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2014 NFL Super Bowl XLVIII 48 Recap and Stats

Updated on June 3, 2014

A Horrible Start to an NFL Super Bowl for the Denver Broncos

The Seattle Seahawks won the coin toss and chose to kick the ball and put their powerful defense on the field first to make a stand. Trindon Holliday took the opening kickoff only to the 14 yard line. After that, on the first play of the game, the center snapped the ball over Peyton Manning's head. Peyton was not ready for the ball and showed a shocking face with his eyeballs popping out of his head as the ball flew by him and went into the endzone, which resulted in a safety. This really shaped the rest of the game for Peyton Manning and the Denver Broncos.

Now, the Seattle Seahawks have 2 points and the ball without having to do a thing. Next, the Seahawks ran Percy Harvin on their second play and he could have easily gone all the way for a touchdown but he accidentally stepped out of bounds after getting 30 yards. The Denver Broncos were really fooled on this play and were very fortunate he stepped out of bounds. That drive resulted in a field goal.

When the Broncos get the ball again, they go 3 and out and punt the ball just 29 yards to the Seattle 28 yard line. With 4 and a half minutes left in the first quarter, Russell Wilson completes a 37 yard pass to Doug Baldwin, who was covered by an old Champ Bailey who just can't keep up with him. This pass led to another field goal making it 8-0. When Peyton Manning got the ball back in his hands, he threw an interception to Kam Chancellor near the end of the quarter.

The first quarter has been very exciting for Seattle Seahawks fans and looked very promising for them to have a chance to win Super Bowl XLVIII. Both offense and defense were playing very well and the intensity of the defense was the highest I have seen in any Super Bowl game. The Denver Broncos really needed to step up their energy levels in order to have a chance for victory on this Super Bowl Sunday.

Malcolm Smith Interception Return Super Bowl XLVIII

Malcolm Smith Interception Return for a Touchdown
Malcolm Smith Interception Return for a Touchdown

2nd Quarter of 2014 NFL Super Bowl XLVIII

About 3 minutes into the second quarter, the Seahawks run Marshawn Lynch for a 1 yard touchdown run making the score of the Super Bowl now 15-0. The Seahawks really have a great start to the Super Bowl for them. Once Denver got the ball back, they got their first 1st down, which was on a 3rd down and 1. After working down the field very slowly and taking a lot of time off the clock. once again Peyton Manning through an interception to Malcolm Smith in which he ran it back 69 yards for a touchdown with 3 and a half minutes left in the half! By this time, it looks very difficult for a win for Denver because they are now behind 22-0. Next, Peyton Manning drove the ball down all the way to the Seattle 19 yard line, but they went for it on 4th down and failed. Then the Seattle Seahawks ran the clock out to finish the 1st half at 22-0. It's only one half and the second half could still go either way because Peyton Manning is known for comebacks in the past, but a 22 point deficit in the Super Bowl is really hard to overcome.

Key Stats for Super Bowl XLVIII

  • Malcolm Smith was named the MVP of the Super Bowl mainly for his 1 recovered fumble and his interception return for 69 yards for a touchdown.
  • Russell Wilson had 2 touchdowns, 206 yards and no interceptions
  • Seahawks had no turnovers
  • Broncos had 2 interceptions and 3 fumbles

Another Horrible Start in the Second Half for the Denver Broncos

The first half of the game was very exciting for Seattle Seahawk fans but the second half was sort of boring for anybody to watch and here's why...

Denver kicks off the ball to the 13 yard line and what do you know? Percy Harvin runs it 87 yards for a touchdown making it 29-0. Now what is Denver going to do to come back? As if 22-0 wasn't hard enough already. Now, when Denver gets the ball back, they bring it down all the way to the 39 yard line just to punt it away. Come on, at this point they need to always go for it on 4th down to have a chance if they are in Seattle's territory. The Seahawks call a fair catch at the 8 yard line and right away Marshawn Lynch runs the ball for 18 yards up to the 36 yard line. A couple of plays later, finally the Seahawks punt the ball.

When Peyton Manning gets the ball, he first gets a 1 yard gain and then a good 10 yard gain on a pass but then he throws a pass in which the receiver fumbled the ball and Malcolm Smith recovered it at the Seattle 42 yard line. Russell Wilson worked his team down the field and eventually threw a 23 yard touchdown pass to Jermaine Kearse! With that touchdown, it was now 36-0 and Seattle was clearly in major control of this Super Bowl XLVIII. Next, with a few first down passes by Peyton Manning, they finally got in the endzone for a touchdown with a 14 yard pass to Damaryius Thomas at the end of the 3rd quarter of Super Bowl 48. Peyton Manning and the Denver Broncos went for a two-point conversion and succeeded with a pass to Wes Welker.

Seahawks Rushing Stats

(click column header to sort results)
Player Name  
Rush Attempt  
Rushing Yards  
Percy Harvin
Marshawn Lynch
Russell Wilson
Robert Turbin

MetLife Stadium Super Bowl XLVIII 48

MetLife Stadium Super Bowl XLVIII 48 East Rutherford, NJ Stadium for NY Giants and Jets
MetLife Stadium Super Bowl XLVIII 48 East Rutherford, NJ Stadium for NY Giants and Jets

Best Player in Super Bowl XLVIII

Who was the best player in Super Bowl XLVIII?

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4th Quarter of Super Bowl 48

Now, in the 4th quarter, the Seattle Seahawks are winning in Super Bowl 48 by a score of 36-8. The Seahawks get the ball to open up the 4th quarter after Denver's touchdown. The Denver Broncos of course attempted an onside kick in which they failed miserably. So, the Seahawks started at their own 48 yard line. After 5 plays, they once again got a touchdown. Russell Wilson passed it for 10 yards to Doug Baldwin for the touchdown making it 43-8 now. Denver didn't give up though. They still tried hard to get some scores but it just wasn't working out. After bringing the ball down to midfield, the Denver Broncos went for it again on 4th down and failed once again. When Seattle got the ball, they made it down to the 30 yard line of the Denver Broncos and went for it on 4th down as well and failed. I guess they figured that 3 points was pointless and they just wanted to run the clock out by getting another 1st down but it didn't work out. The rest of the game was just time running out to declare the Seahawks the winner of this Super Bowl XLVIII. Too bad Peyton Manning and the Broncos couldn't give us an exciting game.

Pete Caroll Super Bowl XLVIII

Pete Caroll Super Bowl XLVIII
Pete Caroll Super Bowl XLVIII

Quick Review of Super Bowl XLVIII and Bruno Mars Half Time Show

My Final Thought on Super Bowl XLVIII

The Denver Broncos performance was one of the worst Super Bowl performances I have ever seen and the Seattle Seahawks performed better than I have seen most teams play in the Super Bowl. Peyton Manning is one of the best quarterbacks of all time and this was the worst game I have seen him play. Besides his 2 interceptions, he was very much a mediocre quarterback at best. I think the whole team really let that 1st play of the game get to their heads. That was the fastest score in Super Bowl history by the way. Almost every player on the Broncos played poorly. Every player on the Seahawks seemed very energetic and played very well. I was most impressed by their defense and the energy level they kept the entire game. They created many scoring opportunities so that their offense didn't have to. In the end, the Broncos did nothing they needed to do and the Seahawks did everything they had to do to win. Follow me on HubPages(click my name in the upper right side of the page & then the follow button) and share this article with your friends on the right side of this page.

© 2014 Elizabeth

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