Receiver in college football): WR AJ GreenMaxwell Award (Most Outstanding Player): RB Washaun Ealey, WR AJ GreenChuck Bednarik Award (Defensive Player of the Year): LB Justin HoustonBronko Nagurski Trophy (Defensive Player of the Year): LB Justin HoustonButkus Award (Best Linebacker): LB Justin HoustonOutland Trophy (Best Interior Lineman): OT Clint Boling; C Ben JonesRimington Trophy (Best Center): Ben JonesJohn Mackey Award (Best Tight End): Aron WhiteJim Thorpe Award (Top Defensive Back): CB Brandon BoykinPaul Hornung Award (Most Versatile Player): CB/KR Brandon BoykinRay Guy Award (Best Punter): Drew Butler* (also last year's winner).

Storyline: Derek Owens

Freshman Cornerback from Jacksonville

Coach Richt says that Owens should get playing time as a freshman this year. All summer long, the diminutive corner has been getting rave reviews from practice.

“He reminds me a lot of Branden Smith,”(Brandon) Boykin said of the 5-11, 180-pound Owens. “He’s quick, great hips. He doesn’t have a lot of technique right now but his quickness makes up for all of that. Really, really quick and has fluid hips. Once he gets the technique he’s going to be really good.”

Source: Dawg Extra blog.

At 5'9" and 166 lbs, Owens is the smallest player on the team.

Player spotlight: A.J. Green (WR)

Returning starter


* 2009 All-SEC First Team (Coaches, ESPN)

* 2008 All-Freshman First Team (CFN, TSN)

* 2008 All-SEC First Team (AP)

* 2008 SEC Freshman of the Year (Coaches)

High School

* 2007 All-American (Parade)

* 2006 HS All-American (USA Today)

* 2005 ESPN RISE HS Sophomore of the Year


Drafted, graduated or transfered/kicked off team


Rennie Curran (WR): drafted by the Titans in the 3rd round.

Reshad Jones (S): drafted by the Dolphins in the 5th round.

Geno Atkins (DT): drafted by the Bengals in the 4th round.

Jeff Owens (DT): drafted by the Eagles in the 7th round.

Kade Weston (DT): drafted by the Patriots in the 7th round.


Michael Moore (WR): Detroit Lions

Bryan Evans (S): Cincinnati Bengals

Prince Miller (CB): Baltimore Ravens


Dontavious Jackson (RB)

Montez Robinson (DE)

Zach Mettenberger (QB)

Trent Dittmer (P)

Getting to know: Todd Grantham

New UGA Defensive Coordinator/Linebackers coach

Grantham brings his new 3-4 defensive scheme from the NFL and will spend his first summer in Athens installing it. Coach Grantham is a former offensive lineman at Virginia Tech (honorable mention All-America team).

Previous Coaching Experience:

1990-91, Virginia Tech (Defensive Ends/Linebackers)1992-93, Virginia Tech (Defensive Tackles)1994-95, Virginia Tech (Defensive Line)1996-97, Michigan State (Defensive Line);1998, Michigan State (Assistant Head Coach/Defensive Line)1999-2001, Indianapolis Colts (Defensive Line)2002-04, Houston Texans (Defensive Line)2005-07, Cleveland Browns (Defensive Coordinator)2008-09, Dallas Cowboys (Defensive Line)Read Tim Tucker's profile of Grantham in the AJC.

Dawgs in the 2010 Draft (including Undrafted Free Agent signings)


Rennie Curran (WR): drafted by the Titans in the 3rd round.Reshad Jones (S): drafted by the Dolphins in the 5th round.Geno Atkins (DT): drafted by the Bengals in the 4th round.Jeff Owens (DT): drafted by the Eagles in the 7th round.Kade Weston (DT): drafted by the Patriots in the 7th round.UNDRAFTED FREE AGENTSMichael Moore (WR): Detroit LionsBryan Evans (S): Cincinnati BengalsPrince Miller (CB): Baltimore Ravens

2010 Spring Award Winners

The Coffee County Hustle Award (the players showing the most desire during spring drills)

Washaun Ealey (RB)

Demarcus Dobbs (DE)

DeAngelo Tyson (DE)

MVP (offense)

Cordy Glenn OL (right)

MVP (defense)

Justin Houston (OLB)

True Grit Award (offense)

Shaun Chapas (FB)

True Grit Award (defense):

Akeem Dent (LB)

Most Improved player (offense):

Carlton Thomas (RB)

Most improved player (defense):

Vance Cuff (CB)

Brandon Boykin (CB)

Outstanding walk-ons (offense)

Cameron Allen (FB)

Kevin Lanier (FB)

Outstanding walk-on (defense):

Reuben Faloughi (OLB)*

* - now on scholarship

Position Changes in 2010

Justin Anderson (at right)

Previous position: Offensive tackle

New position: Defensive tackle/Nose guard

Richard Samuel

Previous position: Running back

New position: Inside linebacker

Nick Williams

Previous position: Linebacker

New position: Safety

While Samuels and Anderson are switching sides of the ball, all members of the defensive front will be seeing a change this fall, under new defensive coordinator Todd Grantham.

