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2011 Big 12 Schedule Breakdown

Updated on August 19, 2011
QB Landry Jones (Oklahoma)
QB Landry Jones (Oklahoma)
WR Ryan  Broyles (Oklahoma)
WR Ryan Broyles (Oklahoma)
CB Demontre Hurst (Oklahoma)
CB Demontre Hurst (Oklahoma)
DE Frank Alexander (Oklahoma)
DE Frank Alexander (Oklahoma)
QB Ryan Tannehill (Texas A&M)
QB Ryan Tannehill (Texas A&M)
RB Cyrus Gray (Texas A&M)
RB Cyrus Gray (Texas A&M)
WR Jeff Fuller (Texas A&M)
WR Jeff Fuller (Texas A&M)
LB Keenan Robinson (Texas)
LB Keenan Robinson (Texas)
WR Justin Blackmon (Oklahoma State)
WR Justin Blackmon (Oklahoma State)
SS Markelle Martin (Oklahoma State)
SS Markelle Martin (Oklahoma State)
LB Zaviar Gooden (Missouri)
LB Zaviar Gooden (Missouri)
WR TJ Moe (Missouri)
WR TJ Moe (Missouri)
CB David Garrett (Kansas State)
CB David Garrett (Kansas State)
FS Tysyn Hartman (Kansas State)
FS Tysyn Hartman (Kansas State)
RB Eric Stephens (Texas Tech)
RB Eric Stephens (Texas Tech)
QB Robert Griffin (Baylor)
QB Robert Griffin (Baylor)
WR Kendall Wright (Baylor)
WR Kendall Wright (Baylor)
WR Alex Torres (Texas Tech)
WR Alex Torres (Texas Tech)
LB Jake Knott (Iowa State)
LB Jake Knott (Iowa State)
DE Toben Opurum (Kansas)
DE Toben Opurum (Kansas)

Team by Team Schedules of Big 12 Confererence 2011

1. Oklahoma

9/3/11 vs Tulsa

9/17/11 at Florida State (Impact Game) - last season the Sooners crushed Florida State in Norman in which was suppose to be a marquee non conference match which turned into a 30 point win for Oklahoma and no they will have to travel to Tallahassee this season where the Noles are better and will be looking for some revenge.

9/24/11 vs Missouri

10/1/11 vs Ball State

10/8/11 vs Texas (Dallas) (Swing Game) - this will be the Sooners second conference game after playing a home game against Missouri two weeks prior, this game has became more important since the Big 12 does not have a championship game any more.

10/15/11 at Kansas

10/22/11 vs Texas Tech

10/29/11 at Kansas State

11/5/11 vs Texas A&M (Statement Game) - usually Texas would be the Sooners statement game but the Aggies are expected to really challenge for the Big 12 title this season and this game could possibly be for the Big 12 title if both teams are as good as expected.

11/19/11 at Baylor

11/26/11 vs Iowa State

12/311 at Oklahoma State (Trap Game) - the Sooners finish the season with a trip to there in state rival in Stillwater, they could already have the Big 12 wrapped up but don't need to lose this game due to again not having a conference championship game.

2. Texas A&M

9/4/11 vs SMU

9/17/11 Idaho

9/24/11 vs Oklahoma State (Impact Game) - although this will only be there third game of the season this game could have a impact on the Aggies season especially if they want to be in contention for the Big 12 title

10/1/11 vs Arkansas (Dallas) (Swing Game) - this will be a big time non conference match up for the Aggies, this will be the teams third year playing each other with Arkansas winning both.

10/8/11 at Texas Tech

10/15/11 vs Baylor

10/22/11 at Iowa State

10/29/11 vs Missouri

11/5/11 at Oklahoma (Statement Game) - if the Aggies can get by road games at Texas Tech and Iowa State along with two home games against Baylor and Missouri the week before they can make a statement but they will have to do it on the road as they travel to Norman.

11/12/11 at Kansas State (Trap Game) - regardless of what the outcome is in Norman the week before this can be a trap game as the Aggies will be coming into Manhattan on a low or high and they also will still have two games remaining after this both at home against Kansas and arch rival Texas.

11/19/11 vs Kansas

11/24/11 vs Texas

3. Texas

9/3/11 vs Rice

9/10/11 vs BYU

9/17/11 at UCLA

10/1/11 at Iowa State

10/8/11 vs Oklahoma (Dallas) (Statement Game) - if the Longhorns can get past two non conference games against BYU at home and on the road against UCLA along with there conference opener the week before against Iowa State in Ames, they can make a statement here as Oklahoma may be ranked at least in the top 10

10/15/11 vs Oklahoma State

10/29/11 vs Kansas

11/5/11 vs Texas Tech

11/12/11 at Missouri (Swing Game) - the Longhorns will have played Oklahoma State, Kansas and Texas Tech all at home before they have to go on the road to Missouri, this game may prove to swing the Longhorns season in a positive way or negative way depending how they do in there previous three home games

11/19/11 vs Kansas State

11/24/11 at Texas A&M (Impact Game) - the Longhorns will have just face Kansas State five days earlier in Austin before they take on there in state rivals who they are 2-3 against Texas A&M the last five times they have played.

