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2011 Big Ten Football Schedule Breakdown

Updated on August 14, 2011

Impactful Big Ten Players for 2011

RB Dan Herron (Ohio State)
RB Dan Herron (Ohio State)
CB Dominic Clarke (Ohio State)
CB Dominic Clarke (Ohio State)
RB Montee Ball (Wisconsin)
RB Montee Ball (Wisconsin)
LB Mike Taylor (Wisconsin)
LB Mike Taylor (Wisconsin)
WR Derek Moye (Penn State)
WR Derek Moye (Penn State)
CB D'Anton Lynn (Penn State)
CB D'Anton Lynn (Penn State)
QB Nathan Scheelhaase (Illinois)
QB Nathan Scheelhaase (Illinois)
LB Ian Thomas (Illinois)
LB Ian Thomas (Illinois)
WR Antavian Edison (Purdue)
WR Antavian Edison (Purdue)
SS Logan Link (Purdue)
SS Logan Link (Purdue)
WR Damarlo Belcher (Indiana)
WR Damarlo Belcher (Indiana)
LB Jeff Thomas (Indiana)
LB Jeff Thomas (Indiana)
QB Taylor Martinez (Nebraska)
QB Taylor Martinez (Nebraska)
LB Lavonte David (Nebraska)
LB Lavonte David (Nebraska)
RB Edwin Baker (Michigan State)
RB Edwin Baker (Michigan State)
WR BJ Cunningham (Michigan State)
WR BJ Cunningham (Michigan State)
RB Marcus Coker (Iowa)
RB Marcus Coker (Iowa)
CB Shaun Prater (Iowa)
CB Shaun Prater (Iowa)
QB Dan Persa (Northwestern)
QB Dan Persa (Northwestern)
QB Denard Robinson (Michigan)
QB Denard Robinson (Michigan)
WR Roy Roundtree (Michigan)
WR Roy Roundtree (Michigan)
WR Jeremy Ebert (Northwestern)
WR Jeremy Ebert (Northwestern)
RB DeLeon Eskridge (Minnesota)
RB DeLeon Eskridge (Minnesota)
LB Gary Tinsley
LB Gary Tinsley
WR Keshawn Martin (Michigan State)
WR Keshawn Martin (Michigan State)
CB Alfonzo Dennard (Nebraska)
CB Alfonzo Dennard (Nebraska)
WR AJ Jenkins (Illinois)
WR AJ Jenkins (Illinois)
RB James White (Wisconsin)
RB James White (Wisconsin)
DT Jared Crick (Nebraska)
DT Jared Crick (Nebraska)

Big Ten 2011 Schedule



9/3/11 vs Akron

9/10/11 vs Toledo

9/17/11 at Miami(FL) - (Swing Game) - this should be the Buckeyes first true test of the year after already playing against two MAC schools in there first two games

9/24/11 vs Colorado

10/1/11 vs Michigan State

10/8/11 at Nebraska - (Statement Game) - the Buckeyes can make a statement here especially if they have gotten by Miami(FL) three weeks earlier on the road along with a home game against Colorado and Michigan State the week before.

10/15/11 at Illinois

10/29/11 vs Wisconsin - (Impact Game) - this game could be for the Big Ten Leader's title or put the buckeyes in very good shape to win it with four games remaining after this one.

11/5/11 vs Indiana

11/12/11 at Purdue

11/19/11 vs Penn State

11/26/11 at Michigan - (Trap Game) - this could be a trap game for the Buckeyes as they travel to there arch rival on the road in Ann Arbor where Michigan will be looking to break a seven game losing


9/1/11 vs UNLV

9/10/11 vs Oregon State

9/17/11 vs Northern Illinois (Chicago)

9/24/11 vs South Dakota

10/1/11 vs Nebraska - (Statement Game) - if they Badgers can get past a week 2 game against Oregon State and a week 3 contest against Northern Illinois who is usually a tough out for Big Ten teams, this can be a statement game for Wisconsin as Nebraska should be ranked in the top 20

10/15/11 vs Indiana

10/22/11 at Michigan State - (Trap Game) - last season Wisconsin lost to Michigan State giving the Badgers there only regular season lost on there way to a three way tie in the Big Ten for first place.

