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2013 MLB Power Rankings Week 15

Updated on July 15, 2013

Power Ranks Week 13

I'm baaaaaaaack. Vacation is over and it is back to the grind of real life. And blog life. One of those is better than the other. If only I got paid to do this...but I digress. The people who do get paid to play baseball, however are now on their vacation. The All-Star Break is upon us. The Home Run Derby is actually on as I write this. The All-Star Game is set for Tuesday night in New York's Citi Field. This is the first time the Mets are hosting the event since 1964. I would say they were due. But you knew all that, didn't you? You weren't away for two weeks. What you don't know is how the teams stack up this week in my head. That is what I am here to tell you.

*Note ~ All records and stats are through Sunday's games.

**Double Note ~ There will not be a "Last Week's Ranking" this edition since I haven't done one of these in two weeks. That will be back next time though. Don't worry.

1. St. Louis Cardinals (57-36) ~ At the break the Cards maintain the best record in baseball as well as the best run differential at +127.

2. Pittsburgh Pirates (56-37) ~ Pittsburgh needs to go 26-43 the rest of the way to clinch their first winning season since 1992. At this point they have to be thinking more than just getting that winning season.

3. Boston Red Sox (58-39) ~ The Red Sox have the best record prior to the All-Star Break in franchise history. That is how you help the fans forget about the last two years.

4. Tampa Bay Rays (55-41) ~ Is there a team hotter than Tampa? Their only loss in the last 10 games was a 2-1 defeat to Houston. Everyone is allowed a hiccup.

5. Atlanta Braves (54-41) ~ Freddie Freeman decided to join Justin Upton, B.J. Upton and Jason Heyward on the sideline with injuries. At least Evan Gattis was activated from the DL. There might not be another team more excited to see the break in action this week.

6. Oakland A's (56-39) ~ Billy Beane has done it again. The A's have the second best record in the American League and seem destined to make a return visit to the playoffs.

7. Baltimore Orioles (53-43) ~ Chris Davis has tied Reggie Jackson for the most home runs in American League history before the All-Star break with 37. His career high for a full season prior to this year? 33.

8. Cincinnati Reds (53-42) ~ The Reds might be a little disheartened that they enter the break in third place in the National League Central but they do hold a five game lead for the second Wild Card.

9. Texas Rangers (54-41) ~ I can't decide if Adrian Beltre is a bigger All-Star snub than Evan Longoria. Both should probably be there.

10. Detroit Tigers (52-42)~ Max Scherzer failed to become the first pitcher to start the year 14-0 since Roger Clemens in 1987. What a bum.

11. New York Yankees (51-44) ~ Could the Yankees be targeting Carlos Ruiz at the trade deadline? Their offensive performance from the backstop this year has been, well, offensive.

12. Arizona Diamondbacks (50-45) ~ The D'Backs need to make a deadline deal, perhaps to help the rotation, if they plan on sticking around in the NL West.

13. Los Angeles Dodgers (47-47) ~ LA has gone on tear ever since the call-up of rookie phenom Yasiel Puig. Don Mattingly's seat has officially gotten cooler.

14. Cleveland Indians (51-44) ~ The Tribe are only a game and a half back of Detroit for the AL Central lead but I just can't seem to trust them. If they are still within striking distance at the end of August I will believe.

15. Washington Nationals (48-47) ~ Maybe participating in the Home Run Derby will snap Bryce Harper out of his slump. The Nats better hope so.

16. Toronto Blue Jays (45-49) ~ Word on the street is the Jays are in the market for a starting pitcher. Half a season after adding R.A. DIckey, Josh Johnson and Mark Buehrle the Jays had to figure they would not be in this position.

17. Philadelphia Phillies (48-48) ~ Will someone please tell Ruben Amaro that this is a year to trade pieces away and build towards the future? No?OK. I will sit back and enjoy seeing him mortgage the rest of the farm system.

18. Colorado Rockies (46-50) ~ The Rockies will begin the second half of the season healthy and that might be just what they need in the up for grabs NL West.

19. San Francisco Giants (43-51) ~ There was a Big Time Timmy Jim sighting over the weekend as Tim Lincecum tossed the first no-hitter of his career and the first in Petco Park history against the San Diego Padres.

20. Los Angeles Angels (44-49) ~ I look at the roster and I can't explain how this team is so bad. They are currently 11 games out of the division lead. It could be another lost season out in LA.

21. Kansas City Royals (43-49) ~ KC has three representatives in the All-Star game for the first time that my mind can recall. And I'm too lazy to look it up. Maybe a small part of me is still in vacation mode.

22. Chicago Cubs (42-51) ~ Chicago brass has said Matt Garza will be traded before he makes his next start. Garza is easily the best pitcher on the market this year provided the Phillies don't part ways with Cliff Lee.

23. San Diego Padres (42-54) ~ Have the Padres really lost 16 of their last 20? Yep. Yep they did.

24. Seattle Mariners (43-52) ~ The underrated Hisashi Iwakuma will spend his first All-Star game on the sideline due to pitching in Sunday's game. Kind of a shame to me. It was about time another Seattle pitcher was given some props.

25. New York Mets (41-50) ~ Jordany Valdespin was sent back to the minors and he wasn't happy about it. He called his manager a not so nice word involving male genitalia and suction. Do the math.

26. Minnesota Twins (39-53) ~ Minnesota has gone on record saying they will not offer former MVP Justin Morneau a contract extension until after the trade deadline. That is called tipping your hand.

27. Chicago White Sox (37-55) ~Wow are the White Sox bad. I mean, wow.

28. Milwaukee Brewers (38-56) ~ It looks like the Brewers are showcasing Francisco Rodriguez to flip him at the deadline. Shedding his salary and netting a decent prospect is the best case scenario for Milwaukee.

29. Houston Astros (33-61) ~ Locking up Jose Altuve was a smart move for Houston. He and Jason Castro are the only players that should be around for the rebuild.

30. Miami Marlins (35-58) ~ Am I reading this correctly? The Marlins have the best record in the NL East since the end of May? Inconceivable!


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