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2014 NFL Draft Top 10 Picks

Updated on March 22, 2014

1. Houston Texans

It would be a huge surprise if the Texans did not take Blake Bortles with the first overall pick in the 2014 NFL Draft. They signed Ryan Fitzpatrick to a two year deal, but he's not the long term answer to lead their franchise. Bortles looks to be the most "NFL ready" QB in the draft and has all the intangibles to develop into a nice NFL quarterback. He won't be an elite talent, but he can be a Joe Flacco type of player. The Texans have everything in place at other positions to compete in a weaker AFC. All they need is a signal caller. I think Bortles is the answer for them.


2. St Louis Rams

If the Rams are going to stick with Sam Bradford and hope that he can stay healthy long enough to show them he's the franchise quarterback, they're going to need to protect him. Greg Robinson from Auburn is a perfect fit for what they need to accomplish this task. This franchise is wasting a top 10 defense with their lack of explosion and point tallying on the offensive side of the ball. They have some nice weapons now with Tavon Austin and Zac Stacey, but they have to fix the offensive line to give Bradford a chance to find his guys.

3. Jacksonville Jaguars

The Jags really need a quarterback here but they can't reach too far at number three. There are no signal callers worthy of being selected this high, so they have to focus on other needs. From a scheme aspect, I think Khalil Mack fits the best in Jacksonville. He will become the captain of that defense and be an anchor for the next decade.

4. Cleveland Browns

I know everyone wants the Browns to take a QB here, but that would be foolish. Look what happened the last two times they reached in the first round for a quarterback that wasn't very good. Brady Quinn and Brandon Weeden fizzled out and will be lifetime backups. The Browns have to take Sammy Watkins here. Brian Hoyer has earned the right to compete for the starting job and with two first round picks, the Browns can look at picking up a Derek Carr later in the first round. Pairing Watkins with Josh Gordon would be a dynamic duo at receiver and give spark to an offense that has failed to produce over the past six seasons.

Could this be Sammy Watkins team come May?
Could this be Sammy Watkins team come May? | Source

5. Oakland Raiders

Oakland loves to take the flashy name or speedy guy, so there is no way they are passing on Jadaveon Clowney. He's the best player on the board and will benefit from Justin Tuck who just signed with Oakland. It's hard telling what Oakland is going to do on any given day, but this seems to be the most logical move for them on draft day.

6. Atlanta Falcons

The Falcons were one of the most disappointing teams in recent memory, and that was largely due to injuries and a lack of defense. Simply out of need, I think OLB Anthony Barr from UCLA becomes the target for the Falcons. Bulking up that front seven is a top priority and this picks makes the most sense with Mack and Clowney already off the board.

7. Tampa Bay Buccaneers

The acquisition of Josh McCown eliminates the need for a quarterback so they will turn their attention else where. The offensive line has been improved, but Jake Matthews will be a huge addition to the front five. It's an ideal situation for both parties involved.

8. Minnesota Vikings

Teddy Bridgewater finally comes off the board at 8. The Vikings need a quarterback and Bridgewater is probably better than anything they have on the roster currently. Easy decision here for Big Purple.


9. Buffalo Bills

The Bills have a lot of holes on the offensive side of the ball, but line has to be a priority. Taylor Lewan from Michigan is the best offensive lineman remaining in the draft. This move will help an offense that left rookie QB EJ Manuel too vulnerable all year.

10. Detroit Lions

The pick that makes the most sense hear is the hometown kid from Michigan State, Darqueze Dennard. He will help solidify a secondary that was mediocre at best last season. He will start right away and fit well into Caldwell's scheme.

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