10/29/11 at Ohio State - (Impact Game) - if the Badgers want to get to the Big Ten title game they will have to win this game on the road, the Buckeyes will be looking for pay back after last season lost to Wisconsin in Madison giving the Buckeyes there only lost of 2010 season

11/5/11 vs Purdue

11/12/11 at Minnesota

11/19/11 at Illinois

11/26/11 vs Penn State - (Swing Game) - this game could swing the Badgers in the Big Ten title game with a win or could possibly knock them out if they fall to Penn State


9/3/11 vs Indiana State

9/10/11 vs Alabama - (Statement Game) - the Nittany Lions can make a statement early as top ranked Alabama comes to Happy Valley, if Penn State can win here they will very much get some attention as a contender early in the season

9/17/11 at Temple

9/24/11 vs Eastern Michigan

10/1/11 at Indiana

10/8/11 vs Iowa (Swing Game) - Penn State has lost to Iowa 3 straight times, the Hawkeyes gave Penn State its only regular season lost in 2008 knocking them out of national title race and even though Iowa is in the Legend Division this could swing Penn State season in a positive or negative manner

10/15/11 vs Purdue

10/22/11 at Northwestern - (Trap Game) - last year Penn State came from behind to beat Northwestern but now they will have to travel to Evanston where they could be primed for a upset if Penn State is not prepared

10/29/11 vs Illinois

11/12/11 vs Nebraska

11/19/11 at Ohio State - (Impact Game) - Penn State will be coming off of a home game against Nebraska the week before but this game may be more important since both teams are in the Leaders Division, this game will be crucial as the Nittany Lions still will have to travel to Madison to face Wisconsin the next week for the season finale

11/26/11 at Wisconsin


9/3/11 vs Arkansas State

9/10/11 South Dakota State

9/17/11 vs Arizona State

9/24/11 Western Michigan

10/1/11 vs Northwestern - (Swing Game) - Illinois should be at least 4-1 or 5-0 coming into this game only with a week 3 non conference matchup against Arizona State being there biggest test, this could swing the Fighting Illini season into a positive one as they open up conference play against Northwestern at home

10/8/11 at Indiana

10/15/11 vs Ohio State - (Statement Game) - the Illini will get there chance to make a statement as the Buckeyes come to town

10/22/11 at Purdue - (Trap Game) - either what happens to Illinois the week before against Ohio State either win or lose this will be a trap game for them regardless, they could either have a let down or could not be focused to play depending on the results of a contest against Ohio State at home the week before

10/29/11 at Penn State

11/12/11 vs Michigan - (Impact Game) - even though Michigan is not on the same side as Illinois this game could come to have a impact on the Fighting Illini season especially with a matchup against Wisconsin and a road game against Minnesota still to play

11/19/11 vs Wisconsin

11/26/11 at Minnesota


9/3/11 vs Middle Tennessee

9/10/11 at Rice

9/17/11 vs SE Missouri State

10/1/11 vs Notre Dame - (Impact Game) -the Boilermakers open the season with 3 very winnable games and should be 3-0 with Notre Dame coming to West Lafayette, this could have a impact on the Boilermakers season especially if they want to get to a bowl game

10/8/11/ vs Minnesota

10/15/11 at Penn State

10/22/11 vs Illinois - (Swing Game) - this could be a crucial game for Purdue as they will have to go on the road the next two weeks to face Michigan and Wisconsin

10/29/11 at Michigan

11/5/11 at Wisconsin

11/12/11 vs Ohio State - (Statement Game) - the last time Ohio State visited West Lafayette Purdue upset the Buckeyes in 2009 giving the Buckeyes there only Big Ten loss of the season

11/19/11 vs Iowa

11/26/11 at Indiana - (Trap Game) - the Boilermakers will have faced Michigan, Wisconsin and Ohio State all in back to back to back with a home game against Iowa the week before so this game may be for only bragging rights or it could be for a bowl birth for Purdue


9/3/11 vs Ball State (Indianapolis)

9/10/11 vs Virginia

9/17/11 vs South Carolina State

9/24/11 at North Texas

10/1/11 vs Penn State - (Statement Game) - if the Hoosiers can get past a week one contest against in state rival Ball State and a week 2 contest against Virginia they could make a statement here when Penn State comes to Bloomington

10/8/11 vs Illinois

10/15/11 at Wisconsin

10/22/11 at Iowa - (Impact Game) - Indiana will be coming off a road game against Wisconsin so this game may have a impact on how the season can go for the Hoosiers

10/29/11 vs Northwestern - (Swing Game) - this game can be a swing game for Indiana as they will have to travel to Columbus the next week to face Ohio State so this game will be crucial to win if they want to make a bowl game

11/5/11 at Ohio State

11/19/11 at Michigan State

11/26/11 vs Purdue



9/3/11 vs Chattanooga

9/10/11 vs Fresno State

9/17/11 vs Washington

9/24/11 at Wyoming

10/1/11 at Wisconsin - (Impact Game) - this will be Nebraska's first conference games a top notch matchup between two teams that can win there division, these two teams could possibly meet again in the Big Ten title game since they are in different divisions

10/8/11 vs Ohio State - (Statement Game) - if the Cornhuskers can get a win in Madison the week before they can really make a statement with a win over Ohio State as the Buckeyes will travel to Lincoln

