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2013 MLB: NL MVP Race Week One

Updated on April 8, 2013

Will Todd Frazier lead the MVP race after week two

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The first week of the 2013 MLB season is in the books. Every National League team has played six games so far, a few players have started the season very strong and are making an early case for this years MVP award.

Every team still has 156 games left to play, so there is still lots of baseball to be played. I have complied my top five performers so far this year.

If I had to give the MVP award out today it would go to one of these five players i have listed below. The rankings are purely mine and would how I would give out the award.

#5. M. Cuddyer (Colorado) Cuddyer is batting .450 with two homeruns and seven RBIs so far on the young season.

#4. W. Rosario(Colorado) Rosario is batting .368 with three homeruns and six RBIs so far.

The Colorado Rockies are one of the best offense hitting teams so far. Other players looked at for this list were T. Tulowitzki and C. Gonzalez.

#3. D. Fowler(Colorado) Fowler is the third Rockies player to make this list. Fowler is batting .370 with four homeruns and five RBIs.

#2. J. Buck(New York Mets) Buck is pacing the Mets so far this season. Buck is batting .400 with nine RBIs and two homeruns.

The winner would be #1 Todd Frazier(Cincinnati) He leads the league with a .480 batting average, he also leads the league with nine RBIs. He also has hit three homeruns.

Other players that are having great starts are C. Crawford(NYM), J. Segura(Mil), F. Freeman(Atl), A. Gonzalez(LAD), G. Parra(Ari), C.Utley(Phi), and B. Harper(Was) just to name a few.

What will be interesting is to see if these five players can keep there hot start going to the All-Star break.


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