In the new 3-4 defense, here are some changes:

DE Justin Houston moved to outside linebackerDE Cornelius Washington moved to OLBDE Montez Robinson moved to OLB *** KICKED OFF THE TEAM ON 4.3.2010***LB Daryl Gamble moved to "MIKE" ILB

Player spotlight: Derrick Lott (DT)

Out with an injury in 2009, Lott performed well in spring practices leading up to the season. He returns this year with a lot of promise.

From a 2009 scrimmage report: "Just from the naked eye on the sideline, it looked like Derrick Lott had a nice day," Richt said. "He played real strong inside, made some nice unassisted tackles. He stood out."

Read more here.

Player Profile

Ready to blast off: Christian Robinson (LB)

Former Greater Atlanta Christian player, in 2010 he'll be a redshirt sophomore. He's learned from some good examples too - two of his uncles played in the NFL and his father Kenneth was a linebacker at South Carolina and in the NFL with the Washington Redskins.

Last year's inside linebacker Rennie Curran, who departed for the NFL a year early, had this to say about Robinson: "Christian's a fast learner and a smart player. It's been a process for him, but he's performed well." (Athens Banner-Herald)

The G-Day Game

Analyzing the QBs

Logan Gray vs. first-team defense: 7-for-13, 102 yards, 1 TD.

Gray vs. second-team defense: 3-for-4, 30 yards.

Aaron Murray vs. first-team defense: 8-for-19, 96 yards, 1 interception

Murray vs. second-team defense: 2-for-3, 0 net yards

Zach Mettenberger vs. second-team defense: 6-10, 150 yards, 2 TDs.

Montez Robinson
Montez Robinson

Montez Robinson kicked off team

UPDATED 4.3.2010

Robinson, no stranger to off the field problems, was kicked off the team today by Head Coach Mark Richt - ending a come-back attempt for the player once banished from the team an arrest for violent behavior. This time it's a similar situation - Robinson was arrested on Sunday in Athens on a charge of simple misdemeanor domestic battery.

More from David Hale.

(photo from

Spring Scrimmages

stats and notes from the media

April 3rd, 2010



Carlton Thomas -- 16 carries, 93 yards

Kevin Lanier -- 12 carries, 45 yards

Aaron Murray -- 3 carries, 37 yards

*Washaun Ealey had five carries but was dealing with some minor knee soreness.

*Richt said first-team O line played well, but second-team had the QBs running a bit more, hence Murray's stats


Aaron Murray -- 13-19-159 1 TD, 1 INT

Logan Gray -- 7-11-111, 1 TD

Zach Mettenberger -- 10-16-126 2 TDs, 1 INT

*Gray took the first few series with the No. 1 offense, then QBs rotated after that

* Murray's INT was courtesy of Vance Cuff in the back of the end zone on a beautiful play. The drive up til that point had been one of the best of the scrimmage.

* Mett's INT was in a one-minute drill that Richt called "essentially a hail Mary."

* QBs fumbled two snaps, which Richt was not pleased with


AJ Green -- 6 catches, 80 yards

Kris Durham -- 4 catches, 74 yards, 3 TDs

Israel Troupe -- 4 catches, 45 yards, 1 TD

*Richt said Artie Lynch had at least one brilliant catch on a third-and-short that went for a long gain.


Bogotay -- 53 yard field goal

Walsh -- 21 yard field goal

*Richt said both kickers worked before the scrimmage and booted every kick right down the middle.


Demarcus Dobbs -- 6 tackles, 1 sack

Christian Robinson -- 6 tackles, 1 sack

Derrick Lott -- 5 tackles

Akeem Dent -- 5 tackles

Darryl Gamble -- 5 tackles

Brandon Boykin -- 5 tackles, 1 INT

Vance Cuff -- 1 INT

2010 Schedule

Date Opponent Location Time (EST)

Sat, Apr 10 G-Day Game Athens, Ga. 2:00 p.m.

Sat, Sep 04 University of Louisiana-Lafayette Athens, Ga.

Sat, Sep 11 South Carolina * at Columbia, S.C.

Sat, Sep 18 Arkansas * Athens, Ga.

Sat, Sep 25 Mississippi State * at Starkville, Miss.

Sat, Oct 02 Colorado at Boulder, Colo.

Sat, Oct 09 Tennessee * Athens, Ga.


Sat, Oct 16 Vanderbilt * Athens, Ga.

Sat, Oct 23 Kentucky * at Lexington, Ky.

Sat, Oct 30 Florida * at Jacksonville, Fla.

Sat, Nov 06 Idaho State Athens, Ga.

Sat, Nov 13 Auburn * at Auburn, Ala.

Sat, Nov 27 Georgia Tech Athens, Ga.

* Conference Games

How many wins for UGA this year? - Give me your prediction

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