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2013/14 Europa League: Rubin Kazan gets road win against Jagodina

Updated on July 19, 2013

Aleksandr Prudnikov

Jagodina. vs Rubin Kazan

FK Jagodina Stadium was the site of the contest between Jagodina the home club from Serbia and Russia's Rubin Kazan. This is thr first leg of their second round match-up. Rubin comes in ranked #37 by UEFA while Jagodina is #315. To say this is a tall task for the home club is an understatment.

Jagodina Starting Lineup

Andjelko Djuricic
Vukasin Tomic
Milan Djuric
Danijel Mihajlovic
Sead Hadzibulic
Dario Damjanovic
Milos Lepovic
Goran Gogic
Dusko Dukic
Ivan Cvetkovic
Mohammed El Manie
Rubin Kazan
attempts on target
attempts off target
yellow cards
Fouls committed

Rubin Kazan Starting Lineup

Giedrius Arlauskis
Cristian Ansaldi
Aleksandr Ryazantsev
Aleksandr Prudnikov
Sergei Kislyak
Roman Eremenko
Ivan Marcano
Bebras Natcho
Roman Sharonov
Yann M'Vila
Jose Rondon

First Half Breakdown

The first half was filled with excitment as both clubs had numerous chances at goals. Only two minutes into match and Rubin already had a shot at goal. Ryazantsev missed the target but the tempo was set for the first half. Prudnikov would miss in the fourth minute for Rubin. He wouldn't miss in the 12th minute as he put the road club up 1-0 before the fans had time to get settled in.

Jagodina's Cvetkovic would grab an early yellow in 14th minute. Ryazantsev would miss the target again in 17th minute. Finally in 17th minute Jagodina would shoot at the goal, Tomic would miss but at least they shot. R.Eremenko of Rubin had his shot blocked in 20th minute right before Natcho scored to give his club a 2-0 lead. Betwern the 24-26th minutes Rubin put an onsalught on but Djuricic was up for challenge blocking efforts from Ansaldi, Ryazantsev and M'Vila.

El Monir would miss the target in 27th minute for Jagodina. Ansaldi would have his effort blocked in 29th minute. Rubin's goalie Arlauskis got some work in the 31st minute as he blocked a shot from Lepovic. He would block another shot in the 35th minute from Djuric. The score would stand pat at 2-0 for Rubin when the halftime whistle blew.

Second Half Breakdown

Jagodina came out with some fire to start the second half as Lepovic missed the target in 48th minute. Djuric followed that up with a shot on goal in 51st minute that Arlauskis saved. Rubin's R. Eremenko picked up a yellow card in 53rd minute after a hard foul against El Monir. Rondon of Rubin missed the target in 54th minute for Rubin's first attempt of second half.

Gogic had his shot blocked while Dukic missed his chance to put Jagodina on the board in 56th minute. Rubin decided to make some changes in 59th minute bringing in #44 Cesar Navas and #61 Gokdeniz Karadeniz while Sharonov and Prudnikov left.Things settled down for a little bit while teams plotted their game. El Monir has his shot blocked by Arlauskis in 70th minute but Jagodina finally got on the board in 72nd minute when Damjanovic scored.

Rubin turned on their motors as Rondon and M'Vila had shots that were on target but Djuricic saved in 76th minute. M'Vila would have a shot blocked in 77th minute.Cesar Navas would put one on target but again Djuricic was there for the save. Gogic would break the Rubin onsalught with his chance in 82nd minute that Arlauskis saved. R.Eremenko would fire back a couple minutes later but was blocked on his attempt. Both clubs would bring in fresh players in the 85th minute. #7 Vladislav Kulik came in for Rubin while R. Eremenko left and #15 Josip Projic came in for El Monir for Jagodina.

Rubin made a final push as Ryazantsev shot was saved by Djuricic but Rondon got thru as Rubin jumped to a 3-1 lead in 87th minute. Jagodina's Lepovic received a yellow card in the 90th minute. Jagodina would make their final sub as #17 Dragan Stojkov came in for Cvetkovic. In stoppage time the home club would get a final score as Lepovic followed Djuric's missed attempt to score and put the score at 3-2. That is how the game would finish as Rubin got the road win.

Bebras Natcho

Wrap Up

Rubin Kazan now will head home for the second leg on Thursday and should easily advance to the next round. That late goal could give them problems but I am confident they will win at home. Jagodina will need to get of to a fast start in Russia to have any shot of advancing.


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