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2012 Detailed Road Bike Ride Log

Updated on February 8, 2013
A mid-summers afternoon ride.
A mid-summers afternoon ride. | Source

2012 Road Bike Ride break down

Ride Breakdown of my 07/30/12 Bike Ride

2012 has been a quiet year for cycling. Compared to the last two years, the mileage to date has been down a lot but the quality of each ride has been good. Making good use of the fleet of bikes for simple in-town trips. Rather then list the ride done this year largely due to lack of recording each ride, I am taking one ride and breaking it down to show how well I rode on it. It shows how little details in areas like the weather can make small but important differences in how well the rider can work with their bike.

I broke a lot of data down from the base information from the cycling computer. The basic info is the first listed on the top section of the article. I worked out the other details from this base data. It is nice to see your strengths and weakness come out. Everyday is different so things can go different all the time. Within these events are conditions recorded that show where improvements can be made to help the quality of the ride. A lot of cycling is not only physical but mental as well. The state of mind can make or break a ride. In the past I have had rides where I was very fit but my mind was in other places making some rides not so great.

The data shown goes into a great amount of detail. What it can not show is the feeling I had that day. The ride rating placed at A- making it a very enjoyable outing. This is what cycling is all about. Getting out for a peaceful outing with a great sense of nature scenes floating by you is relaxing. You do not get this experience in a car! You become one with the planet. I hope that you enjoy reading this to see about improving your rides and get more out of yourself and your bike. This ride took place on July 30th, 2012. The start time was at around 3:10 pm and ended at 4:20 pm. Another factor is the fact the clothing was just a pair of comfortable jeans, a short sleeve shirt and pair of regular running shoes. Safety equipment includes a bike helmet, riding gloves and safety sun glasses are important for rider safety.

Whether you are golding for gold or just aiming to get the most out of a great day, just settle into whatever style you like to ride and enjoy yourself. Try to let the rest of the world go away for a little bit of time.

Bike used- Vision Ride Bike 14 speed- 700 by 23/5c tire- 26" tire diameter (66.04 cm)

Ride- Newbury,ON, Canada to Bothwell,ON, Canada and Return to Newbury,ON, Canada

Time of ride- 48:58 min./ sec.

Distance- 22.423 km (13.80 miles)

Average Speed- 27.5 kph (16.92 mph)

Max Speed- 34.4 kph (21.17 mph)

Additional Data

Time Split- 23:45/ 25.13 return/ Split Time, 1:27 split- min./ sec.

Distance Split- 10.5 (6.46 miles)/ 11.923 km (7.34 miles)/ Split Distance, 1.423 km (.88 mile)

Gear Combo's used- 42/17 (2.6 gear ratio)(64.24 Gear Inches), 17.69ft (6.96 meter) per pedal stroke) with a little 42/19 (2.2 gear ratio)(57.47 Gear Inches), 15.03 feet (5.92 meter) per pedal stroke) going into Bothwell.

- Average RPM- 86 RPM on the outgoing start of the run, 88 RPM turn rate on return run, peak RPM about 106 RPM

Weather Conditions

Temp. 29 degree c.

Sunny with slight high cloud cover.

Distance traveled

- Going out- Traveling at .442 km (.272 mile) per minute average. Average Speed 26.52 kkph (16.32 mph)

- Return trip- Traveling at .473 km (.291 mile) per minute average. Average Speed 28.28 kph (17.4 mph)

- An increase of 1.76 kph (1.08 mph) on the return trip. A 6.2 per cent increase in speed.

A good increase speed on the return trip. It felt very good even with the wind blowing on the open sections of the road. CR14 had cross winds with head winds on the outgoing part of the ride. A slight tail wind was the main wind on the return trip. A small break in Bothwell was taken before going on the return trip home. The max. speeds where reached on the return trip back into town. One note is that I am going to turn 51 years old in Sept. I am in the speed range as I was 17 years ago.

Ride Rating- A-


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