10/22/11 at Minnesota

10/29/11 vs Michigan State - (Swing Game) - this game will be crucial as Michigan State is expected to challenge Nebraska for the Big Ten Legend's division title

11/5/11 vs Northwestern

11/12/11 at Penn State

11/19/11 at Michigan - (Trap Game) - this can be a trap game for Nebraska as Michigan should be better even though they have a new coaching staff

11/25/11 vs Iowa


9/2/11 vs Youngstown State

9/10/11 vs Florida Atlantic

9/17/11 at Notre Dame

9/24/11 vs Central Michigan

10/1/11 at Ohio State - (Statement Game) - if the Spartans can get past a week 3 road game matchup against Notre Dame this should be where they can make a statement by going on the road against the Buckeyes

10/15/11 vs Michigan - (Impact Game) - the winner of this game will have a leg up on the Legends division title race

10/22/11 vs Wisconsin

10/29/11 at Nebraska

11/5/11 vs Minnesota

11/12/11 at Iowa - (Swing Game) - even though the Spartans will have travel to Lincoln to face Nebraska two weeks prior this game could swing Michigan State in or out of contention for the Big Ten Legends Division title

11/19/11 vs Indiana

11/26/11 at Northwestern - (Trap Game) - this could be a trap game for the Spartans, last season they had to come from behind on the road against Northwestern falling behind 17-0 but won by a score of 35-27


9/3/11 vs Tennessee Tech

9/10/11 at Iowa State

9/17/11 vs Pittsburgh

9/24/11 vs Louisiana-Monroe

10/8/11 at Penn State

1015/11 vs Northwestern - (Swing Game) - with a non conference road game against in state rival Iowa State in week 2 and a home game against Pittsburgh also having already faced Penn State in Happy Valley the week before the Hawkeyes could swing there season against Northwestern

10/22/11 vs Indiana

10/29/11 at Minnesota

11/5/11 vs Michigan

11/12/11 vs Michigan State - (Impact Game) - if the Hawkeyes want to contend for the Big Ten Legends divison title this game could have a impact on how that goes

11/19/11 at Purdue - (Trap Game) - this could be a trap game for Iowa especially if they are caught looking ahead to a matchup against Nebraska in Lincoln

11/25/11 at Nebraska - (Statement Game) - Iowa will have there chance to welcome Nebraska to the Big Ten as this will be the beginning of a rivalry in the new Big Ten now


9/3/11 at Boston College

9/10/11 vs Eastern Illinois

9/17/11 at Army

10/1/11 at Illinois

10/8/11 vs Michigan - (Swing Game) - this game can swing the Wildcats season in a positivie way since they are in the same division as Michigan they will already have face Illinois the week before and 3 very winnable non conference game the first three weeks

10/15/11 at Iowa

10/22/11 vs Penn State - (Statement Game) - the Wildcats will have already played 3 conference games but can make a statement here with a home game against Penn State

10/29/11 at Indiana - (Trap Game) - how will the Wildcats play in this game with already having done played Penn State the week before and a road game against Nebraska the next week after this game against Indiana in Bloomington

11/5/11 at Nebraska

11/12/11 vs Rice

11/19/11 vs Minnesota

11/26/11 vs Michigan State - (Impact Game) - if the Wildcats are still in the Big Ten Legends title race this season finale can have a impact on there season and bowl placement as well


9/3/11 vs Western Michigan

9/10/11 vs Notre Dame - (Swing Game) - this early matchup could swing the season good for a early start for Michigan and new head coach Bradky Hoke cause Notre Dame may be ranked

9/17/11 vs Eastern Michigan

9/24/11 vs San Diego State

10/1/11 vs Minnesota

10/8/11 at Northwestern

10/15/11 at Michigan State - (Trap Game) - the Wolverines travel to East Lansing where they have lost 3 in a row to there in state rival, they will also be coming off of road game against Northwestern the week before

10/29/11 vs Purdue

11/5/11 at Iowa - (Impact Game) - this game could have a impact on Michigan's season on how they finish

11/12/11 at Illinois

11/19/11 vs Nebraska

11/26/11 vs Ohio State - (Statement Game) - the Wolverines can make a statement as they will face Nebraska and Ohio State at home in back to back weeks with Ohio State being the season finale as they have lost to the Buckeyes 7 times in a row now


9/3/11 at USC - (Statement Game) - the Golden Golphers can draw some attention early if they can go out to California and beat USC in the Coliseum

9/10/11 vs New Mexico State

9/17/11 vs Miami(OH)

9/24/11 North Dakota State

10/1/11 at Michigan

10/8/11 at Purdue

10/22/11 vs Nebraska

10/29/11 vs Iowa - (Swing Game)

11/5/11 at Michigan State

11/12/11 vs Wisconsin - (Impact Game)

11/19/11 at Northwestern - (Trap Game)

11/26/11 vs Illinois


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