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2014 NFL Season: Week 2 Predictions

Updated on September 10, 2014

Controversies aside, Week 1 was an okay return for the NFL, with not too many exciting games littering the networks. Even so, there are a lot of intriguing storylines that popped up from the first week's result which won't be covered too much here as it's a prediction-based article. Even so, before picks are made for Week 2, lets see how well the simulator did for Week 1.

Week 1 Recap

As mentioned in the Week 1 Predictions article, each game is simulated using the Centrary sports simulator, a quick simulator that does not track player progress but is among the fastest simulators on the web.

Last week, the simulator made picks for all 16 games, correctly picking just eight of those games. It game the Game of the Week correct (Seattle winning), but not the Snore of the Week (Tampa Bay winning).

Best pick: getting the Bills victory on the road against Chicago was nice, though the way it gave Buffalo the win didn't happen like it did in the real game at all.

Worst pick: having the Rams beat the Vikings by scoring more points than any other team that week, only to see the Rams actually score the fewest points that week (alongside Washington) was a major whiff. I suspect the simulator is using pre-season stats that still account for Sam Bradford as Rams QB, though really the difference he brings compared to Shaun Hill isn't 37 points worth of difference.

Week 2 Picks

I'm aware that the simulator has been slightly updated for this week to account for Week 1's results, hopefully it'll be more accurate as well. Here are Week 2's predictions:

Pittsburgh 27, @Baltimore 23: The Steelers go up 24-6, then hang on for their lives to earn the win.

Miami 27, @Buffalo 24: In a close game, a late FG gives Miami the win. How often do these two teams play where both have winning records, anyway?

@Carolina 31, Detroit 17: With Cam Newton back as QB (not that Centrary would know), Carolina pulls away in the 4th for the win. To note, Centrary also predicted a 31-17 Lions loss last week unsuccessfully.

Atlanta 21, @Cincinnati 17: The Falcons score the 4th quarter's only TD to win this game.

New Orleans 38, @Cleveland 14: The Saints' struggles outside of a dome environment are now well known, but with a 24-7 second half, the Saints probably won't have a problem against the Browns.

New England 27, @Minnesota 14: The Patriots have the lead throughout the game as they jump to an early lead.

@NY Giants 21, Arizona 20: Its a close game that edges in favor of the Giants late, not much else to day.

@Tennessee 49, Dallas 24: Down 21-17 at halftime, Tennessee outscores Dallas 35-7 in the 2nd half. Given Dallas' defense, this result is actually plausible.

@Washington 24, Jacksonville 13: The Redskins pull away in the 4th quarter to earn the win here.

Seattle 35, @San Diego 17: No problems for the Seahawks here, as they get an early lead and maintain it throughout.

Snore of the Week - @Tampa Bay 33, St. Louis 20: Tampa Bay outscores the Rams 17-3 in the 4th quarter to earn the win here.

@Denver 38, Kansas City 20: Tied after three quarters, the Broncos outscore the Chiefs 21-3 from then on to secure victory.

@Green Bay 20, NY Jets 14: The Jets have the lead at halftime, only to get shutout from then on as the Packers mount the comeback.

Houston 26, @Oakland 20 (OT): The two split overtime FGs, but Houston wins on a game-winning TD that the simulator can not specify on.

Chicago 42, @San Francisco 41: I have a feeling I already know what the 'worst' pick for this week will be in the next article.

Game of the Week - Philadelphia 45, @Indianapolis 35: The Colts go up 28-17 at the half, only for the Eagles to go on a 28-7 2nd half rampage. Kinda like the Jaguars-Eagles game from last week, except the Colts should know better.


In the Week 4 or 5 predictions thread, I'll post a chart noting just how accurate the simulator is, team-by-team, as well as what the standings would look like if the simulator's pick were all correct. As it stands, its still too early to project how well its likes or dislikes certain teams. I know in the Week 1 predictions article I said I'd post them this week, but it really is too early for those stats to have any real meaning. Here's hoping Week 2 fares better than Week 1!

The predictions here were made with the Centrary sports simulator. By using it, the author can make wacky picks (like that 49-point Titans win) without having the fortitude to say "I made that pick".


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