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2013 MLB: National League Power Rankings after week one

Updated on April 8, 2013

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Every National League team has played six games. Every team has one atleast one game and lose atleast one game. Three clubs have 5-1 records on the season with another three sitting at 4-2. Lets take a look at the Power Rankings for the 2013 season so far after one week.

#15 Milwaukee 1-5 Brewers have played every game at home and this record is terrible. Teams should win 80%of their home games. A long season is in store for them. Brewers have given up 39 runs thru six games.

#14 Pittsburgh 1-5 Pirates have atleast traveled a little. They are 1-2 at home and 0-3 on road. Pirates will struggle all season if the cant pull out 35% win rate on road. Pittsburgh's games have been close. They have scored only eight runs on the year but have given up only 16

#13 San Diego 1-5 The Padres have played every game on the road so we are not sure what we are gonna get from them. They would have loved to have been atleast 2-4 at this point butbeing outscored by 26 runs in six games is hard to swallow. They have scored only 14 runs on the year while giving up 40.

#12 Miami 1-5 Like San Diego Miami has played every game on the road. They also have scored only 14 runs on the year but the haven given up only 27. Miami should show a little more life at home.

#11 Philadelphia 2-4 The Phillies are 1-2 on road and at home. Their problem has been pitching, they haven given up the most runs in the National League with 41. This is a surprise start to me and i look for their pitching to improve.

#10 Chicago Cubs 2-4 The Cubs have played every game on the road and have started out decent enough. Thru the six games they have only been out scored by eight runs. This could be the start of some good things in Chicago once they get home.

#9 San Francisco 3-3 Giants would be higher on this ranking if they didn't go 1-2 at home. Their road mark is great at 2-1. Their offense needs to show up, they have scored only 15 runs so far this year.

#8 St. Louis 3-3 Cardinals have played every game on road and look to challenge for the division title. The Cardinals have scored 37 runs so far this season putting them third in National League.

#7 Los Angeles 4-2 The Dodgers have given up the fewest runs in their six games at home. They have allowed only 10 runs, problem is they have scored only 17. Hopefully offense will pick up on the road.

#6 New York Mets 4-2 The Mets have scored 36 runs in their six home contests. The question for them will always be can they keep up the pace and win on the road.

#5 Cincinnati 4-2 The Reds are 4-2 at home after going 2-1 against the Angeles and Nationals. Reds have scored 38 runs on the year. Question for Reds bats will be can the keep up pace on road.

#4 Washington 4-2 Washington is 3-0 at home and 1-2 on the road. The only reason the are ahead of Cincinnati after losing two of three over the weekend is because of their start at home.

#3 Arizona 5-1 The Diamond Backs have a great road record in 3-0 and are 2-1 at home. Arizona has scored 37 runs so far this season. Question will be can they stay competitive for the whole year.

#2 Atlanta 5-1 No surprise here for me. Braves are a great team at home and winning five of their first six at home proves it. Atlanta has given up only 16 runs so far this season and i see them staying in the top five of these rankings all year long.

#1 Colorado 5-1 The surprise team of the season. The Rockies have scored more runs than any other team with 39 while giving up only 18. Their plus 21 run differential is the best in National league. They are 3-0 at home and 2-1 on the road. But can they keep this up? I think not but we will see.


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