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2011 NHL Stanley Cup Playoffs!

Updated on December 12, 2012

Stanley Cup Playoffs

on April 13, 2011 the puck was dropped and the first game of the 2011 NHL Stanley Cup Playoffs Begun.The Stanley Cup Playoffs is the most recognized hockey tournament in the world. NHL Hockey Teams Battle Hard and battle through a long season in hopes, to become the next Stanley Cup Champion.

The 2010/2011 NHL Hockey season was a very exciting one, with many highs and many lows, so the question remains. Who are the top NHL Hockey teams, and who made it to the playoffs? Take a peak i broke down the 2011 NHL Stanley cup Playoffs for you.

Top NHL Teams.

The NHL League is broken into divisions, and conferences, witch consists of the Western/Eastern Division, and North East/South East, and north West/South West Conferences. Hear are the Top NHL teams.

Eastern Conference

  1. Washington Capitals (107 points Regular season Conference Champions)
  2. Philadelphia Flyers ( 106 Points)
  3. Boston Bruins (203 points)
  4. Pittsburgh Penguins (106 Points)
  5. Tampa Bay Lighting (103 points)
  6. Montreal Canadiens (96 points)
  7. Buffalo Sabres (96 points)
  8. New York Rangers (93 points)

Western Conference

  1. Vancouver Canucks (117 points Presidents Trophy Winners, Conference Regular season Champions)
  2. San Jose Sharks ( 105 Points)
  3. Detroit Red Wings ( 104 points)
  4. Anaheim Ducks (99 points)
  5. Nashville Predators (99 points)
  6. Phoenix Coyotes (99 points)
  7. Los Angeles Kings (98 points)
  8. Chicago Black hawks(97 points)

Eastern Conference Quarterfinals

#Washington Capitals VS New York Rangers

Winner: Washington ( 4-1)

# Philadelphia Flyers VS Buffalo Sabres

Winner: Philadelphia ( 4-3)

# Boston Bruins VS Montreal Canadiens

Winner: Boston ( 4-3)

# Pittsburgh Penguins VSTampa Bay Lightning

Winner: Tampa Bay ( 4-3)

Western Conference Quarterfinals

# Vancouver Canucks VS Chicago Blackhawks

Winner: Vancouver ( 4-3)

# San Jose Sharks VS Los Angeles Kings

Winner: San Jose ( 4-2)

# Detroit Red Wings VS Phoenix Coyotes

Winner: Detroit ( 4-0)

# Anaheim Ducks VS Nashville Predators

Winner: Nashville ( 4-2)

Eastern Conference Semifinals

# Washington Capitals VS  Tampa Bay Lightning

Winner: Tampa Bay (4-0)

# Philadelphia Flyers VS Boston Bruins

Winner: Boston Bruins (4-0)

Western Conference Semifinals

# Vancouver Canucks VS Nashville Predators

Winner: Vancouver (4-2)

# San Jose Sharks VS Detroit Red Wings

Winner: San Jose ( 4-3)

Eastern Conference Finals

 Boston Bruins VSTampa Bay Lightning

Winner:Boston Bruins (4-3)

Western Conference Finals

 Vancouver Canucks VS San Jose Sharks

Winner: Vancouver (4-1)

Stanley Cup Poll

Will The Boston Bruins Up Set The Canucks

See results

Stanley Cup Finals

  Boston Bruins VS Vancouver Canucks.

The final series of the Stanley Cup Playoffs is set to start on Jun 1. at this time the Vancouver canucks are winning the series 1 game to 0. The Canucks are favorites to winning the Stanley cup this year. i thing that the Boston Bruins have what it take to create a up set.



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