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2012 Mets - Everyone is available - except David Wright??

Updated on December 9, 2011

Love Him - But He Needs a New Home

What ARE They Thinking??

After writing my 2012 Mets Outlook the other day and stating that I believe the Mets should trade David Wright comes the news from the Mets that anybody NOT NAMED DAVID WRIGHT could be had in a trade. Why?

From what I can tell in the newspapers, Mets management doesn’t want to anger the Mets fan base any more than it already has by doing NOTHING to retain Jose Reyes. So now trading Wright isn’t an option. I thought this management team had more brains than this – not the owners who have proven to have almost no brains at all, I mean the management team under Sandy Alderson. Holding onto Reyes was an emotional move that completely backfired. I mean fall on your sword backfired. They are going to get nothing useful after letting him go without making even an opening offer. Why didn’t they set the market where they were comfortable and see if he would have been to. In the end, Jose didn’t sign for all that much more per year than the Mets were willing to offer so it’s rather lame that we lost him for NOTHING.

Don’t throw those two draft picks at me either. One is a sandwich pick between the 1st and 2nd rounds, and I believe the other is a 4th round pick as the Marlins signed Buerhle , furthering dropping the Mets pick from 3rd to 4th round. You know who the Mets could draft in the 4th round, you or me…

The ONLY reason to hold onto Wright at this point is to let him build up his trade value, assuming he starts hitting home runs at Citi Field. If he doesn’t hit well, we’ve wasted another opportunity. Actually even if he does hit, which I think we all assume he will, if he’s traded mid-year, he is effectively a rental as the club option for 2013 can be voided by Wright.

So why are we holding onto him?? Personally, I would rather get all of my anger and disgust for this organization out of the way at once and since I’m already working on that now, why ask me to do it again in July or, heaven forbid this time next year when we will essentially run into scenario again.

The Mets may think they are doing us, the fans, a favor, but really they are just setting us up for more anger management sessions. I hate to see Wright go, but if you don’t plan to lock him up, please get something useful for him and send him someplace nice…

Just trying to sort out management's dwindling options here. There's no reason to listen to offers for anyone except David Wright, Jason Bay and Johan Santana who make the most money ona team not ready to contend for another year or three......


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    • dblyn profile image

      dblyn 5 years ago from Staten Island, NY

      OK, it's a month into the season and D-Wright has proved he can hit again. My opinion still stands, LOCK him up lonmg-term or trade him for the best package you can get. Personally, I want to lock him up long term - but this twisting in the wind game is a bit annoying...