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2013 WWE Extreme Rules Predictions & Pre-Match Ratings

Updated on August 16, 2013

2013 WWE Extreme Rules

The Miz vs Cody Rhodes

This is a meaningless match but it should not be because The Miz and Rhodes are two of the best mid-card performers in the WWE. What Should Happen: The Miz should win because I don’t like Cody’s mustache. What Will Happen: The Miz will win and shave off Cody’s mustache. Pre-Match Rating: 3

What Did Happen: The Miz won the match. Victory Rating: 3 Because it was a pre-event match.

Ryback vs John Cena For The WWE Championship (Last Man Standing Match)

Ryback is basically a fill in opponent for Cena until either CM Punk returns or the WWE decides to unify the Titles. What Should Happen: John Cena should lose this match; yes I know Cena just became Champion and it would rip apart the “The Year of Cena” storyline but it would be a shocking and emotional defeat for Cena who must once again rebound from disappointment. What will Happen: Cena will win because the WWE rarely thinks outside the box but here the legendary resilience of John Cena could be elevated to Hulkamania status. Pre-Match Rating: 6

What Did Happen: A Draw which angered the crowd but sets up a rematch. Victory Rating: 0 Because there was no winner but I give the WWE a 10 for booking the match as a Draw.

Brock Lesnar vs Triple H: Cage Match

The first match between Lesnar and Triple H was fine; a second match? Ok but I am just not excited about this feud; maybe it’s because Lesnar never wrestles on Television, never wins or perhaps every match has been booked wrong. What Should Happen: Since I am not really eager about this match, I guess Triple H. should win and hopefully it ends the storyline. What Will Happen: I think Brock Lesnar will win because it is not a “lose your career” match but if the WWE gurus want to continue (I hope not) this feud, it should end with no one winning. Pre-match Rating: 3

What Did Happen: Brock Lesnar Defeated Triple H. Victory Rating: 10 Because the right man won but unfortunately I see another match in the future between Lesnar and Triple H.

Mark Henry vs Sheamus: Old Fashion Four Corners Strap Match

This is going to be an old fashion stomp a mud hole in you match and it is also one of my favorite matches scheduled. What Should Happen: Sheamus is one of the best baby faces and Henry is one of the best heels in the business; as a fan, I am fine with either competitor winning but Mark Henry should win. What Will Happen: Mark Henry will win because it elevates his stature of being the most dangerous man in the WWE. Pre-Match Rating: 8

What Did Happen: Sheamus Defeated Mark Henry. This Was a complete shock to me and perhaps a huge mistake made by the WWE. Victory Rating: 1 I want to see where the WWE goes from here…another Sheamus vs Henry match?

Jack Swagger vs Alberto Del Rio: Number One Contender, I Quit Match

This match should not have been an “I Quit Match” but a Street Fight Match because saying I quit does not fit the character of either competitor. What Should Happen: I am tired of the Del Rio vs Ziggler storyline; therefore Jack Swagger should win. What Will Happen: Jack Swagger will win. Note: This was originally schedule to be a Triple Threat Latter Match for the World Championship but Dolph Ziggler due to injury can not compete. Pre-Match Rating: 5

What Did Happen: Jack Swagger orginally won the match but instant replay showed Zeb Colter grabbing Del Rio's towel from Ricardo; throwing it in the ring and making it appear that Del Rio gave up; the match was restarted and Del Rio won. Victory Rating: 3 Because I wanted to see Ziggler defend his title against someone new.

Dean Ambrose vs Kofi Kingston For The US Title

This is another match I am looking forward to because Kofi is an established baby face (Please WWE, do not turn Kofi into a heel) and Ambrose has a promising future. What Should Happen: Kofi is one of my favorite unsung WWE superstars but I feel Ambrose should win to solidify the dominance of the Shield. What Will Happen: Dean Ambrose will win. Pre-Match Rating: 8

What Did Happen: Dean Ambrose won the match and is the new WWE US Champion. Victory Rating: 10 Because it further elevates the status of The Shield; plus Dean Ambrose has a bright future as a singles competitor.

Roman Reigns and Seth Rollins vs Kane and Daniel Bryan For the Tag Team Titles: Tag Team Tornado Match

This is going to be a fast paced match; I expect the match to spew over several times into the crowd with several near falls. What Should Happen: I love Kane and Daniel Bryan as a Tag Team but its time to further elevate the stature of the Shield by allowing them to win the Tag Team Titles. What Will Happen: The Shield will win and continue to win or get disqualified until the Undertaker returns to retain his yard. Pre-Match Rating: 8

What Did Happen: The Shield Defeated Kane and Bryan...They are the New WWE Tag Team Champions. Victory Rating: 10 Because The Shield is the best group in the WWE and it makes sense to have them win now and then lose the titles to the Brothers of Destruction later this year.

Randy Orton vs The Big Show: Extreme Rules Match

Perhaps the most difficult match to predict plus the storyline between Orton and the Big Show has been weak and uninteresting. What Should Happen: Randy Orton is a 9 time Champion but it has been a long time since he held any major title; that being said, it is time for a Viper championship run; it starts by defeating the Big Show. What Will Happen: Your guess is as good as mine but I predict Randy Orton will win. Pre-match Rating: 4

What Did Happen: Randy Orton won the match with a Punt Kick to the Big Show’s head. Victory Rating: 8 Because Randy Orton should be in the title picture.

Chris Jericho vs Fandago

In my opinion this will the shocking match of the evening and here is why…Everyone thinks Fandango is going to win because Jericho has nothing to gain and the WWE loves the Fannnn Dannnn Goooo storyline but here is what I think should happen: Chris Jericho is a solid in ring/out of the ring performer and deserves to be in the title picture; Jericho should defeat Fandago and get a major push later this year; in fact he should dominate the match because Fandango can not wrestle or dance. What Will Happen: Chris Jericho wins and Fandango attacks him after the match and Jericho suffers an injury that sidelines him for a while. Pre-match Rating: 5 What Did Happen: Chris Jericho defeated Fandago with a Codebreaker. Victory Rating: 10 Because very few people thought Jericho would win.

Overall WWE Extreme Rules Rating: 6 out of 10 Because Several of the matches were booked correctly and the event was what it was suppose to be...a mid-card event with no huge surprises.

Shock of the Night: Del Rio Defeating Jack Swagger but Sheamus Defeating Mark Henry is a close second.

Mistake of the Night: Alberto Del Rio defeating Jack Swagger; a new “singles” feud between Swagger and Ziggler would have been great.


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