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2014 Dolphin Mock Draft

Updated on May 8, 2014

1st Round

The Dolphins are in a tough position with the 19th overall pick because players such as Zack Martin, Taylor Lewan and Eric Ebron are more than likely to be off the board. The best case scenario for the Dolphins would be to trade down with a team such as the 49ers (who have interest in trading up) and select a player such as OT Joel Bitonio from Nevada who would greatly help stabilize the Offensive Line by either playing RT or one of the two guard positions. If the Dolphins can not trade down and ILB CJ Mosley is still on the board he should be the pick because he would come in and immediately start at the ILB position and move Danell Ellebre to OLB and send Philip Wheeler (who had a terrible season) to the bench.

2nd Round

If CJ Mosley is the pick in the 1st round the Offensive Line must be addressed in the 2nd round by selecting OT Joel Bitonio who would have been my pick in the 1st round if the Dolphins were able to trade down. Joel Bitonio is a guard at the next level but don't get me wrong he would prosper in that position due to his great athleticism and his ability to get to the second level in the running game which the Dolphins sorely need as the team only averaged 4.1 rushing yards per carry last season.

3rd Round

With their 3rd pick the Dolphins should do what is best for the team and specifically Ryan Tannehill along with the running game and that is select OG Trai Turner from LSU. It may not be the sexiest pick but Trai Turner is a tenacious run blocker who would come in and man one of the 2 guard positions. Along with Joel Bitonio and Brandon Albert the Dolphins would have turned the offensive line which was considered a weakness a season ago into a strength.

4th Round

It may not seem like the Dolphins need a receiver but with three of them coming off knee injuries (Brian Hartline, Brandon Gibson, Armon Binns) the depth at the position may be in question also when you glance at the Dolphin's receivers you can see that they lack height as Armon Binns is the only receiver who is at least 6 foot 3. This is where WR Brandon Coleman from Rutgers come in measuring at an astonishing 6 foot 6 inches. Brandon Coleman doesn't have the best speed for a receiver but he makes up for it with a large catch radius and big play making ability which Ryan Tannehill needs in the red zone.

5th Round

If you follow the Dolphins you should know that Reshad Jones had a disappointing 2013 season and the only reliable player in the secondary outside of Brent Grimes (Chris Clemons) is now playing for the Houston Texans.So the team went ahead and brought in former Pro Bowl Safety Louis Delmas however, he was only signed to a one year deal and is coming off a serious knee injury. That is why I have the Dolphins selecting S Jonathon Dowling from Western Kentucky who has real boom or bust potential as he was great size at 6 foot 3 inches and was an incredible play maker for Western Kentucky (9 ints and 8 ffs in last two seasons). He does have questionable instincts and is sometimes sloppy with his technique but he is worth a shot in the 5th round as he has incredible upside.

6th Round

Even though the Dolphins signed former Broncos running back Knowshon Moreno and drafted Mike Gillislee in last year's draft the HB position should still be addressed since Moreno only signed a one year deal and Mike Gillislee was a draft pick from the Ireland regime. I have the Dolphins Selecting HB Tyler Gaffney from Stanford who is a big HB who can run over defenders but who is also patient enough to run through holes created for him by the offensive line.

7rh Round

With their final pick the Dolphins can go in any direction since most of their major needs have been addressed. I have the Dolphins selecting QB David Fales from San Jose State who in my opinion would be a steal in the 7th round if he stays on the board for this long. David Fales would come in and become the backup for Ryan Tannehill after Matt Moore departs from the team after the 2014 season (last year on contract). David Fales has a clean throwing motion which results in perfect spirals almost every time. Fales is also the stereotypical football player who has great character but was always considered to small too play the sport (think Rudy) however Fales may just develop enough to push for playing time if Ryan Tannehill does not pan out.


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