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2012 New York Mets: Do You Believe Yet?

Updated on June 5, 2012

Not Yet - But We're Getting There

Well, to be perfectly honest, no….

That’s not to say that I don’t WANT to believe. But the numbers don’t lie. As well as the New York Mets have played, despite their history, despite losing arguably their best player to free agency, despite supposedly having a barren farm system and despite the injuries to Torres, Bay, Tejada, Thole, Batista and losing Pelfrey for the year one thing stands out to me.

This team’s situation is VERY similar to last year’s team.

I’ve noted in a previous hub that last year’s Mets were not that bad but the bullpen was a huge problem. Unfortunately, nothing has changed. The starters have been solid, the fielding has been solid and the hitting – without a lot of power – has been pretty solid too with very little contributed by Ike Davis, Ruben Tejada and Jason Bay so far. But the bullpen, with different pieces, is still a problem.

How much of a problem? The bullpen already has 11 losses/blown saves. If the Mets had won even half those games they would be in first place by 3 games. THEN I WOULD BE A BELIEVER..

This year’s team, if they can weather the injuries that are sure to happen could put together a really positive season which is a far cry from what Mets fans were expecting this year. The problem is a bullpen that still hasn’t gotten on track. We’re 50+ games into the season at this point. If the team is in contention at the All-Star Game, I’ll start believing. If the team becomes a buyer for the last piece of the puzzle (assuming the Mets are in contention at the trading deadline) I’ll become a believer. I want to be one. I want to see my team do well. I love seeing so many young players doing well, players nobody thought were good enough.

But it all rests on fixing a bullpen management thought was fixed already. It’s the ONLY thing they spent any money on during the off-season but it’s just as unreliable as last year. I’ll admit to not knowing much about Frank Francisco and Jon Rauch when we signed them. I’ll further admit that I don’t really know what to expect from them going forward. But I for one am not thrilled with their performance so far and I’m disturbed by the fact that they can’t seem to get through an inning without some high-wire act. Mets fans have seen that before. Frankie Rodriguez used to get himself in and out of trouble as did Armando Benitez many years before him. Seriously, if I wanted by bullpen to be the embodiment of Doug Sisk (for you 30-somethings out there you’ll know who and what I’m talking about), there were cheaper ways to do it.

I'll check back with you all aroun mid-season. If we're still playing well, it will be time to believe for sure...


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    • dblyn profile image

      dblyn 5 years ago from Staten Island, NY

      The two-week tailspin after the All-Star Break has essentially turned this season into what we thought it should have been initially for Mets Fans. We Believe... in 2014

    • Eric L. Andrews profile image

      Eric L. Andrews 5 years ago from Midwestern United States

      I'm a Reds fan, and can answer objectively. Mets are looking good so far this year and playing way above expectations. David Wright is a star, and Johan Santana is pitching like his Cy Young years. I'm afraid the lack of pitching depth, and enough stud players at short and the outfield will eventually show up in August or Sept. Love to see NY take the East, and play my Reds in the Playoffs, but I think the superior pitching of the Nats, Braves and Phillies will begin to assert itself later in the season. Good luck, though.