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2014 Olympics: Short programs

Updated on November 13, 2015

Adelina Sotnikova in 2014

It's a sad fact that Adelina didn't improve a bit from the 2013 World.

And the world was fooled by the ISU and the judges. Well, come to think of it, if you look back, this wasn't the first time. In history, the ISU judges always did that.

The real issue is how often the ISU judges can get away with their lies and institutional deception. Sometimes, it was just a dumb mistake. Sometimes it's incompetence. Sometimes, or perhaps most of times, it was an outright lie and fraud.

Here Adelina did decently, but if you can't tell how poor she actually was, you are not even a regular figure skating observer.

Her PCS is barely 7.0. Period.

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Yuna Kim in 2014

Wow! What a performance!

It appears as if Kim defies all odds against her. Her stamina and power could have held her back, but she shows why she is an unbeatable skater.

Kim execution skills are over the top. Kim's skating is what you call performance.

Her PCS is 9.25.

Caroilina Kostner in 2014

What a performance by Kostner.

She did as best as she could. That's a kudo for her. Jumps are all there and her moves appear okay for all purposes and intentions.

Of course, Kostner's upper body is stiff and her connectivity is still poor compared to Kim's, but she shows appreciable proficiency in her skating. With compliment, her PCS is 8.5.

Junia Lipnitskaya in 2014

Julia was a brave skater, but her skating is illegitimate. That's not what we call figure skating in senior level.

It's just a child's imitation of figure skating.

It takes little to nothing to know how baloney all the hypes the ISU, the judges, commentators and the so called figure skating experts created at the time. I have no personal feeling against Julia, but her skating is nothing but trash.

A child's failed imitation of ballerina's moves. Yeah, who cares anyway? All they need is medal and glory in mob politics.

That ain't figure skating!

I cannot imagine how any sane figure skating coach could produce such a monstrous deformity and claim himself or herself to be a figure skating coach?

This is shame. Her PCS is 6.0.

What do you think is the major reason of the ISU's recurring abuse on the sport?

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    • profile image


      3 years ago

      I'm not sure whether you watched Yuna's original raw version of Sochi FS. Her speed quality was just as same as her previous skates. The Sochi camera looked a bit slow for their game of tricks. It's now a well known fact that there was the trickery later founded by the people from raw fan cams. Also, Yuna definitely should have gotten Level 4 for her Steps alone. The Step was a masterpiece, imo, that only rivaled to her famous Giselle program.

    • Jesse Helms profile imageAUTHOR

      Jesse Helms 

      3 years ago from Irvine, California

      Thanks for your comment, SMK.

      As you may already know if you have followed my articles, I have been evaluating performances in the past, some of which were done more than 40 years ago. I wished to show people how relevant the current PCS can be , if handled correctly of course, regardless of time by presenting PCS for performances in the past. At the same time, I hoped that regrading games such as Sochi become another chance to see how consistent my grading is. Especially, this time I kept performances in the past in mind. So there may be two different interpretations possible on these deviations. First, the latest scores include its comparative merits to other performances in different times. Second, it may also hint different judging angles, which eventually refers to judging tolerances. I think this time, I weighed in more on technical elements such as power, strength, and speed while minimizing execution-related merits, that is, in a more competition friendly mode. And the difference of Kim's Sochi free program may stem from a fact that one reflects more on its superiority to her peers' while the other on its relevance to the performances in the past.

    • profile image


      3 years ago

      Hi, I always enjoy your articles. I love them.

      While reading this articles, I found some differences of PCS between this and "The 2014 Sochi Olympics Figure Skating Rescoring 1,2,3" about 1 year ago.

      Specially, you had evaluated Kim's as 9.00 (75) for short and 9.25 (142) for free, while now, you evaluated 9.25 for short and 8.75 for free.

      I wonder what these differences mean.

      I also can find Asada and Kostner's PCS have changed, too. (Though Sotnikova's are almost same or less)


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