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Updated on July 30, 2012

The Pac 12 finished with a 26-18 record last year in there non conference games as a conference in 2011 including the bowl games as well. Like the Big 12 the Pac 12 plays nine conference games which leaves them only to schedule three non conference games unlike most conferences' which plays four non conference games. The Pac 12 just missed out on playing in the national title game last season when Oregon was upset by USC which gave the Ducks their second loss of the season. If the Ducks would have won that game along with winning the Pac 12 title, they could have played in the title game in a rematch against LSU. Stanford has had a nice two year run although they lost a heartbreaker in the Fiesta Bowl last season against Oklahoma State in overtime 41-38. The Cardinals did destroy Virginia Tech in the 2010 Orange Bowl two years ago 40-12. But last year in some of there marquee non conference games the Pac 12 did not fair to well. Oregon lost to LSU, UCLA was beaten by Houston, Oklahoma State took down Arizona and Washington lost to Nebraska to name a couple. Even though Oregon did beat Wisconsin in the Rose Bowl and Stanford beat Notre Dame as well as Utah upsetting Georgia Tech in the Sun Bowl last year. Like I stated earlier that the Pac 12 can only schedule three non conference games, so they have to be smart about there scheduling in the non conference games. I picked out 16 non conference games for the Pac 12 that will have a impact on there season for the 2012 season.

1) 9/8/12 - Washington at LSU

2) 9/15/12 - California at Ohio State

3) 11/24/12 - Notre Dame at USC

4) 9/15/12 - Arizona State at Missouri

5) 9/8/12 - Nebraska at UCLA

6) 9/8/12 - Illinois at Arizona State

7) 9/8/12 - Oklahoma State at Arizona

8) 9/8/12 - USC vs Syracuse (East Rutherford)

9) 9/15/12 - BYU at Utah

10) 9/8/12 - Wisconsin at Oregon State

11) 10/13/12 - Oregon State at BYU

12) 9/8/12 - Fresno State at Oregon

13) 10/13/12 - Stanford at Notre Dame

14) 9/1/12 - Washington State at BYU

15) 9/2/12 - Colorado vs Colorado State (Denver)

16) 9/15/12 - Colorado at Fresno State


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