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2013 MLB Power Rankings Week 4

Updated on April 29, 2013

Power Ranks Week 4

Well, it was bound to happen. There is a new team atop the rankings this week. No longer do my Atlanta Braves reign supreme. A 2-4 road trip in Colorado and Detroit isn't the worst thing to happen. Being swept by the Tigers while not having to face Justin Verlander or Max Scherzer, however, makes it just a bit worse. The Braves will be fine, there was no way any team could maintain the 12-1 pace they started the season with, but for the purposes of the power rankings they lose their crown. At least for one week.

*Note: As per usual all records and stats are through Sunday's games.

1. Texas Rangers (16-9) This past weekend marked the first time the Rangers have lost back-to-back games all season. (Last Week's Ranking 5)

2. Atlanta Braves (15-9) The Braves have hit an MLB-leading 35 home runs this season. They also lead the National League in strikeouts. The offense is all or nothing so far. (LWR 1)

3. Boston Red Sox (18-7) The owners of the best record in baseball. If they keep this up everyone will forget about last season's Bobby Valentine led disaster. (LWR 6)

4. Detroit Tigers (13-10) Anibal Sanchez fanned a team record 17 Braves in his last start. Straight filth. (LWR 9)

5. Washington Nationals (13-12) First baseman Adam LaRoche is in an 0-for-26 skid that includes 13 strikeouts. The Nats need his bat to wake up in the middle of that lineup. (LWR 7)

6. Colorado Rockies (15-10) The Rockies are the highest scoring team in the National League. If they keep that up they will be a force in the bandbox that is Coors Field. (LWR 2)

7. Arizona Diamondbacks (15-10) Arizona ranks in the middle of almost all offense and pitching categories but they rank first in the NL West. (LWR 10)

8. Kansas City Royals (13-9) Jeremy Guthrie has tied a club record by making his 16th straight start without a loss. This is the same Jeremy Guthrie that the Rockies essentially gave away for nothing last year. (LWR 11)

9. St. Louis Cardinals (14-10) Adam Wainwright has a 37:1 strikeout-to-walk ratio. That is some serious command. (LWR 12)

10. Pittsburgh Pirates (15-10) The Pirates are in first place and their best hitter, Andrew McCutchen, has done diddly squat so far as his OPS is at .661. His low for a season? .814. (LWR 15)

11. San Francisco Giants (13-12) The Giants have lost five in a row, yet, with a sweep of Arizona may find themselves in first place depending on what Colorado does. (LWR 3)

12. Baltimore Orioles (15-10) Between Adam Jones and Chris Davis this O's offense is humming. If their pitching holds up this team could wind up playing in October for the second year in a row. (LWR 13)

13. Oakland A's (14-12) The A's have scored the most runs (138) in the American League. They have also allowed the third most (123). That is a dangerous way to play. (LWR 4)

14. Cincinnati Reds (14-12) Tony Cingrani is mowing people down. He has 37 strikeouts in 23 career innings. This kid has ace written all over him. (LWR 8)

15. New York Yankees (15-9) Ivan Nova and Francisco Cervelli join the ever-growing DL in New York. (LWR 14)

16. Tampa Bay Rays (12-13) Reigning Cy Young winner David Price finally got his first win of the season. It did, however, come with some jawing at the home plate umpire. I don't think anything will come of it but a pitcher does not want to be on the bad side of any umpire. (LWR 16)

17. Los Angeles Dodgers (12-12) Zack Greinke, who broke his collarbone two weeks ago, is ready to begin throwing. I have heard of fast healers but that is ridiculous. (LWR 18)

18. Milwaukee Brewers (12-11) The Brewers are set to get some help this week as third baseman Aramis Ramirez is on track to return from the disabled list. (LWR 21)

19. Minnesota Twins (11-10) The Twins opened the season against Verlander and Scherzer. The Twins open this week against Verlander and Scherzer. Almost unfair dontcha think? (LWR 25)

20. New York Mets (10-13) The Mets have lost four in a row but have the Miami Marlins on deck and Matt Harvey on the mound Monday night. I bet the streak does not reach five. (LWR 17)

21. Toronto Blue Jays (9-17) I pulled off a trade for Jose Reyes in one of my fantasy leagues. That's about the only good thing I can say right now about Toronto. (LWR 19)

22. Seattle Mariners (11-16) For the first time in his career Jason Bay hit leadoff. There's a reason why he had never done that before. I guess Eric Wedge will try anything. (LWR 23)

23. Philadelphia Phillies (12-14) Cole Hamels picked up his first win of the season this week. At least he won't wait as long as Cliff Lee did last year. (LWR 22)

24. Los Angeles Angels (9-15) Albert Pujols played first base this weekend. The Angels better hope the owie in his foot is not something that lingers all year. (LWR 20)

25. Chicago White Sox (10-14) Adam Dunn said that if batting averages weren't talked about everyone would hit .400. I'm pretty sure the Sox would be happy if he could hit just half of that. Dunn is hitting under .200 over the last year plus. (LWR 24)

26. Cleveland Indians (9-13) Cleveland should get their table setter back this week as Michael Bourn and his .375 OBP is due to come back off the disabled list shortly. (LWR 26)

27. Chicago Cubs (9-15) Mired in last place one has to figure the Cubs miss the Houston Astros. (LWR 27)

28. San Diego Padres (9-15) The best thing about being a San Diego Padre? You get to live in San Diego. (LWR 28)

29. Houston Astros (7-18) I understand the Astros don't have anything to play for this year, but Philip Humber and his 7.99 ERA in five starts has to go. He has to. (LWR 29)

30. Miami Marlins (6-19) Closer Steve Cishek has allowed a run in five of his 11 appearances this season. The Marlins aren't going to win many games the way it is but with their closer coughing up runs like that it gets a little bit harder. (LWR 30)


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    • Raymond Bureau profile image

      Raymond Bureau 4 years ago

      I predicted the Cubs to push .500. It could still happen, but they had better put it together soon.

    • Rich White profile image

      Rich 4 years ago from Pennsylvania


      Thanks for the read, comment and follow! I hit the trifecta there. The Cubs can only get better. If they can build up any trade value for Carlos Marmol to acquire a prospect or two that would help. The same goes for Matt Garza, though if healthy he will bring in a nicer haul.

    • Raymond Bureau profile image

      Raymond Bureau 4 years ago

      I will have to follow youth see each week'srankings. You are rough on my Cubs, though :). I think they will get better as the season rolls along.