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2013/14 Europa League: FC Differdange 03 advances to second qualifying round

Updated on July 9, 2013

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FC Differdange 03 of Luxembourg came into their second leg matchup with Laci of Albania already up 1-0 after winning in Skenderbeu Stadium in Korce, Albania. Diefferdange's Lebresne scored in the 84th minute to give them a 1-0 road win. Now both club are playing in Stade Municipal de la Ville de Differeange in Differdange, Luxembourg for the right to advance to the second qualifying round and a matchup with Utrecht on 18-25 Jul.

Laci was looking for revenge and struck early when Nimani scored in the 38th minute of the first half. That gave Laci a 1-0 lead but more importantly it leveled the clubs at 1-1 for the match-up. So with 45 mins left in this matchup anything could happen.

Laci did not waste any time in the second half as Nimani had a good effort on goal in 49th minute but was stopped by Weber of Differdange. Differdange was not content either as Pedro Ribeiro had his shot blocked in 51st minute. Callet of Differdange took a shot at the goal but was stopped by Bakaj of Laci.

So we are down to are last 35 mins when things start to get good. Er Rafik of Differdange leveled the game with a score assisted by Bisevac. That gave Differedange a 2-1 lead on aggregate. Laci tried to rebound quickly with Danaj putting a shot in by he was stopped by Weber. Once we hit the 60th minute things got chippy as Laci was trying to score a goal and advance. Vucaj of Laci received a yellow in 60th minute.

Differdange's Janisch hit the woodwork in 62nd minute. That was followed by May of Differdange getting a yellow card. Laci's Kastrati had a shot on goal but once again Weber got the save. Laci took another yellow after Sefgjini was booked in 70th minute. Differdange's Lebresne had a shot blocked in 71st minute while Rodrigues put a shot on goal in 72nd minute but was stopped by Bakaj.

Laci kept responding as Vucaj hit the wordwork in 72nd minute. The match changed in 75th minute after Differedange's Caillet missed the target but would assist on Er Rafik's second goal of the day in 75th minute. Laci fell apart after that as Bakaj and Ndreka both received yellow cards. Not three minutes later Ndreka would get his shot blocked and receive another yellow card giving him a red card and get sent off.

In 80th minute Differdange got a shot on goal from May but Laci's Bakaj saved it. Even being a man down Laci wouldn't give up as Doku and Shazwari put shots on goals in 81st and 83rd minutes. Weber would save both of them. Differdange brought in Bastos while Pedro Ribeiro took a sit in 84th minute. Laci responded bringing in Rovcanin while Shazivari left. Bastos of Differdange was in only two minutes before he got a yellow card for a hard foul on Vucaj. Vucaj didn't respond like he should and received another yellow card giving him two which gave him a red card and sent off.

Differdange now had a two man advantage and started subbing in stoppage time as it looked very good that they would advance. Kettenmeyer came in in 90th minute while Bisevac left. two minutes into stoppage time Luisi came in while Er Rafik left. Bastos put a shot on goal three minutes into stoppage time for Differdange but was stopped by Bakaj. To make matters worse for Laci Sefgjini received his second yellow four minutes into stoppage time to also be sent off making Laci three men down.

Final Score was 2-1 FC Differdange 03 for this leg and Differdange advances on 3-1 aggregate score.


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