12/3/11 at Baylor (Trap Game) - the Longhorns will have to travel to Waco after traveling to College Station the week before, no matter what the outcome of last week's matchup against Texas A&M this could be a trap game for Texas.

4. Oklahoma State

9/3/11 vs Louisiana

9/8/11 vs Arizona

9/17/11 at Tulsa

9/24/11 at Texas A&M (Swing Game) - although the Cowboys may have some trouble with non conference game between Arizona and Tulsa on the road both games are very much winnable and the winner of the game will have a leg up in the Big 12 title race to challenge Oklahoma.

10/8/11 vs Kansas

10/15/11 at Texas

10/22/11 at Missouri (Impact Game) - Oklahoma State will travel to Missouri having been faced Texas in Austin the week before so if they want to contend they will need at least one if not both of these road games

10/29/11 vs Baylor

11/5/11 vs Kansas State

11/12/11 at Texas Tech

11/18/11 at Iowa State (Trap Game) - even though they will have a week to prepare for in state rival Oklahoma after this game, the Cowboys don't need to caught looking ahead as they travel to Ames the face the Cyclones.

12/3/11 vs Oklahoma (Statement Game) - last season this game was for the then Big 12 South title and a trip to the Big 12 Title game and the Cowboys let one get away from them losing 47-41, again the game is in Stillwater where if the Cowboys can still be in contention by then may be playing for the Big 12 title again.

5. Missouri

9/3/11 vs Miami (OH)

9/9/11 at Arizona State

9/17/11 vs Western Illinois

9/24/11 at Oklahoma

10/8/11 at Kansas State (Trap Game) - the Tigers will have face top ranked Oklahoma two weeks prior and also will have played Arizona State on the road in a non conference matchup in week 2, so this road game could be big if Missouri want to get off to a good start.

10/15/11 vs Iowa State

10/22/11 vs Oklahoma State (Swing Game) - big game if Missouri is sill in the Big 12 race by then.

10/29/11 at Texas A&M (Statement Game) - they can really make a statement here if they can beat Oklahoma State at home the week before this game could go a long way in the Big 12 race.

11/5/11 at Baylor (Trap Game)

11/12/11 vs Texas

11/19/11 vs Texas Tech

11/26/11 vs Kansas (Kansas City)

6. Kansas State

9/3/11 vs Eastern Kentucky

9/17/11 vs Kent State

9/24/11 at Miami (FL)

10/1/11 vs Baylor (Impact Game)

10/8/11 vs Missouri

10/15/11 at Texas Tech (Swing Game)

10/22/11 at Kansas (Trap Game)

10/29/11 vs Oklahoma (Statement Game)

11/5/11 at Oklahoma State

11/12/11 vs Texas A&M

11/19/11 at Texas

12/3/11 vs Iowa State

7. Texas Tech

9/3/11 Texas State

9/17/11 at New Mexico

9/24/11 vs Nevada

10/1/11 at Kansas

10/8/11 vs Texas A&M (Statement Game)

10/15/11 vs Kansas State (Impact Game)

10/22/11 at Oklahoma

10/29/11 vs Iowa State (Swing Game)

11/5/11 at Texas

11/12/11 vs Oklahoma State

11/19/11 at Missouri (Trap Game)

11/26/11 vs Baylor (Dallas)

8. Baylor

9/2/11 vs TCU (Swing Game)

9/17/11 vs Stephen F. Austin

9/24/11 vs Rice

10/1/11 at Kansas State

10/8/11 vs Iowa State

10/15/11 at Texas A&M (Impact Game)

10/29/11 at Oklahoma State

11/5/11 vs Missouri

11/12/11 at Kansas (Trap Game)

11/19/11 vs Oklahoma (Statement Game)

11/26/11 vs Texas Tech (Dallas)

12/3/11 vs Texas

9. Iowa State

9/3/11 vs Northern Iowa

9/10/11 vs Iowa (Impact Game)

9/16/11 at Connecticut

10/1/11 vs Texas (Statement Game)

10/8/11 at Baylor (Trap Game)

10/15/11 at Missouri

10/22/11 vs Texas A&M

10/29/11 at Texas Tech

11/5/11 vs Kansas (Swing Game)

11/18/11 vs Oklahoma State

11/26/11 at Oklahoma

12/3/11 at Kansas State

10. Kansas

9/3/11 vs McNeese State

9/10/11 vs Northern Illinois

9/17/11 at Georgia Tech

10/1/11 vs Texas Tech (Impact Game)

10/8/11 at Oklahoma State

10/15/11 vs Oklahoma

10/22/11 vs Kansas State (Swing Game)

10/29/11 at Texas

11/5/11 at Iowa State (Trap Game)

11/12/11 vs Baylor

11/19/11 at Texas A&M

11/26/11 vs Missouri (Kansas City) (Statement Game)


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