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2013 MLB Power Rankings Week 21

Updated on September 2, 2013

MLB Power Ranks Week 21

This is it. Don't get scared now. It's time for the stretch run. The final days of the season are ticking away as the calendar has now shifted to September. Fall is almost here and there are quite a few teams that know where they will be this time next month. Others still have aspirations of making the playoffs. Whether those dreams will be realized remains to be seen. Will Pittsburgh end its 21-year playoff drought? Will Atlanta finish the regular season with the best record in baseball? Can anyone contain the Los Angeles Dodgers? Will two divisions (The National League Central and American League East) boast three playoff teams each? We can only guess for now. What we do know is where they all stand right now. Let's stack em' up.

*Note ~ This week's edition will be a little different since there were so many day games today. Stats and records will reflect today's games.

1. Atlanta Braves (84-53) ~ The first team to clinch a winning season this year continues to cruise along to what should be their first NL East division crown since 2005. (Last Week's Ranking 1)

2. Los Angeles Dodgers (82-55) ~ The Puig show continues in LA. With nonstop coverage on every little thing their superstar does I am about all Puigged out. (LWR 2)

3. Boston Red Sox (82-57) ~ Boston could get a big boost in the rotation this week as Clay Buchholz is expected to make his return after being on the disabled list since mid-June. (LWR 4)

4. Detroit Tigers (81-57) ~ Max Scherzer will take his second shot at win number 20 this week. His offense bailed him out of picking up his second loss against Oakland his last time out. (LWR 3)

5. Pittsburgh Pirates (80-57) ~ I love the addition of former AL MVP Justin Morneau to this lineup. Obtaining Marlod Byrd and John Buck will help as well. This club could be scary come October. (LWR 7)

6. St. Louis Cardinals (79-58) ~ The Cardinals still boast the best run differential in the NL (+135) and could be a tough out come October. (LWR 6)

7. Cincinnati Reds (77-61) ~ Mat Latos is quietly havng a superb year in Cincy. With his complete game win today over the Cardinals and ace Adam Wainwright he picked up his 14th victory and lowered his ERA to 2.98. Those are the kind of numbers that will get you the ball in a playoff opener. (LWR 9)

8. Tampa Bay Rays (75-60) ~ Tampa has lost four in a row and if the season ended today they would be on the outside looking in. I trust Joe Maddon will figure things out but he better do it soon. (LWR 5)

9. Texas Rangers (79-58) ~ If Elvis Andrus is going to miss a significant amount of time that could open the door for Oakland to take the divison. Texas needs their table setter. (LWR 8)

10. Oakland A's (79-58) ~ Coco Crisp homered for the third consecutive day giving him a new career high of 17 long balls. While the power is nice the speed hasn't translated to many stolen bases this year. He is on pace for his lowerst amount since 2009 when he only played in 49 games. (LWR 11)

11. Baltimore Orioles (73-63) ~ Baltimore was the feel good story of the 2012 season. By the looks of things 2013 isn't going to end in just the same way. The way I see it Baltimore is out come October. (LWR 10)

12. New York Yankees (73-64) ~ New York won't make they playoffs either this year but Joe Girardi has to be given some serious props for the job he has done this year with all of the goings on this season in the Bronx. (LWR 13)

13. Cleveland Indians (72-65) ~ While the Indians should have no problem securing their first winning season since 2007, it looks like that is as far as they will get this year. (LWR 12)

14. Washington Nationals (69-67) ~ The Nationals are playing their best baseball of the season but it looks like it will come too little too late. I have no doubt they will end the season with a better record than Arizona but they won't catch either of the teams ahead of them in the NL Central. (LWR 16)

15. Arizona Diamondbacks (69-67) ~ If you remove the Dodgers the D'Backs remaining schedule includes San Francisco, San Diego and Colorado with whom they should be able to handle. They could stay in it a bit longer if they take care of business against those teams. (LWR 14)

16. Kansas City Royals (71-66) ~ There is a good chance the Royals will join dirision mate Cleveland in securing a winning record for the first time in a while. KC hasn't had one since way back in 2003. (LWR 15)

17. Colorado Rockies (65-74) ~ The Roy Oswalt disaster this year (0-4, 7.74 ERA in four games) has to signify the end of the line for the former ace. (LWR 17)

18. Toronto Blue Jays (63-75) ~ Mark Buehrle has been fantastic in his last eight starts wining six of them and allowing two or fewer runs in six as well. (LWR 20)

19. Los Angeles Angels (63-72) ~ The Angels are hot as they have won eight of their last 10 games but even that might not be enough to secure a third place finish in the division. Far from what was expected at the beginning of the year. (LWR 23)

20. New York Mets (62-74) ~ Trading Marlon Byrd to Pittsburgh on Marlon Byrd t-shirt night is priceless. (LWR 21)

21. Seattle Mariners (62-74) ~ The fact that Seattle hung on to its veteran players at the trade deadline seems silly now. One has to figure they could have gotten a lot more for Mike Morse if they moved him in July. (LWR 19)

22. Philadelphia Phillies (62-75) ~ The fact that Philadelphia hung on to its veteran players at the trade deadline seems silly now. One has to figure they could have gotten a lot more for Michael Young if they moved him in July. (LWR 23)

23. San Diego Padres (61-76) ~ Where oh where has Chase Headley gone? The third baseman who led the NL in RBI last season has a mere 36 this year in 117 games and has seen his OPS come down by nearly .200 points. (LWR 18)

24. San Francisco Giants (61-76) ~ Believe it or not the Giants will finally get out from underneath the contract of Barry Zito this offseason. I can't think of a bigger free agent bust in recenty history. (LWR 24)

25 Minnesota Twins (60-76) ~ With the trade of Morneau the talks about shifting Joe Mauer to first base will presumably pick up. (LWR 25)

26. Milwaukee Brewers (59-78) ~ Yovani Gallardo has had a terriffic August allowing only two earned runs in his three starts and picking up two wins in the process. (LWR 26)

27. Chicago Cubs (58-79) ~ The Cubs just may very well win the putrid battle of who is the better team in Chicago. Someone has to win it, right? (LWR 28)

28. Chicago White Sox (56-80) ~ Chicago is on pace for its worst season since 2007 when the lost 90 games. I am willing to bet they will surpass that during this campaign. (LWR 27)

29. Miami Marlins (51-85) ~ Miami should have no problem securing the worst record in the NL this season. Poor Giancarlo Stanton. (LWR 29)

30. Houston Astros (45-92) ~ They will almost undoubtedly finish with 100+ losses for the third year in a row. Tough times in Houston right now. (LWR 30)


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