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2013-14 Champions League Club Preview: EB/Streymur

Updated on May 22, 2013

Will EB/Streymur advance to second qualifying round

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The second team in my preview series is EB/Streymur a Faroese Football club based in Streymnes. They are a member of the Faroe Islands Premier League. They have a club coefficient of 2.316 after making the last five Europa or Champions League tourneys. The Faroe Islands Premier League has a league coefficient of 1.416 and is ranked 51st out of 53 leagues entered into the Champions League.

On June 24th EB/Streymur will find out their opponent for the first round qualifying matchup which will take place on 2/3 July and 9/10 July. Over the last five Champions league tourneys the Faroe Islands Premier League has not done well at all. In 2008/09 NSI Runavik represented the league and lost 3-1 on aggregate to Dinamo Tbilisi in the first qualifying round. In 2009/10 EB/Streymur lost 5-0 on aggregate to APOEL in the second qualifying round. 2010/11 saw HB Torshavn lose 5-1 on aggregate to Red Bull Salzburg. HB Torshavn represented the league in 2011/12 when they lost 3-1 on aggregate to Malmo FF. Last year B36 Torshavn lost last year 0-0(4-3p) on aggregate to Linfield in the first qualifying round.

EB/Streymur won the 2012 Faroe Islands Premier League title behind 17 wins in 27 matches. They also drew seven matches while only losing three matches. That gave them 58 points with a +26 goal differential. They were led by Arnbjorn Hansen who scored 16 goals and Leif Niclasen had eight. In Jan of this year they hired Runi Nolsoe as their manager. Over the last three years they have played in the Europa League tourney. In 2010/11 they lost 4-0 on aggregate to Kalmor FF. In 2011/12 they lost to Qarabag on away goals after finishing both ties 1-1. Last year they lost again on away goals to Gandzasar after finishing 3-3 on aggregate.

The Faroe Islands Premier League is already into their 2013 league season. EB/Streymur is struggling with only two wins so far in ten matches. They do have six draws with only two loses but find themselves with only 12 points. HB Torshavn leads the league with 24 points.

I do not see them advancing past this round at all. They have not taken well to the new managers philosophy so far this year. That does not look good for them in the Champions League tourney. These players are use to UEFA tourneys but struggling with a new system is not working right now.

The first club preview was of Shirak FC who could be a first round matchup of EB/Streymur.


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