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2014 MLB Power Rankings Week 1

Updated on April 7, 2014

MLB Power Ranks Week 1

Opening week has come and gone. Can you believe it? It feels like we waited so long for baseball to come back and now it's already a week in. This is the best time of year for a baseball fan. Your team is full of hopes and aspirations and who knows, they just might live up to it all and raise that trophy in October. Stranger things have happened. Nobody thought Boston would win it all during week one last year. At least, nobody outside of the New England area. Maybe this is the year your team fulfills the ultimate goal of becoming a World Series champion. Week one is just the beginning but let's see how the teams stack up after just a handful of games.

*Note: All stats and records are through Sunday's games.

1. Detroit Tigers (4-1) ~ Who needs Prince Fielder when you have the ageless Torii Hunter swinging the big stick? Hunter has homered in three straight games and driven in seven runs during that stretch. The veteran could be poised for another All-Star year.

2. San Francisco Giants (5-2) ~ In recent years the Giants' offense has been built on pitching. This could be the year they win with offense. Buster Posey, Hunter Pence, Michael Morse and Pablo Sandoval in his contract year could bust out the bats by the bay.

3. Atlanta Braves (4-2) ~ It may only be six games but the Braves' pitching woes may not be as bad as everyone thought. They have allowed only nine runs so far this season and Ervin Santana is slated to make his Braves debut Tuesday.

4. Washington Nationals (4-2) ~ Ryan Zimmerman is battling the injury bug yet again. If he is forced to miss significant time the Nats will be hard pressed to replace him.

5. Tampa Bay Rays (4-3) ~ The Rays have good pitching, good defense and should have enough offense to make a run in what could be David Price's last year in Tampa.

6. Los Angeles Dodgers (5-3) ~ Clayton Kershaw may miss the rest of April and that doesn't bode well for the Dodgers to get off to a hot start. Kershaw is the best in the business hands down.

7. Pittsburgh Pirates (4-2) ~ This is the team all eyes will be on this year. Well, at least my eyes. They snapped their two-decade long futility streak by reaching the postseason last year. With raised expectations in 2014 can the club do it again?

8. Miami Marlins (5-2) ~ Kershaw is the best in the business but Jose Fernandez may make a run at him this year. The youngster is off to a stellar start allowing just one run and striking out 17 in winning his first two starts.

9. St. Louis Cardinals (3-3) ~ I'm really curious to see the year Matt Adams can have now that he is entrenched as the everyday starter at first base. He is capable of putting up MVP-calibur numbers. Book it.

10. New York Yankees (3-3) ~ If Michael Pineda is healthy this year he is the best number five starter in baseball. With Jesus Montero likely flaming out in Seattle it might be safe to say the Yankees won that trade.

11. Seattle Mariners (4-2) ~ Robinson Cano plays for the Mariners now. Bet you didn't know that now did you?

12. Milwaukee Brewers (4-2) ~ Yovani Gallardo has yet to allow a run in his two starts and the Brewers went into Boston and got the sweep. Two things I didn't see coming.

13. Cleveland Indians (3-3) ~ The Dolan family finally opened their wallets to keep a budding star by locking up second baseman Jason Kipnis. It's a good start but they need to lock up Justin Masterson as well.

14. Boston Red Sox (2-4) ~ The Red Sox got their rings but they will need to step it up if they plan on repeating this year.

15. Oakland Athletics (3-3) ~ The first baseball game I watched this year was Oakland being dominated by King Felix and Seattle. That's all I've got.

16. Texas Rangers (3-3) ~ Yu Darvish set a major league record by recording his 500th strikeout faster in just over 400 innings.

17. Toronto Blue Jays (3-4) ~ Stop me if you've heard this one before: Jose Reyes is on the disabled list. Took him a whole at bat to get there too.

18. Cincinnati Reds (2-4) ~ The big question here is will Billy Hamilton steal 100 bases this year? I don't think he will have the chance.

19. Kansas City Royals (2-3) ~ Yordano Ventura is set to make his season debut Tuesday and I can't wait to see him pile up the K's. If he is available in your fantasy league scoop him up now because you won't have another chance.

20. Chicago White Sox (3-3) ~ For the first time in 15 years Paul Konerko was not in the starting lineup on Opening Day. His replacement? The powerful Jose Abreu is looking to be the next big Cuban star to hit MLB.

21. Los Angeles Angels (2-4) ~ MIKE TROUT!

22. Philadelphia Phillies (3-3) ~ The Phillies scored almost as many runs (14) in their opener as Atlanta has scored all year (15).

23. Baltimore Orioles (2-4) ~ Chris Tillman looks like he is ready to lead this rotation after giving up a combined two runs in his first two starts this year. The O's have offense, if the pitching can keep it up they will be in it in the AL East.

24. Colorado Rockies (3-4) ~ Charlie Blackmon has made a name for himself already this year by tying a club record with six hits in one game. The only cat ever to do that before? The biggest of them all Andres Galarraga.

25. Minnesota Twins (3-3) ~ Ron Gardenhire picked up his 1000th victory as Twins manager last week becoming just the second manager in team history to do that. Good on ya Gardy.

26. Houston Astros (3-3) ~ They may stink on ice the rest of the year but they nearly swept the Yankees to start the season and that's gotta make the people down in Houston smile.

27. New York Mets (2-4) ~ If Jose Valverde is really going to be the closer this is going to be a long year for the Mets.

28. San Diego Padres (2-4) ~ A sexy sleeper pick in the National League this year but I don't see it.

29. Chicago Cubs (2-4) ~ Let's face it. The Cubs are going to be bad. Everyone knows this. But there's always next year. Right Cubs fans?

30. Arizona Diamondbacks (2-7) ~ Mark Trumbo is teeing off with four home runs already but the losses are piling up as Arizona has seven of those already.


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    • catfish33 profile image

      Jeffrey Yelton 3 years ago from Maryland

      Always enjoy reading your articles, Rich!