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2013 MLB Power Rankings Week 2

Updated on April 15, 2013

Power Ranks ~ Week 2

Typically these lists are a jumbled mess of opinion. Nobody is right, nobody is wrong. Everyone has someone else at the top. This week, however, I have a feeling people will agree with the top team. Those of you who thought I jumped the gun last week listing the Atlanta Braves first probably don't have much to say this week. With great pride I get to list my team first once again. You cant accuse me of bias this time around.

Note ~ Records will not include today's Boston/Tampa Bay game.

1. Atlanta Braves (11-1) Most people picked the Washington Nationals to not only run away with the division but win it all. Granted, it is extremely early in the season but the Braves went in to Washington and spanked the Nats by allowing only one run over the final 25 innings of the three game sweep. One. (Last Week's Ranking 1)

2. San Francisco Giants (9-4) Barry Zito just doesn't lose. No, this isn't 2001. I'm serious. Dude doesn't lose. Zito hasn't lost since August 2nd 2012 against the New York Mets. If he keeps this up the Giants will undoubtedly pick up his option for next year. Who would have imagined that at any time over the last six years? (LWR 9)

3. Oakland A's (9-4) The A's got jumped by the Giants, yes, but they have lost two in a row and lost arguably their best power hitter in Yoenis Cespedes to the disabled list. That said, this team is good. Hats off to Billy Beane again. (LWR 4)

4. Washington Nationals (7-5) Do the Nats really have the league's worst bullpen? As of right now, yes, they do. (LWR 2)

5. Colorado Rockies (8-4) The Rockies swept the San Diego Padres, got swept by the Giants and then swept the Padres again. Maybe they should play the Padres all the time. (LWR 5)

6. Arizona Diamondbacks (8-4) The D-Backs are in New York to face the Yankees. All I can think of is 2001 when Luis Gonzalez blooped that single in the 9th inning to win it all. What? The game was in Arizona? Semantics I tell you! (LWR 6)

7. Texas Rangers (8-5) Where's the offense? That's a fair question thus far but everyone who is anyone knows as the weather warms up so do the Texas bats. (LWR 7)

8. Detroit Tigers (7-5) Torii Hunter is more like Torrid Hunter as he is off to a blistering .407/.418/.593 start. I thought he would fit in well in Detroit. I didn't see this coming. (LWR 8)

9. Boston Red Sox (7-4)Clay Buchholz nearly had a no-hitter over the weekend. Against who else but the Tampa Bay Rays. Seems like they are good to have a no-no thrown against them once a year or so. (LWR 10)

10. Los Angeles Dodgers (7-5) A big loss this past week and I am not referring to a game. Their $147 million man Zack Greinke has a broken left collarbone as the result of a benches-clearing brawl against the San Diego Padres. (LWR 11)

11. Kansas City Royals (7-5) The Royals are winning! The Royals are winning! Up next, the white hot Braves. Will the Royals keep winning? (LWR 14)

12. St. Louis Cardinals (7-5) Shelby Miller is 2-0 on the season and has allowed a measly five hits in 12 1/3 innings. One of those contests was against the defending champion Giants. (LWR 16)

13. Cincinnati Reds (5-7) Last year the Reds had their five-man rotation healthy for the entire year. With ace Johnny Cueto going down last week there will not be a repeat of that this year. (LWR 3)

14. Baltimore Orioles (6-6) Last week they were 3-3. This week 6-6. Next week....9-9? Ah, symmetry. (LWR 15)

15. New York Mets (7-5) Matt Harvey looks like the real deal. Already. In three games he is 3-0, has allowed a total of two runs and struck out 25. That's domination Holmes. (LWR 20)

16. Tampa Bay Rays (4-7) Once again the Rays offense is horrible. One has to believe they will call up top prospect Wil Myers in the next few weeks. I mean, they have to right? (LWR 12)

17. Toronto Blue Jays (5-7) Losing shortstop Jose Reyes until the All-Star Break is going to be huge. Maybe too big to overcome. Are things unraveling already in Toronto? (LWR 18)

18. New York Yankees (6-5) Vernon Wells, who has posted a batting average of .300 or greater once in the last seven years is hitting .324 in his first year in New York. I have no words. (LWR 24)

19. Seattle Mariners (6-8) What do Jason Bay, Raul Ibanez and Endy Chavez have in common? They are all starting outfielders in Seattle. With the regular starters all nursing injuries that is who Seattle is trotting out. Wow. (LWR 19)

20. Chicago White Sox (5-7) Adam Dunn has half as many stolen bases (1) as he does walks (2). That has to change for Chicago. Dunn led the league with 105 walks last year. (LWR 13)

21.Philadelphia Phillies (6-6) Chase Utley looks healthy for the first time since 2009. This aging roster will need a big season from him if the Phils hope to compete with the Braves and Nats. (LWR 23)

22. Cleveland Indians (5-6) Carlos Carrasco started the season serving a suspension for plunking a player with a pitch two years ago. His first game back? Plunked another, got suspended and sent to the minors. Oh what a life. (LWR 22)

23. Los Angeles Angels (4-8) The Dodgers aren't the only LA team to lose an ace pitcher last week. Jered Weaver has a broken left elbow. Can you say ouch? (LWR 17)

24. Pittsburgh Pirates (6-6) The mirror image of a 1-5 opening week lands the Buccos back at .500. The fact that a sweep of division rival Cincy was thrown in there makes it even sweeter. (LWR 27)

25. Minnesota Twins (4-7) I think a healthy first half by Justin Morneau will mark the end of the M&M boys. The Twins have to try and trade him to rebuild this team. Anything will do. They won't be picky. (LWR 21)

26. Chicago Cubs (4-8) Owner Jim Ricketts seems to think that the Cubs will win a World Series in a renovated Wrigley Field. I guess they couldn't do much worse than they have over the last century or so huh? (LWR 25)

27. Milwaukee Brewers (3-8) To put it bluntly the team has started Alex Gonzalez and Yuniesky Betancourt at first base this year. That......well, that just won't do. (LWR 26)

28. Houston Astros (4-8) The Astros, a popular pick for worst team in the league, are tied with the Angels, a popular World Series pick, for the division basement. (LWR 30)

29. San Diego Padres (2-10) The Rockies, 6-0 versus San Diego, are the Fathers' Daddies. Daddys? One of those has to be right. (LWR 28)

30. Miami Marlins (2-10) Free the Iron Giant! (LWR 29)


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    • Rich White profile image

      Rich 4 years ago from Pennsylvania

      Freeman is eligible to come off of the DL next week but oblique injuries have been known to linger. I have him on one of my fantasy squads as well.

      I expect the Tigers to climb. They are my choice to win it all this year. Not a very sexy pick since they were runner-up last year but I think they get it done this time around.

      Thanks for the read and comment!

    • BLACKANDGOLDJACK profile image

      Jack Hazen 4 years ago from Blitzburgh area

      Yeah, it has to be the Braves so far. Too bad Freddie Freeman is hurt, especially since I have him on my fantasy team. What's the prognosis for his return? I have Uggla too.

      Tigers will climb up your list, what with Cabrera and Fielder, et al.

      I'm watching the Phillies @ Reds right now. Great game. Utley just hit a homer to tie it 2-2.