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2011 College Football Season Revisited

Updated on March 10, 2012
LSU Tigers
LSU Tigers
Alabama Crimson Tide
Alabama Crimson Tide
Oklahoma State Cowboys
Oklahoma State Cowboys
Oregon Ducks
Oregon Ducks
Arkansas Razorbacks
Arkansas Razorbacks
Wisconsin Badgers
Wisconsin Badgers
South Carolina Gamecocks
South Carolina Gamecocks
Kansas State Wildcats
Kansas State Wildcats
Stanford Cardinal
Stanford Cardinal
Clemson Tigers
Clemson Tigers

My 2011 College Football Playoffs Format

The SEC won its sixth national title in a row in 2011. But this time the SEC national champ beat another SEC team to win the title. So now the SEC is getting two teams in the national title game. Not only did they get two teams in the title game they were in the same division, the SEC West. Also the SEC West ranked 1, 2 & 3 in the country in the week 13 top 25 with LSU, Alabama and Arkansas, now that is dominating! After the outcry over two teams from the same conference making it into the national title game the powers that be want to rethink the bcs and look at a 4-team playoff. But a 4-team playoff would still create controversy, especially if you just invite conference champions like some are trying to push for. That theory has already been shattered after this year when Alabama, who did not win there conference beat LSU for the national title this past college football season.

My 2011 college football format would not just be a 4-team playoff. I would have had a 10-team playoff with the top two teams getting byes and I would also have the games played on the home field of the team with the higher ranking. The bowl games would only be the semifinals and the championship game. I would not just put conference champions in the playoffs because some conferences are not as competitive and you have to look at a team's non conference schedule as well. So here are my 10 best teams in my opinion at the end of the college football season of 2011.

Automatic Bids

1) LSU (13-0) - SEC champions, won the best conference in college football also beat Pac 12 champ Oregon and Big East champ West Virginia in non conference games

3) Oklahoma State (11-1) - Big 12 champions, 2nd best conference in college football

5) Oregon (11-2) - won the Pac 12

7) Wisconsin (11-2) - won the Big Ten

10) Clemson (10-3) - ACC champions

At Large Bids

2) Alabama (11-1) - 2nd best team in SEC, beat Arkansas and Penn State in non conference game

6) Stanford (11-1) - 2nd best team in Pac 12 only loss came to Oregon

4) Arkansas (10-2) - beat South Carolina and really was 3rd best team in SEC

8) South Carolina (10-2) - beat Georgia and also beat ACC champion Clemson

9) Kansas State (10-2) - 2nd best team in Big 12

First Round College Football Playoffs (Dec. 17, 2011)

10) Clemson (10-3) at 7) Wisconsin (11-2) - winner plays at 1) LSU

9) Kansas State (10-2) at 8) South Carolina (10-2) - winner plays at 2) Alabama

Second Round (Dec. 24, 2011)

Clemson/Wisconsin winner at 1) LSU

4) Arkansas (10-2) at Oregon (11-2)

6) Stanford (11-1) at 3) Oklahoma State (11-1)

Kansas State/South Carolina winner at 2) Alabama

Semifinals (Jan. 1, 2012)

Orange Bowl - Clemson/Wisconsin at LSU winner vs Arkansas/Oregon winner

Fiesta Bowl - Kansas State/South Carolina at Alabama winner vs Stanford/Oklahoma State winner

National Championship Game (Jan. 9, 2012)

Sugar Bowl -Clemson/Wisconsin at LSU winner vs Arkansas/Oregon winner vs Kansas State/South Carlina at Alabama winner vs Stanford/Oklahoma State winner

My 2011 College Football Playoff Results

First Round

7) Wisconsin (12-2) 37, 10) Clemson (10-4) 27

8) South Carolina (11-2) 19, Kansas State (10-3) 14

Second Round

1) LSU (14-0) 28, 7) Wisconsin (12-3) 17

4) Arkansas (11-2) 38, Oregon (11-3) 35

3) Oklahoma State (12-1) 40, Stanford (11-2) 37

2) Alabama (12-1) 24, South Carolina (11-3) 7


ORANGE BOWL - 1) LSU (15-0) 30, Arkansas (11-3) 21

FIESTA BOWL - 2) Alabama (13-1) 41, Oklahoma State (12-2) 14

National Championship Game

SUGAR BOWL - 2) Alabama (14-1) 23, LSU (15-1) 9


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