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2014 MLB Fantasy Fixer-Uppers Week 2

Updated on April 15, 2014

Fantasy Fixer-Uppers

The season is young and some of your star players aren't performing like you'd thought. Miguel Cabrera and Prince Fielder are floundering. Should you panic and try and trade them? If that's what you are thinking, well, I wish you were in my league. Of course you hold on to your stud players right now. It's early. Anyone can have a bad two weeks. You paid a premium for them and you should be able to reap the benefits when the undoubtedly come.

But what about the not so studly players that are producing? Well, that's where I come in. Ever heard of Yangervis Solarte? Well, most people hadn't untlil the past two weeks. Now the Yankee is owned in 39% of standard ESPN leagues. Can he help propel your team to the fantasy trophy? Perhaps. It's all just a guessing game really if you think about it. Let's see who I am guessing can help your team out this week.

Aaron Harang, SP, Atlanta Braves (44% owned ESPN leagues)

A late Spring Training signing Harang was plucked from the scrap heap to help the Braves starting rotation in the wake of numerous injuries. His effort thus far has been otherworldly. He has pitched at least six innings in each of his three starts and given up a total of two earned runs in that time while striking out 17. A few years ago Harang was a top notch starter in Cincinnati and he is on a good team in Atlanta. Harang can help out your team if you are looking for someone to replace an injured Clayton Kershaw or Matt Moore to name a few.

Shawn Kelley, RP, New York Yankees (37% owned)

I have to say I am a bit shocked at the low ownership percentage here. Mariano Rivera is no longer in New York and his replacement is on the disabled list. That means the save opportunities are going to Kelley and he has already cashed in on three in the last week. Now it is true that when David Robertson returns he should slide back into the closer role but for now these are cheap saves out there on the waiver wire. Go get them. And who knows, a groin injury could last longer than the 15 days Robertson will miss. This is a no-brainer add.

Justin Morneau, 1B, Colorado Rockies (31% owned)

It isn't everyday that you can find a former MVP who is hitting over .300 on the waiver wire but this is one of those days. Morneau is hitting well in Denver and I fully expect that to continue as the season progresses. Justin finally looks to be over the concussion issues that have plagued him the past few years. He is in a hitter friendly environment that I believe will help him regain his power stroke. He can be had for nothing right now in nearly 70 percent of leagues out there and he is probably going to provide more value to your squad than that 5th outfielder you have stored on the bench.

Jesse Chavez, SP/RP, Oakland A's (27% owned)

I have to admit. This is someone who was not on my radar a week ago. Chavez has forced my hand to mention him though. The kid has been lights out in his three starts thus far allowing only one earned run in each of them including back-to-back nine strikeout zero walk gems. He doesn't have a win to show for his efforts yet but that should change. Oakland is a good team and if Chavez keeps this up he will put more than just me on notice.

Devin Mesoraco, C, Cincinnati Reds (14% owned)

Mesoraco has come offf the disabled list with a bang in Cincy. In just five games the powerful catcher has slugged three home runs and driven in seven runs. He also has tallied at least one hit in each game so far. He is entrenched at the Reds primary catcher and these are the offensive numbers he is clearly capable of putting up. With Brian McCann's possible hand injury owners might be smart to take a look Mesoraco's way. If you can find a stud catcher it is one less position to worry about for the year.


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